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On the Gorilla Trial…

The delight was not unanimous. In general our announcement about out adventure was received by our friends with a flat- tering gloom, “Why not the lake or chloroform or something usual and immediate results instead of taking the trouble to go to Africa and give ourselves to a lion for lunch ? Also, demanded the

merry ones, if anything did happen, were we planning to ship the consumer back to the Zoo so they could place memorial wreaths about its neck ?

They called attention to Mr. McCutcheon’s picture of the jolly little cemetery back of Nairobi with “Killed by Lion” on every cross, and quoted “The bulge was Algy,”with persistent humor. Especially they pointed out that the gorilla was not noted for hospitality and presented us with various accounts in which we came upon some such heartening paragraph as, “The poor brave fellow who had gone off alone was lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, his entrails torn out, his gun beside him, bitten in two by the gorilla’s teeth.”

I admit there was room for both humor and dismay. Between the lion’s chances for lunch and ours for a rug the odds we’re sportingly similar. Records were not encouraging, describing the grown male as a demon of ferocity, attacking on sight with a fury few hunters can withstand; but the records of the

gorilla were extremely scarce. It is surprising to learn how little has been discovered about the animal since Du Chaillu wrote his blood- curdling accounts of his adventures in the West Coast Jungle. There is no gorilla in a museum mounted by a man who ever saw a wild gorilla? We know almost nothing of habits or capacities”…

From the the book I’m currently reading.,

On the Gorilla Trail…by MARY HASTINGS BRADLEY.

Mary Bradley is listed as an author, she did pen some sci-fi books. But she wrote a series of books pertaining to her adventure in Africa looking for the great ape. The gorillas.

She spoke of coming to an island of them. Like In King Kong they must have been completely taken back arriving there. They came in to contact with all kinds of animals not seen live before, they also encountered cannibals of their travels. She may be listed as author but she is also a woman of the woods who went on an expedition few women got to do in their life, especially there and in the time in history.

I’ve been reading about the early gorilla encounters, seeing the similarities of what these zoologist/anthropologist went through in their quests as bigfoot researchers do now.

Most believe bigfoot is a great ape. So knowing about their history of discovery is helpful.

But reading this history is not, I repeat is not for the faint of heart. They were not treated well. Horrifically would be a good description of their treatment in the hands of man.

Captured, killed, experimented on, torn from their families.

After reading all this you may think twice about wanting to find a bigfoot alive and bring him in. Even if giving the easiest of opportunities, I’ll never do it, never. They don’t deserve us. Let history be a reminder….


Hanno The Navigator and his Gorillae…

Around 500 bc, a Carthaginian explorer named Hanno the Navigator( also thought to be possibly a king) guided a fleet of sixty oared ships through the Strait of Gibraltar and along the northwest lobe of the great elephant ear that is the African continent.

Toward the end of his journey, on an island in a lagoon, he encountered a “rude description of people”, rough-skinned, hairy, violent. The local interpreters called them Gorillae. Hanno and his crew attempted to capture some of them, but many climbed up steep elevations and hurled stones in defense. —wiki

He was able to catch three females and I’ll just leave it at that, the less you know the better. And there has been some question as to wether they are human or beast. But, if you look at this and some other very old encounters with the great apes, the more you hear the similarities of our modern bigfoot descriptions and behaviors. And they knew at that time about as much about the great apes as we do now of the bigfoot species now.

The bones weren’t plentiful and classified as a species till the 1800s. The first systematic study of one was not until 1920, And this first account was in 500 bc!

Looking at it in these terms, we are still in the infancy period of knowledge of these creatures. We are learning so many different things in just these past few years , now constantly adjusting our own evolutionary timeline and migration around the globe, after all this time that we can’t possibly be able to say, with conviction, that a North American Primate could not possibly have gotten here, and evolved in its own way.

Sketch by Shockwerks

My belief has always been that they are something in between man and primate, I usually used the description, missing link, but I no longer believe it is the link between ape and man. I believe we are Homo sapiens and we’ll, when we do have bones to classify, we can give them a proper name of their own.

I think with all the changes going on with our planet, the climate, weather etc.

That it’s time to throw location and migration patterns for all species out the window and go back to the drawing board. Their instinct will take them wherever they need to go to survive, they are operating on species survival instincts as old as the beginning of life, and way down deep, in our most basic nature so our we humans. Who knows where we may have to adapt and live in the future to continue our survival?

Welcome to the new world (animal migration) order everyone…buckle up. We’ll find that squatch someday.


Wildman of Woodhull…

The Wild Man Print by artist
Vincent Grondin

A correspondent to a Hornellsville paper tells the following veracious story:

“For the very strange story I am about to relate I scarcely expect, nor do I solicit, belief. Indeed, were it not that hundreds of reliable men and women in the county of Steuben are ready and willing to vouch for its truthfulness, I would never ask you to put it in print. The facts are as follows:

“During the four weeks last past a wild man has been prowling around the woods in the towns of Woodhull and Troupsburg, in the southern part of this county, coming frequently into the highways and cleared fields, to the intense terror of women and children, and even strong men. So great is the excitement in some parts of the towns mentioned, that schools have been broken up – parents not daring to send their little ones along the public highways to the schoolhouses.

At first the whole thing was considered by most people as a hoax, intended merely to frighten old women and children; but as many of the most prominent citizens vouched for the actual existence of the wild man, and the disturbance of the schools was making it a matter of public importance, the people of Woodhull and Troupsburg determined to do all in their power to ferret the matter out.

Accordingly, on the 12th inst., about two hundred men assembled at the residence of Mr. S. G. Brown, and proceeded to search the woods in that immediate locality. Under the leadership of Captain J. J. Buchanan and the writer of this article, crowds searched the woods for hours, but with no success further than the finding of a campfire and the track of a barefooted man imprinted in the soil of a marshy part of the forest; and the whole party, at about three o’clock P. M., returned to Mr. Brown’s house, and, getting ready their teams, started back for Woodhull village.

The party had proceeded scarcely fifty rods from Mr. Brown’s, when, on the outskirts of the woods, and within twenty rods of the band of searchers, appeared the veritable wild man of the woods! Myself, Capt. Buchanan, and the others, immediately started in full pursuit. We approached within six or eight rods of this strange being without attracting his notice, when suddenly, with a wild, unearthly shriek, he notified us that we were perceived. I drew my rifle, intending to halt him or send a bullet crashing through his skull. I ordered him to halt, when he sprang, with the agility of a deer, toward the woods.

I did not fire, because on second thought I doubted my right to take the life of any human being, however wild, until he had at least violated some law. So far I have related facts, which will be vouched for by at lease one hundred persons. I will now give you a perfect description of this wild man – or animal – or ‘What is It’ – as he, she, or it appeared to me.

He was barefooted, bareheaded, and wore no clothing except an old pair of soldiers’ pants; his hair, which was black, sprinkled with grey, was from two to three feet long, frizzly, and natted, hanging over his neck, face, shoulders and back, reaching half way to the ground; his beard reached to the waistband of his pants, and was jet black; this, together with a springing, jerking huch in his gait, gave him more the appearance of a wild animal than a human being. And, though I am not of a nervous temperament, may all the saints in heaven shield and defend me from ever meeting such a fiendish looking being face to face again! The long, matted hair; the thick, black and uncombed beard; the wild, glaring, bloodshot eyeballs, which seemed bursting from their sockets; the savage, haggard, unearthly countenance; the wild, beastly appearance of this thing, whether man or animal, has haunted me continually by day and night; and I do not wonder that when this strange being rapped on the school-house windows, children were frightened half out of their senses and refused to be pacified; for, although I have seen the faces of fifty different tribes of Rocky Mountain Indians, painted for the war-path, and have looked with wonder on the stuffed gorilla, Barnum’s ‘What is it,’ the man monkey &c., I have never beheld any thing in the human one half as hideous as the wild man of Woodhull woods.
“I will close by saying that 25 years ago, a man named William Little suddenly disappeared from Woodhull, and has never been heard of since; and as the farm on which the wild man spends most of his time was formerly owned by the absentee, it is supposed, by some that the wild man is none other than William Little himself, returned in this disguise to the home of his youth.

But I hardly think this theory the true one. I do believe, however, that a woman and baby are somewhat mixed up in the matter.” [Cincinnati Daily Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) July 8, 1869;

This article, in it’s entirety, I was able to find on genealogy

But, on three different bigfoot sites I found this same account edited and leaving out some pesky details that could cause some doubt as to whether or not this is actually a bigfoot sighting. It’s not their faults though, because this may be the only version they know, its an example of how these tales change and evolve over time. It happens even now despite all the information we have at our very finger tips. Here’s the edited version,

“During the summer of 1869, a wild man was spotted by at least one hundred residents in the vicinity of Woodhill and Troupsville in Steuben County. It made shrieking sounds as it raced through the countryside. An eyewitness said it moved “with a springing, jerking hitch in his gait [that] gave him more the appearance of a wild animal than a human being.” One man got a close-up view: “The long, matted hair; the thick, black, uncombed beard; the wild, glaring, bloodshot eyeballs, which seemed bursting from their sockets; the swage, haggard, unearthly countenance; the wild, beastly appearance of this thing, whether man or animal, has haunted me”

This version is missing a few things, a major one being that he’s wearing pants a soldier would wear. I’ve never heard of him wearing pants before, have you?

Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t a bigfoot, but, the edited version certainly sounds much more like a bigfoot then the original letter may have you believe.

What are your thoughts on the encounter? Do you believe it is still a bigfoot or maybe a soldier suffering some ptsd and unable to cope in society?

This is an example of why It’s very important that we do our own research as well, of course being in the field is the best part of it all, at least for me, but It is also really important we’re doing the research outside of the woods as well.

Especially with these historical wildman encounters, because throughout history wildman we’re what they called, well, everything that wasn’t their idea of civilized, people who escaped to the woods because of poverty, insanity etc.

Negative bigfoot?

Art by Kim Loberg

So, I have a subject I always start to write about and ponder, then I stop, see more related comments and start again, but tonight I’m just going to bite the bullet and chat about it a bit.

This is one of those posts I’ve warned you about. The one where It’s just me sharing my thoughts and chatting with you. I consider this blog mostly as a conversation with you.

So, this past week, I saw at least four posts across social media platforms about how negative and jealous etc the bigfoot community can be. It’s so sad to see. Luckily I miss it usually.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see it, I just want to understand why it happens?

I know I’m always in my happy bubble walking the woods alone , but occasionally I do come out and go on various platforms, and then I’ll see a post again talking about the negativity, haters, etc. and I’m just like why can’t we all just get along.

Look, I’m socially awkward, I know that. I’ve always known I’m the girl that just doesn’t fit in anywhere. I’m convinced I was born in the wrong century altogether, but I am present. I talk to a few of you wonderful footers. and you have all been kind. I have a hard time reaching out to people myself, but I always try to show my regard adding these groups or peoples good work to my story, or on my page posts. It takes just seconds to give credit and respect to another person and I truly enjoy doing it.

So now that you know I’m always in this bubble, (a bubble that I’ll gladly share with anyone who needs one), can anyone tell me where all this negativity comes from? We are all on different personal journeys yes, but our end goals are all the same. Why fight? Everyone who hopes to find a bigfoot one day puts a lot of effort and mostly foots all the bill it incurs solely out of their own pocket. So wether you like them or not is no matter, just respect matters. All we truly have is our integrity.

Always try to respect another person’s theories and research, their philosophy and findings. Maybe we don’t all agree but respect goes a long way. Why burn a bridge? Hurt another’s feelings?

If you don’t agree that’s totally okay, I’m sure a lot of people don’t love what I’m up too all the time. My main comments that are negative I guess, would be that I put things other than bigfoot on my pages.

Well, sadly, that won’t ever change. I simply can’t live on bigfoot alone. I like sharing my nature walks and my crazy rescue dog also, and my poetry, (yes I said poetry). All of these things makes me, me. And as long as everyone else is doing their own thing too and being themselves, doing their research their way and aren’t hurting anyone else what’s to argue over?

I think everyone from the artist all the way to the more professional side have a voice, a place, and adds a piece to this wonderful puzzle that is the wild man. If I don’t say it enough, I respect all of you, you all rock. Keep on keeping on and if some negativity lands your way? Delete, block and move on. It’s only a fight if the other person reacts back. Just keep spreading positivity and love baby. It can’t hurt.

Go to sleep tonight knowing that you are weirdly awesome , and keep up all the great research you’re working on…

Have a great night everyone!

Bigfoot on Mars Attacks…

Flashback on this Friday back to this TEENY LITTLE BIGFOOT ON MARS picture. This is a tiny piece from a panorama taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit on 2007 on it’s position on Home Plate.
Pareidolia is a killer when squatching, I definitely had a little trick of the eyes this past week it happens to the best of us!

So, when you’re out there squatching this weekend remember what Grover Krantz warned, “With enough imagination, almost any object of about the right size and shape can be seen as a sasquatch .” Exhaustion, nervousness, or even drugs can generate bigfoot sightings and Sasquatches,” Krantz cautioned, “often come out of whisky bottles.”
I’m not sure about the whiskey bottle part, but black stumps, dark holes in trees and branches moving in the breeze have definitely gotten me lol!
So have fun out there this weekend and don’t forget to bring your glasses!


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