Bigfoot in the News 4…Arkansas Swamps…

May 1st, 1852…

The Wild Man Again. We are credibly informed by a gentleman of this city, that the “wild man” has been seen again in the swamps of Arkansas. He derived his information from two gentlemen, who were out hunting, and approached as near as twenty paces to him. His appearance was so frightful that they did not attempt to approach nearer. He is described by them as being about 7 feet 2 inches high, and covered completely with black hair, intersperse of red now and then with gray.

The story or the representations of him as last seen, published in some of our papers, they pronounce untrue. He has no claws to his hands and feet, nor is he eight or nine feet high: still it would be a curiosity worth seeing.

We understand it is the intention of some of our citizens to capture him if possible. In the way of shows, he would be the wild mare, ” with the ” hippodrome ” thrown in Memphis Express,


Southern Shield

Helena, Arkansas

01 May 1852, Sat  •  Page 3

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Bigfoot in the News…Part 3

Krantz, at the opposite pole, became interested in JligfoaL in 1969 when a deputy sheriff related a sighting “It sounded very solid. I wanted it to be true, but I didn’t think it was It would be nice, but ” He became convinced, however, when John Green, a journalist turned politician in British Columbia,, dragged him off to Bossburg, Wash., to see over 1,000 footprints ascribed to a crippled Bigfoot.

They were photographed and plaster – cast, as supposed Bigfoot prints frequently are, and Krantz reconstructed the ana’tomy of the foot, which strongly resembled a club foot. He decided the prints couldn’t have been faked. “It would have taken a brilliant anatomist with a very inventive (mind and we haven’t had one of those around since Leonardo da Vinci,” he says,

Well we have a film of a Bigfoot that just couldn’t have been faked, prints with dermal ridges that couldn’t have been faked, and lastly a million eyewitness.

It’s frustrating that someone could look at this overall collection of evidence and not want to consider its existence possible. We have put people away in the penal system for life with less circumstantial evidence than this. But for me I’m okay without a body laying around, I’m a believer, I don’t need to see one. So don’t get frustrated if you hit the woods and don’t discover one because I’m their every day and I haven’t even seen a bear out there, but I know they are there.,,somewhere.

If something doesn’t want to be seen out there, they won’t be seen

Bigfoot in the News…#1

One of my favorite pass times is reading old news paper clippings, mainly cryptozoology themed ones. I love the writing style and how they described these encounters. It gives me a chuckle.

This one is from the great state of New York, The Long Island Star reported this encounter on, September 16th, 1818. And he is once again called a “wild man”. He is described as bending forward when running, hairy—and the heel of the foot narrow, spreading at the toes.” Very interesting description. The bending forward is a new one on me.

I’d love to find some of these old clippings transcribed because many just aren’t legible, anymore, and you definitely don’t want to miss any of these fun descriptions

Battle for the Cave…

Picture this, a cave in Illinois is about to host a fight for territory between a hunter and a “wild man”…

From the BFRO site:

“Mt. Sterling, Ill 1922 – A wild man, living in a cave near here, is thwarting all efforts of police and armed citizens to capture him and is keeping the countryside in terror with his raids on outlying farms. A price has been set on his head, but desperate attempts to capture him in his lair have proved vain.

The wild man recently made a series of bold robberies near. Mt. Pleasant, carrying off calves and sheep to a deserted mine where he stays hidden in the daytime. Ambrose Smith, a dead shot and tireless hunter, was seriously wounded in a terrific hand-to-hand encounter with the mysterious man-monster.

“The wild man has long, wiry hair that bristles about his savage-looking face.” Smith said in his home, where he is recovering from the adventure. “In the uncertain light of the cavern I made him out to be a great towering creature. His hands are thin and the flesh is stretched over the bones like leather.”

People feared black damp in the long empty galleries of the mine so much that even a reward of $500 for the wild man, dead or alive, failed to result in his apprehension. At last Smith, accompanied by J. M. Blair and others from Mt. Pleasant, all quick with a gun, went to the cave. It was late in the afternoon. Smith had the others stand back 200 yards from the mouth of the cave and entered alone, armed only with his large hunting knife. His dog followed him.

Night fell and the watchers waited in vain for Smith’s return. Then there was a great noise and the dog ran out whimpering. The men went into the cavern in search of Smith. They groped along through the twisting passageways in the darkness, but were unable to find any trace of him. At midnight Smith crawled from the cave on his hands and knees and fell faint and exhausted at the feet of his friends.

“I did not get more than 50 feet into the cave boys.” he said, as they carried him to the doctors, “when I saw the wild man glaring at me a few feet away. Then he sprang at me and held me in his steel-like grip. I tried to knife him but he held my wrist. For more than an hour we fought together on the wet floor of the cave.”

I thought I’d share a favorite BFRO report back from 1922. The description of the bony hands is curious though. What constituted a “wild man” to the hunters? Could it be a homeless man living in there.

It’s hard to believe that anyone is going to get in a cave battle with a Bigfoot and walk away to tell about it. And if it’s a Bigfoot it’s probably going to want to get out of there, not fight to stay after his location is discovered. The food source can’t possibly be worth risking a capture of some kind.

But I do love the mystique of the older reports and “wild man” is the best name for him I think.

Let me know what you think of this encounter.

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Unvalentines Day…

“In the trees I would hide

From your whispers and your lies

Things like where you’ve been all night

Im not continuing the ride on this train

It’s finally jumped the rails

I’m going where I feel safe

I’m heading to the trails

Here I wont be invisible

Here I won’t be numb

So back to the forest I run

It’s always there for me

The animals aren’t there waiting to poke at my insecurities

Am I pretty enough? Am I smart enough?

You think I can take it,

but my skin is not that tough

So Im protecting my heart this time

Like a Phoenix I will rise

This year will be the unvalentine

Tell your whispers to the wind

This is where you end and I begin

I finally realize you’re not good enough for me

If I was the forest

You’d cut down every tree

Its time for me to rise up

Soon you’ll see

This unvalentine you don’t win, I do, me

We will see who is the happy one now

We will see who will enjoys the sunshine out here

And who will get stung by the bee”

If there is a valentines Day them so to should there be an Unvalentines Day…there must be balance in the universe

An Unusual Pair…

An unusual pair to be sure

Creatures of the night

One howling at the moon

One staying out of sight

Both on the hunt

Both need their feast

One is silence and stealth

The other a beast

A howl a roar

The hunt has begun

They will chase their prey

To the dawn of the day

Coming to a careful peace

To work together and each one eats

One loves the bones

Not just the meat

Pounding feet on the ground

A wild man and his hound

Freedom, fur and fear

Flesh is starting to tear

The meal is fresh

The frenzy of food is complete

The truce is coming to the end

Because they are enemies not friends

They have their territories to defend

But as they separate they have just one look back

They may not realize it yet but they two are a pack…

Bigfoot on the Bayou…

I was scrolling through Reddit on this cold Monday morning and cam across two posts I thought you would like to read…enjoy with your coffee, and stay warm…

First up this gem of a pic that’s been making the rounds..

They are definitely creepy, whatever they are, but is it real? Is it Bigfoot? Technology is both out friend and enemy right now. The technology helps us in our legitimate research, but has also become a playground for hoaxers and scammers. So I’m going with a fake here. What do you think?

Next up, someone shared their encounter on the Reddit Bigfoot Sub and I do believe this is a real encounter. When you’re in the forest weird things happen and I believe people have these encounters when they least expect it, sometimes it changes their lives…

Bigfoot in the Bayou

“First off let me begin by saying that I’m by no means qualified in any way to definitely say what I saw was a Cryptid. I’m just a guy that likes to camp and enjoy the outdoors. That being said; what I saw in March 2020 still has me scratching my head and wondering if what I saw was real or not. Last year as soon as the weather started getting better I began to go out and camp more. I use the camper shell on the back of my truck that I’ve built a bed frame and cabinets in. For reference my truck is very big. The roof stands approx 8 foot off the ground. She gets me where I need to go. On the night in question I drove out to one of my favorite secluded south Louisiana camping spots. My cousin and I planned to just build a campfire and catch up as I’d just gotten back from a month long job. That night we settled into the beds in the back of my truck. I have 2 beds shaped like an L and the one in the front allows a view out of the rear of the camper shell. At about 11 we were just talking and watching videos or whatnot and suddenly my cousin looks toward the back and his eyes widen. The next thing that happens is a loud SLAP on the roof of my truck. I sat frozen in shock and fear as it began to register what was going on. This primal sense of fear overtook me. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint in a shady part of town but that was nowhere near the amount of sheer adrenaline and fear pumping through my veins when I realized that something very big was out there. I grabbed my flashlight and swooped it across the bushes just in time to see a dark shape slide into the brush. I couldn’t tell if it was on 2 legs because of the height of the brush but it sure loped and move like a bipedal as well as being at least 6.5 feet. The spot I was at was very secluded as well. It was about 2 miles from the nearest house on a dear hunting lease full of new growth brush that was so thick you couldn’t even walk through. I’m not sure what I saw that night but it has opened my mind for sure. I don’t know if I ever want to encounter one again.”

I’m sure he doesn’t, but I hope he doesn’t stop doing what he loves…

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The Black Shuck

The Black Shuck, Shuck coming from the old English word for devil or fiend and is essentially considered a nocturnal specter from the folklore of the British Isles.

It was first recorded in print in a 1850, journal titled the Notes and Queries which describes “Shuck the Dog-fiend”; “This phantom I have heard many persons in East Norfolk, and even Cambridgeshire, describe as having seen as a black shaggy dog, with fiery eyes and of immense size, and who visits churchyards at midnight.”

It’s appearance was regarded as a portent of death, it is generally supposed to be larger than a physical dog with glowing eyes, it is often associated with electrical storms, crossroads, places of execution and ancient pathways.

Black dogs are almost universally thought of as malevolent, although few are held to be directly harmful. However this witnesses sighting believes if not for the Shuck, he may not be here now.

“ I saw one and it was no dog and definitely not a wolf because no wolves live anywhere near me,it looked just like this drawing, other then the eye shape and no dog or wolf could vanish like that in thin air. If you read other legends they are protectors of children and women… if there a warning of death, why warn you if you cant change it…..? because the secound I saw it a car sped past me by an inch (the driver told me to go ahead to cross, you know the drivers who only move when you start crossing) if I didnt stop to stare at that black shuck for those few seconds, then I would have stepped out and been run over or at least my foot, I belive it was a shuck that saved me”

One of its earliest encounters comes from an incident at the Peterborough Abbey. It was recorded in 1127 and one of its most notable ones is an appearance is at the churches of Bungay and Blythbourgh in Suffolk on August 4th 1577. The Black Shuck was said to have burst in through the doors of the church, it sounded like a clap of thunder. It ran past a large congregation, killing a man and boy and causing the church steeple to collapse through the roof. As the dog left, he left scorch marks on the north door which can be seen at the church to this day.

I’m not sure about Black Shucks motives here, but black dogs seen in church yards is thought to be to guard the church from an evil befalling it, and some churches were said to bury a black dog alive on the corners of its property for that reason. So guardians and protectors or evil hell hounds and portent of doom probably depended on when and where you saw them and it’s appearance but either way I’m not messing with any black dogs I’m England…

So, what are my thoughts on the Shuck? Well in history black animals have had some mystical beliefs surround them, ravens, black cats, etc. so I can imagine they would be afraid of a black dog wandering in a church yard or cemetery as well. We still to this day are superstitious about black cats. And as for wether or not it could be a spectral? Since I lived in a haunted house for 20 years I can believe a ghostly dog may roam about.

There is a lot of energy, good and bad floating around this planet It’s not hard to believe it is possible to manifest itself in different ways. Who knows? There have been many witnesses to keep this lore alive through generations to come…

Some of the information sourced from the following:

Wikipedia, Deviant Art, Pinterest, Daily Mail, google

Trees Or Not Two Trees…

What do you see when you look at this picture, and where the arrows are directing you where to look? Don’t answer yet! Now read the following sighting report below , then look again.

David Arceneaux said he felt a chill as he looked across Block Bayou at a line of trees about 100 yards away.

“I’m not crazy. I don’t do drugs and I’m not a drinker,” Arceneaux said before telling his tale of seeing not one but two Bigfoot-like creatures huddled together one December morning.

The Nederland, Texas, native visits Oak Bluff Cemetery about once a month to clean the graves of a friend and a cousin, something he has done for years without incident. But on an overcast, windless day, Arceneaux said he got the fright of his life.

“I heard a blood-curdling scream and a lady nearby asked me if I was OK. I told her it wasn’t me,” Arceneaux said. “We walked over to the water and looked to the left then straight ahead.”

He said what he saw next amazed him. Two Bigfoot-like creatures who had been throwing rocks in the water looked across at him and the unknown female. One was standing next to a tree, arms around the trunk and the other was squatted down. As the second creature rose from the crouching position Arceneaux estimated the creature was about eight-foot tall. So he snapped a photo with his phone, he said.

“All of a sudden they started walking then running through the woods,” he said of the bipedal creatures. “When they began to run, the lady said ‘I’m leaving’ and left. I stayed a few more seconds and then thought there may be a way for them to cross here so I left, scared.”

Arceneaux said he could see the face of the creature “clear as day.” There was hair from the mouth down like a man and when the creature turned he could see hair hanging down its arm.”

Now go back again and look at the picture. Do you see anything different? Did you opinion on the picture change at all when you looked again?

For some, your opinion probably didn’t change, but for others? Well they may have seen two Bigfoot standing under those arrows (Arrows were already there). The reason I put you all through that little exercise is because, when you’re in that situation and have had an encounter that overwhelming you are likely to see Bigfoot because it’s on your mind at the time and likely always on your mind. I haven’t had that experience yet I admit, but I would imagine it’s pretty traumatizing and that I would probably see Bigfoot in my toast as well.

So although my opinion of the above is trees, it does not mean he’s faking the picture or trying to hoax you etc. He may actually see Bigfoot in that picture. He was there we were not. When you’re in that situation you have a completely different perspective. It’s funny, most all agree Bigfoot can most likely blend well into his environment and that, that is why he is able remain elusive and disappear back into the forest a second, but yet if someone shows a possible example of that, we all yell trees!

The purpose of writing this post was to explain that when you are in the woods vulnerable and you see this creature I think you could get a form of PTSD from it and everything you see then comes up Bigfoot.

So when we analyze these kinds of hinky questionable looking photos on the internet let that person down with respect. Don’t always believe they are hoaxing you from the start, because you never truly know. If they believe it’s actually Bigfoot then they are not trying to hoax. So when you get ready to type “trees”, type kindly, we will never truly know what they thinking because we weren’t there, and just because you’re being kind with your comments and reviews it doesn’t mean you accept their picture as Bigfoot it just means you have class…


Although I believe in my opinion, that the above picture looks like trees, it does not mean I don’t believe he had an encounter or that He doesn’t believe those are Bigfoot In that picture…

Above excerpt of encounter from:

Fire on the Mountain 🔥🔥🔥

I thought while I had a second on this beautiful snowy New England day I’d share one of my ridiculous camping, what not to do memories. Well ones that are funny now anyway, maybe not funny then. But my first few times camping without family in my teens were something, so here’s the first…more to come.

I have always been an outdoors girl. When I was little I was out dawn till dusk, later if I could get away with it, (I didn’t really my mother definitely had the sight) but I had been outdoors enough to convince my parents to camp on my friends land. He had acres of beautiful land. We camped every weekend.

So when I asked to camp away in the mountains of Maine , and she knew many friends would be there she said yes. Another friend of mine took care of a ski lodge in the summer months so my friend and I went up to camp. There was a clam bake that day sending the beautiful food smells on up to the bears hanging out up there. But because we were young (and stupid) we decided to sleep in a tent outside in the beautiful night air and not inside the lodge. (Again, I refer you to stupid).

When nightfall and the fire was all out and everything was quiet we heard some loud noises, things banging etc, and I knew, knew it had to be a bear.

A few minutes later all four of us in the tent saw the typical shadow of a big bear fall on the tent. And mind you, the bear could have been small but a shadow makes it look huge! We realized too, one of us brought the food cooler into the tent (Stupid as above).

So we needed a plan, so our friend pulled out his knife, cut out the back of the tent, and we all ran into the lodge like our ass was on fire. It didn’t follow, but them it didn’t need to, we pushed the cooler to him before we ran. He was able to enjoy some steak and eggs.

We survived the bear and learned to actually do what the camping guide said to do. Don’t put your food where you sleep. Hang it from the tree.

Sleep in the damn lodge next year.

Needless to say when I got home I just said it was a totally awesome time, years later I did tell her about the bear. She wasn’t amused…

If you have a funny camping tale I’d love to share it. You can message me here or send your funny tale to…