Bigfoot in the News…Yeti in Siberia

A Soviet scientist said Wednesday she came within feet of the legendary abominable snowman during an eyeball to eyeball encounter with the furry beast in the snow covered forests of western Siberia.

In what Radio Moscow described as one of the closest encounters of its kind, the creature reportedly stood and stared at her with red eyes, not making a sound, before her pet dog chased the snowman or yeti deep into the woods.

The scientist, Maya Brikova, told Radio Moscow she had spent 25 years studying the yeti. Her sighting occurred late last year when Soviet media reported three yeti encounters.

Brikova and two guides had stopped for the night in a forest cabin at an undisclosed site in western Siberia and were awakened by a sound of rolling logs. They said they rushed out to the porch and saw the creature they had waited so long to see.

‘The day was breaking and we could see everything clearly. I saw in front of me an animal about 2 meters (6 foot, 7-inches) tall, covered with fur some 6 to 7 seven centimeters (2.5 to 3 inches) long,’ Brikova said. ‘It was covered with so much fur, its lips looked like slits. The fur on its head and face was shorter than that of its body. The palms were red and bare. The creature studied us with great attention. Its eyes were red without any whites, and its ears didn’t stick out,’ she said.

Radio Moscow said there had been an estimated 5,000 eyewitness accounts of yeti sightings in the Soviet Union, mostly by peasants, drivers, shepherds and other rural people.

The sightings had been reported in the Caucases region, the Altai district of south-central Siberia and the northeastern Yakutia area.

Brikova said she had prepared herself for such an encounter, so that she could have ‘a very good look at this creature and examine it thoroughly. There was a distance of 5 meters (16 feet) between us.’

She said it had not been difficult to measure the hairy biped’s height because it was standing against a tree.

‘We just stood on the porch and didn’t move. The creature didn’t move either. Then, all of a sudden our dog dashed out, and the creature quickly hid itself in the forest. We looked around for it but never saw it again,’ Brikova said. —

Last month, the leader of Soviet scientific expedition told the official Tass news agency one of the creatures had repeatedly tried to make friendly contact with his reasearch team in the Pamir mountains near the border with Afghanistan.

Igor Tatsl, said his expedition had reported several nocturnal encounters with the yeti, which they had also seen in the twilight at a distance of about 30 meters (90 feet).

Radio Moscow described Brikova’s sighting as one of the closest encounters of its kind but did not say whether she had photographed or filmed the human-like creature. Although yetis, also sighted in the Himalayas, are dismissed by many scholars as a myth, some claim they could be a form of hitherto unclassified ape.

Radio Moscow said in the past 60 years, more than 100 specimens of large mammals had been discovered, ‘so the most unexpected discoveries are always possible.’

The Soviets set up a special organization at the end of last year to establish contact with the abominable snowman. Its head, Pavel Belenitsky said the group based in Leningrad will embark on an expedition from May to September to try and obtain photographs and video footage.

‘We shall not be hunting for the creature. We shall not be trying to get hold of nature’s mystery. It is more important to study its psychological traits, its habits, its migration routes, in short its life under natural conditions,’ he said.

The ministry of culture recently established a Society of Cryptozoologists to study the possiblity of its existence following the discovery of a report that Marshal Pavel Rybalko, a famed Soviet tank leader, carried a snowman-like creature in a railroad freight car for several days in 1939 during fighting against the Japanese in the Soviet far east.

Soviet authorities also claim there is evidence that Maj. Gen. Alexander Topilsky found a dead snowman after a shootout with White Russian troops in the 1920’s during the Russian Civil War.


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Bigfoot in the News…Ohio Hunters…

McARTHUR, Ohio A man who has been searching for the legendary ‘ Bigfoot ‘ in southern Ohio says he has found new evidence that several of the elusive creatures may be living in the area.

Robert Gardnier of Columbus, Ohio, said he and several other hunters went into the Wayne National Forest west of McArthur recently and found footprints measuring 17 ? inches long and 9 inches wide.

Gardiner, who described the creatures as being ‘very shy,’ said he and his hunting party were surrounded by the creatures at one time.

‘We had been to this deserted A-frame … and were looking in this ravine for tracks and didn’t find anything,’ said Gardiner. ‘Later on … we came back to the A-frame and there were big tracks. These had to be made within an hour before we got there.’

He said the hunters went into the ravine where the visibility is limited because of dense woods, brush and brambles.

‘We were looking at a specific sign on a tree,’ he said. ‘We found something on a tree. I’m not going to divulge what it is, but we were checking it out and we heard one bark.

‘They have a barking-type growl like a chimpanzee or like a gorilla,’ he said. ‘We listened and then we heard one behind us, and what these two things were doing was communicating back and forth. They couldn’t have been over 25 or 30 yards away from us.

‘One was between us and the A-frame and the other was on the other side of us,’ he said.

Gaadiner said he feels the creatures are only passing through the area heading for mountains in the southern part of the United States. He said one may have been injured and that is why they are staying in the McArthur area for so long.

‘I’ve told everybody to quit shooting at these things,’ Gardiner said. ‘If you come across one, he won’t bother you. He’s just curious.’

Many hunters have tried to find the creature, also called Sasquatch , which is about as elusive as the Himalayan Yeti _ the ‘Abominable Snowman’ _ and supposedly comes from the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout the summer, Sasquatch -like creatures have been sighted and reported in southern and central Ohio.

Bigfoot reportedly was first sighted in Ohio near McArthur Aug. 24. Larry E. Cottrill said he found three Sasquatch -like animals near his home, shot at them and may have wounded one in the shoulder. Cottrill has since moved away.

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Serenity and Lore of Cape Cod…

“Back in 1886, George Washington Ready, who was the town crier in Provincetown at the time, believed he saw a sea serpent.

Ready was walking near the shoreline in Provincetown when he observed a whirlpool-like disturbance in the water. A giant head with four rows of teeth, an eight-foot horn, and six eyes then emerged from the whirlpool. These eyes ensured the monster could look in every direction at once, and three of them were a fiery red color.

The rest of the monster’s body was about 300 feet long with a 12-foot diameter. It was accompanied by a sulphuric smell and an intense heat emanating from its body. The creature was massive, but Ready was able to hide behind some bushes on the beach to escape its gaze.

Ready claimed that the serpent made its way to nearby Pasture Pond before burrowing into the earth beneath the water. Much of the pond’s water drained through the hole the creature created, and the monster disappeared, as well.”

A little serenity and lore from Cape Cod. Just a little spot I carved out this morning for peace and coffee…

Bigfoot Bulletin…Print Analysis…

On July 14, 1969, John H. Dana or El Cajon, California and George F. Haas found about 100 footprints in the trail leading from west Low Gap to the East Fork of the South Fork of the Trinity River in the Yolla Bolla District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Trinity County, California. The trail, about 1 to 2 miles long, is clearly marked on

the official Forest service map starting from the West Low Gap, the first footprints were encountered about 1 mile or 2 on the trail and we follow­ed-for approximately 1’mile. The trail, clearly marked with blazes, is evidently very old since some blazes, especially those on oak trees, are entirely grown over. No recent human passage was evident. The best and clearest prints were seen where the trail surface was covered with 1 to 2 inches of a packed mulch of pine needles and oak leaves. This mulch was crushed and ground into the black humus beneath, indicating a great Height, probably 600 to 800 pounds. Dana, weighing about 220 pounds and wearing boots 13 inches long, could make hardly any impression in the trail mulch right beside the other prints. Once the creature stepped on a Western Yellow pine cone crushing it as flat as if a car had run

over it. Stride was about 36 inches, going downhill , and prints were about 16 inches long. The distance between the line of left footprints and the line of right footprints was about l foot, much wider than that

in a human trail. Tracks were evidently very fresh, not over a day or two old. Once the creature had stood with both feet side by side evidently having stopped to look around at the location’s small dead trees were we found trees leaning across the trail about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. Footprints led under them indicating that the creature had stooped to go under them just like we did. On the underside of each dead tree hairs were found which had been snagged off the creature’s back and caught on half inch long stubs of small branches. Seven hairs were collected which were reddish brown fine and silky, 1 to 1 inches long and slightly curly. Similar tracks had been .found a few days previously by Ben E. Foster Jr. and associates in and around the Fern Glade area which is in the general vicinity. “They may have been made by the same creature..” George F. Hans, July l7J 1969.

Analysis from The BIGFOOT BULLETIN
July 31, 1969

Syracuse’s bigfoot? Unraveling the decades-old myth of the city’s legendary ‘black panther’ –

Syracuse’s bigfoot? Unraveling the decades-old myth of the city’s legendary ‘black panther’ –
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Wildman and Me…

It’s the same dream
When the mist clears
And he’s standing there
I’m frozen in place
With my eyes locked at his face
Neither him or I move an inch
We weren’t expecting this
His life of solitude kept him out of sight
But tonight we both got a fright
When I blink
He’s gone again
No one will believe me
What do I tell my friends
I have no proof
I was to shocked to move
Does it even matter if they believe
After I’ve seen what I’ve seen
I felt I was given a gift
I feel blessed
Nothing else matters
Not fame or all the rest
Just this little moment
A moment in the forest
Like none other
That will ever be
Free in the forest
The wild man and me….
Poem by me…

Glacial Grave…

“These glacial beauties

That came to rest by me

Have come from such a long journey

Through oceans and time

Here to rest eternal

I’ve come to feel like they are mine

I come to visit every day

Longer and longer I try to stay

I visit to hear their tale

They communicate it

In their own way

Their scars and dings

And the soil they bring

These amazing cairns

That balance without arms

This glacial grave

Awaiting me

As I touch with my hands

I begin to understand

The power of nature

And what it can do

And knowing these beautiful boulders of mine

May have been a seat and a place to reflect for many throughout history and time”

A little beauty from today..

Poem by me…

I Want to Wander….

“Go get lost through the bushes and into the trees

Don’t wait, never wait for me

This is your world also to explore

I’m always on the edge of my seat

Wanting to get lost some more

It’s where my mind quiets

And my body too,

after I push it a mile or two

It’s hard for me to sleep

Just dreaming about places I could be at

I want to wander,

see all the world and all it’s forests

What we have left

Before we destroy it

Your thoughts come and go

But the forest always knows

It’s where you share your secrets

and bare your soul

What If a tree falls in the forest,

Would you hear it?

You would, you’d be trying to glue it

Lift it back up so it can reach for the sun

But you need to lift yourself up too

Never let it pwait for someone else to do

You are strong and resilient

Like the trees that stand tall

As long as you keep reaching

You’ll never really fall

And don’t come home from the forest till your wearing it all…”

Poem by me…