Wendigo…Movie Review

I was trolling through movies on Amazon Prime the other day when I came across one about the scariest cryptid out there. (well to me anyway), The Wendigo.

This movie simply titled Wendigo, came out in 2001(not sure how I missed it). It stars Patricia Clarkson (Shutter Island) and Jake Weber (Dawn of the Dead).

It was strange to see a cryptid movie not about Bigfoot on Amazon. Not that I’m knocking Bigfoot, it was just something different to see.

It starts off with the Family going to a friend’s vacation home, and on the way they hit a deer that a hunter was tracking. And naturally as it always goes In horror movies, they now have issues with their redneck neighbors (What would these movies be without a gun toting redneck around).

After settling into the house they head to the local store and meet the Native American store owner who tells their son all about the history of the Wendigo and then gives him a totem of one. Now this part of the movie I liked, they stuck to the actual lore of this cryptid, but after this scene the movie goes tits up. There’s a sledding and a simultaneous accidental shooting (By guess who). The father in this film is without a doubt having a bad day, (and I should mention, never go sledding with this idiot). After they have a sledding and shooting accident a Wendigo spirit shows up and screws up the whole movie, like a cop directing traffic. They should have stayed centered on the rednecks as the only antagonists in this film. The Wendigo ending left me with that “what the hell just happened here” moment. You all know what I mean, I call it the 2001: A Space Odyssey effect. You get all the way to the end and then boom an ending only Stanley Kubrick could understand, but If you do watch this movie and figure out the ending, let me know what it was about. Despite the confusing ending, if you like the Wendigo lore I recommend watching it at least once and of course email me with your thoughts on the ending…because right now I’m standing by my “what the hell” theory.

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Woman of the Woods…A Q and A with Laura Krantz

The Bigfoot Community is a large one. Bigger than you would think. Researchers, enthusiasts, fans, writers, bloggers, artists and podcasters. How do you go about finding anything new and different in this genre with so many wonderful voices in it? Well, I’ll tell you, find and follow a skeptic out there that just happens to have Bigfoot royalty in their blood, and follow along as she learns about all things Bigfoot and see if her skepticism becomes belief. This week I give you another Woman of the Woods and learn about her journey through the history of Bigfoot…

Everyone, A Q&A with Laura Krantz

Q. Would you mind sharing a bit about your work at NPR? Maybe the most important and or favorite news story you were apart of there? Did you find it to be rewarding?

A. I spent about 7 years at NPR headquarters in DC, working as an editor and producer (so I was never on the air) and then 2 more years in Los Angeles working at one of the NPR stations there as an editor. I have to say that, of all the stories I worked on, my favorite was probably the series I produced from Russia. I traveled with Morning Edition host David Greene on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. We spent about two weeks on that trip and it was unbelievably interesting and eye-opening (not to mention an adventure). Our goal was to report on Russia and the feelings of the Russian people 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. If people are interested they can find that series of stories here.


I’m interested so I’ll be reading that next.

Q. Pre Grover, what was your opinion on Bigfoot?

A. Pre-Grover, I hadn’t given much thought to Bigfoot. I’d always just regarded it as a myth or campfire tale. My only real exposure has been through tabloid headlines and the movie Harry and the Hendersons.

Q. When you realized you had a relative who was a Bigfoot Researcher, what is the first thing that popped in your head? And did those thoughts change when you realized how important he was to the Cryptozoology field?

A. First thing? “Holy sh*t- what a weirdo!” Although, to put that in context, the first I’d heard about Grover was in a Washington Post article about him that talked about how he’d donated his body to the Tennessee Body Farm and his bones (and his dogs’ bones) to the Smithsonian Institution. So the section about Bigfoot stuff that was in that same article was just one part of that “what a weirdo!” response I had. Once I knew we were related, he (and Bigfoot) became all that more interesting-my big thought was, “This guy’s a real scientist – tenured professor of Anthropology, made some important findings in his field – and he thinks Bigfoot is real. Maybe there’s more to it than I thought?”

Grover Krantz

Q. You mentioned you thought having Grover’s name definitely opened doors for you. Who did you reach out to first? And what was their reaction to hearing from you?

A. The first person I reached out to was Diane Horton, Grover’s fourth wife. I thought she would be a good place to start because she would have known Grover on a whole different level than just about anyone else, and she would be able to point me in the right direction of others who knew him well. Also, she lived nearby – about 30 minutes south of where I live in Denver, so that made her the most obvious starting point. As for others, I think sharing the last name helped tremendously but I also think I was very transparent with people that I talked to. I told them I was a journalist and what my background was. I made a point of conveying the fact that I wasn’t picking up the mantle from Grover, but that I wanted to understand his work and this community of people as a subsection of American society. The goal was to report honesty, not make fun of people or turn this into something silly. But yes, Grover’s name definitely got people to open up in a way that they might not have otherwise.

Q. When you put it all together, who Grover really was, his work, etc. was that what gave you the initial push to pursue this full time? And if not, what was? And what were your goals in the beginning?

A. It’s funny, I found out that I was related to Grover in 2006. I didn’t start working on this podcast until 2017. I knew his story was an interesting one but I didn’t quite know how I wanted to tell it, not to mention my day job at the time (I was full time at NPR and a news room schedule is pretty busy) didn’t really make me want to do more reporting in my downtime. I needed the space to really think about how I wanted to do it and that really didn’t happen until I became a freelancer. But Grover’s story percolated in the back of my brain for years.

Q. How did your opinion or respect differ after you began to meet encounter witnesses. How, if at all did your opinion of them change? Did you have that moment from “omg, these people are crazy” to “I think these people really saw something.”

A. A point of clarification- I spent most of my time talking to people that were following in Grover’s footsteps in terms of how they viewed Bigfoot- as an unidentified primate, beholden to the same law of physics and biology as the rest of us. Once I got to know these researchers, it became apparent to me that they were simply curious people with a question about the natural world and they wanted to find an answer to it. A lot of the witness accounts- especially from those people who’d spent lots of time in the woods and knew the ecosystem and environment well- really made my jaw drop. I think the one that really blew my mind was John Mionczynski’s – he’s just not someone who’s going to make something like this up.

Q. You mentioned spending two years researching before starting your podcast. What was that time like for you and did you have one particular moment or time that stands out from the rest?

A. Yes – it was about 18 months of research/writing/production before the first episode of the podcast came out. It was hard – this was a big project that I did almost entirely on my own. I did hire an outside editor and sound designer and my husband (who’s also a journalist), played a key role as a sounding board and it’s first editor. But overall, it was incredibly rewarding to be working on a project of my own making. I knew that if I was going to do well, it had to be good and that was entirely up to me. Both scary and great. It’s hard to pick a favorite – camping at Beachfoot In 2017 was a lot of fun ( bonus: I was awakened in the middle of the night because I’d pitched my tent over a mole hole and that beast was trying to come out right under my pillow). Also loved going out into the Mt. Hood National Forest with Cindy Caddell, Shane Corson and Gunner Monson. And I totally geeked out over my conversation with Todd Disotell about Just how advanced the technology for DNA analysis has become.

Mount Hood

Q. What was it like to see the Olympia project for yourself first hand? And did it directly change your mindset on anything?

A. Seeing the nests with Shane Corson of the Olympia project was another one of those jaw dropping moments that really made me think about what we know about the natural world. It definitely made me wonder and although the evidence didn’t end up showing the nests to be made by a Bigfoot, they certainly were weird and it would be fascinating to find out exactly what went on there.

Q. What made you start the podcast? Or was that always the end goal of the two years spent researching?

A. The podcast was always the end goal – once I decided to tell Grover’s story, I knew that a podcast was the format I wanted to do it in. My journalism career started in radio, and although I dabbled in print, I was happy about going back to audio. I just like it better.

Q. People love the first season of your podcast. When do you anticipate the second season coming out? And is there any little hint you can share about what may be coming?

A. The second season! This is still TBD – I’m a one woman shop and so it will take me a while to get the next one up and running. I’m working on ideas for several projects right now, none of which are fully fledged yet. But I promise I’ll let people know what’s going on via social media channels- @wildthingpod on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And people can also sign up for the email list on the website:


I don’t spam people but if you want to know what I’m doing next (once I’m doing it), thats a good way to find out.

Q. How has your family been about you being the crazy Bigfoot girl lady now?

A. My family is totally into it, mainly because I think they love Grover’s story almost as much as I do. Everyone has had a lot of fun with it. They’re always sending me photos of Bigfoot, statues, stickers, etc. that they see out in the world.

Q. Do you see yourself continuing on with this for the foreseeable future?

A. I definitely plan to do more podcasts, although they won’t likely be about Bigfoot. I started this to scratch a personal itch and explore something new, but it’s not my passion the way it is for other people. I like to think of the first season of Wild Thing as an introduction to the world of Bigfoot and from there, people can go find all the other podcasts/books/films/shows/websites that are out there!

Q. Finally, I know when I first started hitting the woods regularly using what I call my “Bigfoot eyes” the whole way I thought of the environment and really all of nature shifted. Has that happened to you at all?

A. I’ve always been interested in nature and the environment, even before this, but I think this has just made me more aware of how important it is to preserve wild places – even if Bigfoot doesn’t exist, there is something to be said for having untamed landscapes in this world where something like Bigfoot *could* live…

There are so many great Women of the Woods out there that I’m hoping you can all help me to highlight them all. I would love to hear from you all about who you think I should highlight for future Woman of the Woods posts. I want to say, how I define Women of the Woods is everything from the ladies in the field to the bloggers, writers and podcasters that bring your adventures in the field to the masses. You can reach me with your suggestions here in the comments or by email at:



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Hope to hear from you all soon!

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Paranormal Bigfoot Review

I finally had a chance last night to sit down and enjoy a documentary, I popped in Paranormal Bigfoot by Bill and Amy Lancaster. First, I want to say thank you to them for sending it out to me, and second I want to acknowledge that they are taking on a subject here that has caused some people to be shunned. People are kicked off of social media groups who first paint you with a red mark, then ban you from their page.

We are able to talk about a hairy monster dwelling in our nation’s forests but we can’t discuss any possibility that they could have paranormal energy or power. If we are looking for the truth of Bigfoot, then we have to at least discuss this subject before completely ruling it out.

This is what Bill and Amy did. They sought out therapists and scientists, as well as people from the cryptozoology field to take a good look at this. While they did put all this information out there, they did not push this belief on you which made it easy to watch and absorb.

They tackled some of the major questions we all have, whether we say them out loud or not. Although I believe sasquatch is flesh and bone I have experienced some moments out there in the forests I simply can’t explain.

Some of the subjects it tackled were the UFO connection and the interdimensional theory, etc. Bob Gimlin made an appearance in it as well. He referred to sasquatch as “people of the woods” He brought up something I’m always struggling with, who is making those stick structures, if in fact they are stick structures and not just nature made. He suggested that those structures we see out there are welcomes and a thank you for the gifts you leave. I’ve never heard anyone say they could be a welcome or thank you before. That isn’t my belief necessarily, but it’s definitely something to think on. The biggest point being, I do want to think on it now, not roll my eyes.

They discussed orbs and lights seen around the time they appear. About faulty batteries and animals reaction to them etc. This part touched a nerve in me. I’ve had a few unexplainable moments inside the Freetown Forest in the Bridgewater Triangle. In one day I experienced most of those occurrences. I had a weird and heavy feeling out there on a trail. My trusty dog who usually stays at my side took off running to my sister. And I stopped and took pictures of the area my vibes were coming from. While i did this my sister was taking pictures of me. Those pictures I took came out red. Solid red. And the picture my sister took of me had my whole body enveloped in white light. We still to this day can’t explain what happened. We even tried on several occasions to recreate those pictures. We couldn’t.

They touched all the hot button subjects that you would expect when paranormal or interdimensional Bigfoot is mentioned. And I don’t want to give away the whole plot, so I’ll leave you with this. I recommend watching it. And if you are going to, then do it with an opened mind. It probably won’t change your beliefs. Those are most likely set in stone. But you can at least understand there are other theories out there, and these possibilities are at the very least worth discussing. And definitely not worth shunning anyone.

You can catch this documentary streaming on Amazon Prime and the DVD also available for purchase from the website:


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Bigfoot Bards…

Throughout the ages, man has always had a way to pass down history, traditions and discoveries. Wether it was carved on a rock, painted on a cave wall or passed through verse by the bards of their time. The important news always found a way to get around from place to place.

Just like a rumor mill, I am aware that it sometimes can become more ridiculous by each telling. Sometimes the story would be embellished a bit by whomever may be telling it to make it more exciting or to fill in some of the holes in the story. But getting that information is still important.

Would it surprise you that we still pass information on that way today? If you look at bigfoot encounters, we still often share those by word of mouth. And the bards of our generation go and collect the details. Share them at conventions on podcasts or what have you.

The reason I was thinking of bards was because I always hear people say there are no experts in cryptozoology. I get that, I do, we haven’t gotten him on the list, and the science community still wants to stand clear of it. So as a result, I think these collectors and these historians and modern day bards are in effect, the experts. These experts are the ones that know all the stories. They have the casts, and the samples and records to look at, at their disposal. We have quite a few well known historians, to many great ones to name. But I also consider the expert as that person that you would go to for information or advice. A colleague or perhaps you have a mentor. But that number you call for all intents and purposes are your experts. They have read everything, been in the forest regularly themselves and is well versed in the subject of all cryptids, folklore or what have you.

The most important thing here is not who the expert is, or what makes one, but rather that all of us keep gathering and sharing the information we receive so that bigfoot survives us. So the next generation of researchers or enthusiasts will get out in those woods too, and maybe make a connection. Maybe that bard will sing a rhyme about the night he talked to Bigfoot…

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A Walk Through History…Medfield State Hospital

A bit of history:

Most of us think of abandoned and closed sanitariums as something fun to urban explore in or to go ghost hunting if you will. But we forget these places have real history. Less paranormal but no less frightening in their own right.

These hospitals often took mentally challenged children as well, simply because families and society had no knowledge of how to care for them or to help them succeed in the world outside their home. Often it was because of the stigma a family would get from not having a perfect child. Just think, your best friend’s autistic child who is in school learning real life skills would not have had that opportunity. They would have been most likely in a facility such as this.

Medfield State Hospital was built in 1892 to house the mentally ill patients. The first of such hospitals to be built in the cottage style. It was designed by William Pitt Wentworth. It remained in operation until April of 2003.

At it’s closing, it was completely shut down, deemed unsafe to wander inside. From the outside you can see all the buildings wear and tear.

The hospital grounds consisted of a 1.4 miles. It was self sufficient in its heyday, they grew their own produce and raised their own livestock. It also supplied its own heat and electric. It had 58 buildings and was eventually overrun with 2,200 patients in its care.

Now that we know all about its physical space, what about its human inhabitants. What were their lives like? How were they treated?

Well, we know the typical forms of treating mental illness in that time period were used such as electric shock therapy. I always think of great suffering and horrible living conditions when I think of old asylums. These were the peoples society didn’t want around. Some families didn’t want these relatives around hence why these types of hospitals were needed.

Since we know they farmed their own resources, it was easy to surmise the patients were assisting in the fields. Depending on their condition, this may have been something they enjoyed, and hopefully were not forced to endure.

One thing that gives me some hope was the reasoning behind the different design. They built the facility in the cottage style, to make the patients feel like they were in a more homelike environment. More windows added more natural lighting, making them feel slightly less captive than they were.

This hospital of course was not without it’s share of patient tragedies. Some of the more known public cases were as follows, one patient died of shock when a caretaker put him in a tub of scalding hot water. Imagine if you can, how hot that water had to be. Another patient ran away and after several days her missing body was found and ruled as death by exposure.

There were three cases of assault on these patients and all three assaults lead to their deaths. And finally when the influenza virus struck in 1918, It killed a total of 55 patients and 5 staff members. The healthier patients had to care for the sick and dying. The local cemeteries were overrun, and it led to the hospital itself having to dig ground for their own cemetery.

While walking around the cemetery noticing the same dates on so many of the stones, you can’t help, even if you are aren’t a sensitive person to these things, you can’t help but feel the grief that time must have caused.

Due most likely to volume of deaths and funding, most gravestones simply had a number on them. If you were number 50 that died, then that was your headstone. Imagine having such a life as they had, then be just a number at the end. My stomach hurts and tears are form in my eyes when I think on it.

A shining light did finally come for those souls, bless their hearts, a boys scout troop went through and found some of the patients names and the headstones were changed.

Recent past:

The hospital was used for a few different things before it’s official closing. It was made secure and used to house the criminally insane, then later it was used as a teaching hospital for Tufts. Then the reports that the building was becoming no longer physically safe to remain open it had to officially close it’s doors in 2003.

Claim to fame:

The hospital and grounds were used to film such movies as The Box, Shutter Island and the New Mutants. Looking forward to seeing what else they film there.

Paranormal whispers:

For all the rumors I’ve heard regarding the hospital being haunted, I haven’t heard any specific stories of anyone witnessing anything. That’s not to say it didn’t happen, I just didn’t see or hear it anywhere. The abandoned asylums all over the country have been labeled as paranormal hotbeds. To me, you don’t need to see a ghost or a shadow to feel the misery, grief and sadness of these places. You know all their real history. The suffering, abuse, experimental care, and finally being the thrown away and unwanted of society. You don’t need to see ghosts to feel the oppression, you only need to stand before one of its buildings for a second and you’ll know all you need, and most likely more than you want.

My brush with the unexplained:

I visited the Medfield State Hospital a total of three times. One at night and twice in the daytime.

I too, heard the rumors of hauntings. The first visit was at night. (Because come on, everyone loves a scare). I turned on the IOvilus to see if any presence would talk to us. After a bit it began spitting out all the right words to scare you off, I wondered if the Medfield Police were in control of it. It said come, fear, threat, legion, well you get the picture I’m sure. And I thought If it really wanted me to come, it shouldn’t have mentioned the whole legion thing.

The daytime visits were different. The town of Medfield, in an impressive decision made the grounds open to the public, therefore dissuading most of the the thrill seekers who would otherwise “sneak” in.

Again, I turned on the iOvilus. This time I felt like something was really leading us around. It kept saying number 9. We were baffled until we realized the buildings were numbered. We searched out number 9 and got ready to have an otherworldly conversation.

I asked it questions such as, “is there something you want to tell me, etc.” it began saying things like can’t talk, fear, water etc. a mystery for us to solve. Then I visited it again yesterday. I walked all the grounds, and the conservation land. The IOvilus was running while I casually walked and talked. Nothing till I ended my trip at building number 9. I can literally hear the Beatles singing Number 9 in my head. I asked if it remembered me and did it have anything else it wanted to tell me. It said three words then nothing else. It said, told, family, gasp. Putting all the words in total that it said together, I could literally feel the misery and grief. What may have happened to this person? I knew it wasn’t good. Was this the patient that was burned in the tub? I may never find out who or what it might have been. but I’ll never forget the words and maybe someday the mystery will be solved.

Final thoughts:

These grounds are both beautiful and haunting. A walk through history. A place with so many lost souls with stories we may never know. Is it haunted? I can’t tell you that for sure. I didn’t see anything ghostly, does it still have some echos of lives surviving in there? I would say yes. And maybe I was privileged to learn of just one of those stories.

I recommend stopping by and seeing for yourself. Maybe for a nice scare and a stroll, who could ask for more than that?

video tour of Medfield State Hospital:


Videos from my visits:





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Woman of The Woods…An Interview with Sybilla Irwin

Sybilla posing with one of her sculptures

Recently I wrote a story on some of the wonderful women who are out there in the woods investigating reported encounters, and searching for the truth that Bigfoot is still roaming the forests even today. There are just so many wonderful ladies in the field, and I’m hoping to highlight as many of them as I can for you, so you can to get to know what they do, and why they do it.

I was very lucky recently to have caught up to both a great researcher and artist that I admire. A wonderful role model for the future women of the Woods, Sybilla Irwin, just before she goes off grid and spends full time in the National Forests of Eastern Tennessee collecting and investigating witness accounts.

Here is that chat,

What is your earliest memory of drawing?

As a kid I adored horses. I loved to read stories and taught myself how to draw by studying the books illustrations. I would sit on the floor and pour over those illustrations for hours.

How long have you been interested in art?

I wasn’t seriously interested In art till I took an art history class at Texas A&M. In that class, one of the projects was to do two art pieces. It could be sculpture, or painting, In any medium. I chose to do two oil paintings. I had never painted In oils before. I chose to do two self portraits. One was in a very modern style, from a photograph, and the other was done sitting in front of a little mirror. I painted all through the night. (I still have both paintings).

When my professor saw them, he pulled me aside after class and begged me to leave the Theater Department, and transfer into the Art Department. He tried on multiple occasions to talk me into becoming an art student. I think that the turning point for me, when I realized from his reaction to my paintings…that I had some talent.

Sybilla creating her magic

Do you have a favorite medium?

Whatever medium I am currently working in…that’s my favorite.

I so enjoy the process of creating. Each medium has a different feel. I tend to work in cycles. I may paint In oils for months, then switch to wood burning. I may start the underpainting in acrylics and finish it in oils. I also love the immediacy of pastels.

Then there is sculpture…which I also adore…just so many mediums and so little time. Alas!

Sybilla working on one of her sculptures

I see that you have taught art as well, did you have a favorite class to teach? Or an age group you preferred working with?

I am a Certified Special Education teacher, and honestly my favorite classes we’re learning disabled children. There is nothing that compares to having a student advance four grades levels in their reading ability because you’ve had the time to spend with them.

I taught junior high art classes for nine years, they are my favorite age group to work with. I loved teaching children how to break a complex subject down into its basic shape, then make it look three dimensional with tonal values.

Does the idea for some pieces just jump in your mind, or are they triggered by something you’ve seen, what is your process?

Sometimes the shape of a piece of wood will suggest a sculpture. My creative juices get triggered by everything and anything, including dreams, and music. It can even be a spoken phrase. It’s crazy living with this brain.

How long have you been interested in Bigfoot?

I’ve been interested in Bigfoot, Aliens, Ghosts and all Cryptids since I was a little kid. I experienced a lot of weirdness growing up so I knew if these things were happening all around me, than there must be more going on in this reality than what meets the eye. Some of us are just wired differently.

How long have you been a Bigfoot researcher?

I became a member of the BFRO in March of 2008. Before joining the BFRO I had been reading reports and books on the subject since 2000.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I had my first visual encounter in October of 2008 in Honobia, Oklahoma. After you’ve seen, and heard them, you are no longer operating on belief, you’re a knower.

So you have seen them, felt them?

I have seen multiple. And I have definitely felt them around. I am a very sensitive person, I can feel when other things are around as well.

What made you put the two subjects together, the art and Bigfoot?

Another BFRO investigator asked me if I would be willing to work with one of his witnesses. She had found an image that was close to what she saw, but it needed some modifications with the hair. That’s what got me started. Other investigators then began approaching me to help with their witnesses as well.

I absolutely love working with witnesses. My heart goes out to the ones that have been traumatized by their encounters. Sometimes the drawings help them. For some…the nightmares stop.

Witness sketch from an encounter between a researcher and a Bigfoot in Oklahoma in 96′

What has the process like painting from witness encounters?

Typically when I am working with a witness, it starts with a long phone conversation. They tell me about their encounter, and then I ask a gazillion questions. I have to create an image in my mind before I can start. I know what questions to asks to help me build that image.

At the end of the session I will ask them to go to my web site and look at the witness sketches to see if there is anything there that resonates with what they saw. Sometimes they find one that looks very close, sometimes not.

I create the first iteration based on the interview, and I will send it to them. They tell me what corrections to make, and then we ping it back and forth until they tell me it’s perfect, or at least that it’s close as we are going to get. It is rewarding work.

Sketch from an encounter in 76′ in California

Is it harder to put a piece together if it’s a story you are struggling with?

It would be hard to put a piece together for someone that i did not believe was telling the truth.

Have you had Bigfoot art shows? Or are you planning too?

I speak at conferences, and show the witness sketches while telling them about witness encounters.

I have no plans to for an art show at this time, but will be working on a book.

Sybilla doing a convention presentation

Do you have a site where your art is available for purchase?

My art is available for purchase from my website and store.


Do you take commissions?

I do take commissions. Anyone wishing to inquire about a commission can reach me by email at:


or they contact me through my website above.

Is it hard juggling family, art and BFRO time?

My children are grown, happy and successful people. That enables me to travel and do the research and art that I love.

I am about to embark on a brand new research adventure, living off grid in my little camper in the National Forest, doing art work, and research full time. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love.

Could you tell us a bit about your blog?

I started the blog when I was living at a research location in northern Kentucky. I would share some of the daily happenings at that location, including audio, photos. I will probably pick it back up once I am doing field work again full time…Soon!

Do you travel often?

I have been away from my home state of Texas since 2012. I lived on active habituation site for five years. I have been in Northern Georgia, working full-time at “Expedition Bigfoot” The Sasquatch Museum, for a year and a half. If you haven’t been to the museum it’s fabulous!

Now it’s time to get back into the what I love the most…Field work.

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All pictures from Sybilla Irwin’s collection, used with artist permission

Seismic Shakeup

In my last post, Courage Under Fire, there were two strange incidents I described that sounded as though something heavy was running at me on two legs. During both times the heavy running came to a complete stop. I didn’t see or hear anything else after those few seconds.

Whatever it was that was making that sound definitely got its point across and I left as soon as I regained my wits. My whole body was screaming “get out of there”. After I released the article I had a few messages from others who had a similar encounter as mine. I’ll share one with you now from Appalachian Paranormal Experiences.

I realize that are stories are different but our experience is similar. I really was stumped. What could or would do this? Then my sister sent along an article about seismic communication If you aren’t familiar with this, Wikipedia describes it as “the process of conveying information through seismic vibrations of the substrate. Which in this case would be the earth itself”. In other words, pounding on the ground. It is also described as an ancient sensory modality used in the animal kingdom. What could be more ancient then a Bigfoot? And they are already using a form of it with wood knocks. They are communicating something with those as well.

The trick is figuring out what they wanted to convey. But since I felt fear and the urge to leave, I assume that the message was threatening. Maybe they were defending their territory or testing me to see my response. Was it even a Bigfoot? This land is near a cemetery, just like the encounter above. Was it something else? I am positive that i have experienced infrasound before. That heavy nauseous feeling it creates has come over me a few times while I’ve been out exploring.

The key for me is to be aware that this is possibly a form of communication, and not something charging up on me. I need to take a deep breathe and open my senses up and try to translate the messages coming at me.

If anyone else has had a similar experience and would like to share it. I would love to hear it. You can message me here, or my email:


Courage Under Fire:


Thank you to Appalachian Paranormal Experience. Keep an eye out, a book will be coming from him soon.

Courage Under Fire

There is nothing better than a walk In the woods. It really is a spiritual place for me. I think, pray and make some major life decisions out there. Some hikes aren’t always a search for the big hairy guy, often they are just me getting in tune with nature and myself.

I’m usually very relaxed going in, and if strange vibes happen to come on then I’ll trust my gut instinct when and if it happens.

On two occasions, In relatively the same area, I did have those strange vibes come on. To me they translated as I might not be alone anymore and or there may be possible danger. And both times my gut has told me exit stage left and quick.

After I got home and relaxed I thought, how will I ever have that encounter if I don’t give my gut some Tums and keep going forward?

I should start by telling you a bit about these two particular encounters, and then you can help me decide if I made the right call at the time, or if I should have stayed and faced my fears.

The first incident, in a new area to me mind you, the further I entered the woods, the more uneasy I began feel. On the right side of the trail there was a ledge looking down to a small river and field and to the right of me there was thick tree coverage.

Up ahead I saw large tree down blocking the small trail. While I figured out what to do next, I stopped to take pictures of the area. Then I felt it. There was no way I was alone. Then I heard the run, heavy on the ground like a bull charging. A full on heavy footed bipedal run up the hill beside me.

First thing that happened, I froze in my tracks. I think I may have stopped breathing. My heart was definitely pounding. Then it all just stopped. It went from full on to complete full stop. I saw and heard nothing else after. As soon as I regained composure, still standing in the same spot. I flew out of there.

At the time my choice to leave felt like the right thing to do. My gut was screaming run. Then at home I thought, did whatever it was stop to give me a choice? Test if I was ready to see? Or was it as surprised as me and didn’t actually know I was there?

The second incident was on the same conservation land maybe two miles away. I again felt something, this time my gut was screaming whatever was about to happen was menacing. Much heavier feeling came on me then before. On my left on this trail were tall weeds. At my 4″11 I couldn’t see over them and it was far to thick to see through. Then it happened, again. Heavy footfalls charging. I froze a second again. I took a deep breath, because whatever this was, it was close and I wasn’t out running it. And then just like the previous time, it came to a full stop. I didn’t hear or see anything else. Was this the second test? Did I make the right choice? Again my gut said to leave quickly.

I never thought of myself as a chicken. I’m alone unarmed in the woods often, I’ve had a bear encounter and thought on my feet, so why are those two moments in time different?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I know for a fact Bigfoot was running at me. I didn’t actually see anything. But something was there, and because I left the area I’ll never know what that something was.

There are so many strange goings on in the woods, even strange people doing nefarious things. So how do you decipher what is actually happening?

I’m happy to say I have returned to to these same two spots often. I’ve not heard anything like that since then.

So what do you think? Did I leave to soon? Would you have stayed?

My plan is to stick it out if those vibes hit me again. I walked into the forest relaxed and I’m choosing to leave it that way…

area of first incident

Area of Second incident

Interdimensional Dilemma

When you listen to a lot of Bigfoot encounters as most of us enthusiasts do, you run into the subject of Bigfoot being referred to as an interdimensional being from time to time. Some people call it the “woo” theory. The “woo” belief is that Bigfoot travels back and forth between parallel dimensions. The interdimensional hypothesis was originally started by ufologists. It was a more plausible way for them to explain how ufos could appear and disappear right out of our sight so quickly, and because interstellar space travel would take generations to complete any one way.

Many enthusiasts and researchers don’t recognize this theory, some Cryptid social media sites won’t even allow you to talk about it on their page. I understand this. They are of the belief of blood and bones. A possible species of primate yet undiscovered. This is my belief as well, but I have learned to keep an open mind. I have definitely seen some things that just can’t be explained.

I recently watched an excerpt from an up and coming documentary titled Finding Jay. The video showed the parting of two large branches in an unnatural way, with seemingly nothing around to cause it. After hearing knocks and having rocks thrown near him around the same site, it seemed likely it could be a Bigfoot. But where was he? How could he have done that without being seen? How could he even get from one place to another without being noticed. This type of situation is the reason people sometimes think there is more going on than flesh and blood. But what?

Is there a possibility that being as old and in touch with nature as they may be, that they could potentially manipulate their surroundings in such as way as to blend into nature like a chameleon? Or be stealth like the creature from the Predator movies?

I often wonder about the secrets of the forests and the earth they may hold. If there is a mystical energy around us out there. What truly makes us feel so relaxed when we are hiking along. We sometimes use the expression , getting in touch with nature.

But what if it means more than we think it does, and we just have to be open to accept what exactly that is.

A parallel or a mystical universe…


Clip from above mentioned documentary Finding Jay (May 2019 release date)



Photo one from google stock

And Bigfoot sketch by Shirley McDaniel

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Beauty in the Forest

When you’re wandering in the forest hoping to see a Bigfoot, or signs of a Bigfoot you are aware of every tree, branch, bush and sticks on the ground.

Picture taken by me inside the Freetown Forest, Freetown, Ma.

I am always looking for something that does not fit, or something I don’t feel nature created. You can’t help it, it’s subconscious at this point. One thing that we all have seen are arches made from a branch or a tree. When I see them, I attribute them automatically to something I would use them for, such as decorating my yard, or if I’m lucky, maybe in my future wedding. And it’s because some of us think of them this way, that we tend to think a Bigfoot may have made them and had some use for them.

Since we don’t know if they think like us and they don’t have a backyard to decorate, what would they use them for? To mark their territory perhaps?

And if we aren’t creating them and Bigfoot isn’t creating them, then what makes these trees or branches bend ? Why do we see them everywhere we go?

One of the possibilities is for their need of sunlight. Trees bend and stretch in amazing ways to reach out for that life giving warmth. Sunlight is needed for their survival and there are a lot of trees to compete with in any one forest.

Another factor of course is weather. Ice and snow piled up on top of them puts so much weight on a weak or young branch, that It can’t handle the stress and begins to bend. Storm and wind damage will also reek havoc on them and then there is also moisture from below, if the roots are loosened by excessive moisture they will began to move around and possibly lean, or uproot all together.

Picture taken by me in Uxbridge Massachusetts

I would love to think the beauty of those arches we see out there came from a Bigfoot. And I know I’m no Arborist, but I did chat with one, and we both had the same thoughts, that most likely Mother Nature had her hand in all of these.

lastly, this is just one girl’s opinion, I wanted to write a bit about them because I have been messaged with a few pictures and questions on them, and I, myself, just couldn’t picture what they would be making them for.

I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this subject. What do you think are making them? I thank you for your emails and questions. You can always reach me at:


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