Melon Heads…

Sketch above from eyewitness reports…

Whenever I think of Melon Heads my mind pictures the Garbage Pail Kids. These are one of the least covered cryptids out there.

There are a few states out there that can lay a claim to these warm and fuzzy cryptids. Michigan, Ohio and Connecticut.

This version of their origins is from the great state of Connecticut. Here is the history of them according to the lore on Wikicheatia…

“The melon heads are descendants of a Colonial-era family from Shelton-Trumbull who were banished after accusations of witchcraft were made against them causing them to retreat to the woods. This variation attributes the appearance of the melon heads to inbreeding. Melon Heads allegedly prey upon humans who wander into their territory.”

I chose that tale because you know I love the history of the colonists. I can almost see this situation happenings. Many early settlements banished people and families from their settlements, it was the worst punishment because you would most likely starve or freeze to death. It’s the unthinkable taboo, but to survive they may have had to make some desperate choices.

Inbreeding could also happen amongst the banished with just a few others maybe that have also been banished. As far as cannibalism goes, they already have proof that the Jamestown Settlement had practiced cannibalism in their desperate hours before they all disappeared. Maybe when they disappeared they become melon heads too.

Moving on to the melon head tales of Ohio. From Wikipedia…

The melon heads are primarily associated with the Cleveland suburb of Kitkland. According to local lore, the melon heads were originally orphans under the watch of a mysterious figure known as Dr. Crow (sometimes spelled Crowe, Krohe or Kroh or known as Dr. Melonhead. Crow is said to have performed unusual experiments on the children, who developed large, hairless heads and malformed bodies. Some accounts claim that the children were already suffering from hydrocephalus, and that Crow injected even more fluid into their brains.

Eventually, the legend continues, the children killed Crow, burned the orphanage, and retreated to the surrounding forests and supposedly feed on babies.

And lastly the lore from Michigan. Again from Wikipedia…

The melon heads of Michigan are said to reside around Felt Mansion, although they have also been reportedly seen in southern forested areas of Ottawa County. According to one story, they were originally children with hydrocephalus who lived at the Junction Insane Asylum near Felt Mansion. The story explains that, after enduring physical and emotional abuse, they became feral and were released into the forests surrounding the asylum. The Allegan County historical Society asserts that the asylum never existed, although it was at one point a prison; however, the story has been part of the local folklore for several decades.

We know most lore has some kernel of truth in there, and all these tales have a similar theme. People abandoned, banished or runaways from society who fled to the forest. If you came upon these people in the forest you would be alarmed. If they were tortured in an asylum or infirm in some way maybe even with birth defects their appearance may be unsettling to say the least.

Did they become cannibals to survive a harsh winter? They most likely would. We have never known the harshness these people suffered through. Do I believe these melon beads are a cryptid? I’m going to say no. To many stories can be easily explained like above but when I’m visiting these states and wandering their forests I’ll keep my open…just in case.

Felt Mansion/FeltMansion.Org

Articles of note..

Pictures from Google Common

We Are Nature…

“Have you ever found someplace so beautiful, you just had a seat and stared in awe?

You stare and think about life and what it should be

You shouldn’t go to work on Monday, you should be free

Your soul, your heart, and your mind

Free to be you, and to remember you’re one of a kind

Take a deep breath and look at all that beauty

Then dig those feet into the dirt and rise up and tell everyone you know to come here to this spot and see

See the land and the sea

See it all…see our humanity

Share some of your peace, and nature’s song

Share the knowledge that nature is inside you where it has been all along…”

Poem by me inspired by a quote by Andy Goldsworthy

I had a very relaxing hike this past Thursday. Beautiful cold and crisp walk. This was a new forest I explored and it was beautiful. I love being down at the swamps, hopefully one day bigfoot will join me…

Let All The Negativity Be Forgot…

“I know how much we wished and needed that 2021 ball to drop
We all hoped and prayed the covid and negativity would stop
But a glittering ball, a symbol, won’t do the trick
This is all humanities job to fix
We have to want peace
and make it so
Forget your other resolutions,
they have to go
Who cares if your thin
if you’re never happy
Who needs to plan to travel more
When covid has you laid up on the floor
Your inner peace will come
When we treat everyone like one
We are all the same on this big rock
And I’m happy to wear a mask and help stop the virus’s clock
Who would know if you bad day,
if that’s how treat people everyday anyway
Smile, live, love, laugh
Kick this negativity in the ass
I don’t care if your democratic or republican, hunter or vegan
You’re a human being and so am I
And I’ll do whatever I have to, to make sure you don’t die
I’ll also smile and
I’ll help you if you fall
If you ring I’ll answer your call
Afterwards my heart too
will feel ten foot tall
My soul is at rest
When I know I’ve done my best
I’ve treated you
how I would like to be
Open your eyes and see
See us as we are
And set yourself a higher bar
I know it’s hard to began,
hard to see through it all
But all of this starts with us
Not that big glittery ball”

Poem be me, copyright 12/21

Happy New Year everyone, and remember, let all the negative be forgot, I’m happy to be here with all of you on this big beautiful rock…
And may this be humanity’s best….

The Case of Oliver the Chimpanzee and the Humanzees…

L a w y e r Who’s ‘Creature’ Is Not Sure What…Oliver has.a bald head even though: he’s supposed to be only seven years old, and sharp pointed ears like Spock-of TV fame Star Trek. .He’s hairy-all over, but more hairy on his arms and legs than on his’ body. He stands erect, and usually wears a grim expression, At leaSt, that’s what Oliver looks like in this picture released here Wednesday by Manhattan attorney Michael Miller, to have purchased the. “very strange-looking creature” for $8,000 from an unidentified animal source in an unidentified upstate New York area. I have promised to protect everyone .involved. 34- year-old Miller said in explaining why’he’s so secretive about where Oliver came from. Miller said he plans to have Oliver.put through various tests to determine whether he is’an ape or a man-like creature -or even a young bigfoot.” Miller says he doesn’t think Oliver is a Big Foot^ but that should he turn out to be, his $8,000 would turn out to be a pretty good investment. Miller said after the tests on Oliver are completed, he will make appearances. For now he reports that Oliver is four feet, six inches tall, blind and likes fruit and vegetables. Oliver never walks on all fours.”

Excerpt from the Bridgeport News, 1976

During the bigfoot frenzy of the 70s it’s easy to understand the excitement over a primate such as Oliver. One who prefers human females, chooses to walk upright and has some more human mannerisms.

The first thought scientist had was, is Oliver the missing link, a human hybrid? That may sound crazy but back 100 years ago a supposed female chimp was impregnated with seaman from an unknown donor. (My bet is on it being the scientist) and a baby was said to be born. After it’s birth, the scientist panicked over the ethical and moral implications of there creation and terminated the baby and the research. The name for these possible hybrids was “humanzees”. Other such creations were also attempted in Russia in the 1920s, although they wanted a super soldier, and again in China in the 1960s which resulted in the hybrid dying of neglect in the lab.

Then, in the 1970s came Oliver. Oliver made the term “humanzee” a household name. Oliver had come at the wrong time in the wrong place, because everyone wanted to be famous for finding bigfoot, or the missing link. He had a very unstable life getting bounced around from a genetics lab, to an enchanted Village theme park, then off to a wild animal training center, he then spent 9 years in the Buckshire Corporation confined in a small cage and finally to Primarily Primates a sanctuary for primates. It changed owners and name but he remained there till his death in 2012 , he died with his female chimpanzee companion Raisin by his side.

I’m grateful he ended his days in a sanctuary with a companion and hopefully had some peace in his soul…

Oliver serves as a tale about what atrocities mankind would do in the name of science, and how we classify every creature as beneath us and that this planet and every living thing on it belongs to us. Is here to serve us in some way.

And as far as bigfoot goes, do you really want to bring in a living, breathing bigfoot for scientists to examine???

Food for thought, have a great Sunday!

Do you Hear what I Hear…

Do you hear what I hear?

A howl, a howl. Deeper than a growl,

That will make you run for a mile,

Yes it will make you go running for a mile…

Do you see what I see?

A bear a bear I think I saw a bear

Standing straight with hair everywhere

Yes, he’s standing straight with hair everywhere

Do you smell what I smell?

A smell. A smell

That could make you faint as well

So strong you’d have to move right along

Yes so strong you’ll be running right along

Do you hear what I hear?

A crack. A crack I heard a branch crack

Who could make a sound like that?

Yes who could make a branch crack like that?

Do you feel what I feel?

The stare. The stare…

Coming from over there,

Yes coming from way over there

Yes there is something definitely standing over there…

Do you know what I know?

Bigfoot is real. Yes he’s really really real

And he’s standing right over there

And it’s definitely not a freakin bear…

Listen to what I know…

He’s real. He’s real

It’s quite a big deal

And he’s standing out here in the snow

And you better be ready to believe if you go…

Just some holiday fun. Have a great Christmas Eve!

Lady of the Forest…

And she came with her siren song

“And she comes to us singing her siren song

To lure us out to the trees one by one

This lady of the forest

Is no true lady at all

She has a tail we can’t mention

And her back was made of bark and hollow

The men come back with no energy to stand

They are so weak now they can’t lift a hand

Oh how do we resist this siren foe

When she comes at night

Standing there baring all near the campfire glow

We’re doomed because there is nothing else we can see,

Nothing else we can know…”

I hope everyone is having a great Monster Monday, this monster, The Huldra or Lady of the Forest is from Swedish folklore,

She tempts men to the woods and drains them of their energy. She is said to have a tail and a hollow bark back.

Have an awesome evening…

My Weird Experiences From the Woods #1 Orbs…

Once in the Freetown Forest, I had an overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t alone. I felt overwhelmed and nauseous. I want to state though, that I didn’t feel threatened, just overwhelmed. My sister snapped a pic of me that moment and got a shot of me surrounded by light with a weird clear orb near my face. (Many have seen this pic already but I’ll include here again).

I didn’t see that as it was happening, I just knew something was happening. People report strange sightings of light in the woods all over the world. And often times it is followed by, or before a bigfoot sighting, and on some occasions a UFO sighting.
Every camp in the high strangeness community has different theories as to why this phenomenon could be happening. Bigfoot is an alien, the orbs are alien. You get the idea. And really? We don’t know what’s happening. We just know something odd is happening.

If we leave out the “bigfoot is an alien” part. There is something that possibly ties all three together without the bigfoot is a flesh and bone camp and bigfoot is inter dimensional camp going at it. May even be tolerable to the Ufologists as well.
If we believe that we aren’t the only intelligent life in the universe, and we believe to that they are studying us, why would they not also be studying bigfoot? He’s a life form on this rock too is he not? Maybe the orbs in the forest ARE coming from a ufo and they are checking out the big guy too, maybe snatching up one or two of them. And while all of the insanity is happening here comes the bigfoot researcher wandering through the forest at night as he/she always does and walks right into this melee.
It is possible all could be seen together…at the same… in the same spot. This is one of the reason I never brush anyone or anything off as crazy.
And In just my final little say on what one kind of orb or light could be is, there is so much energy on this planet from life forces. So much life and death happening daily. That energy, I feel could present itself as an orb or light. Does that sound crazy to you?

Have a great Monday everyone…

Art by Steve Baxter

You can see his work and contact him here…

Photos are my own

Insane thoughts by me for another weird thing I’ve found in the woods….


“As he sat by the fire listening everywhere
He didn’t realize someone really was there
Someone clever and cunning
So elusive you wouldn’t see him coming
But it’s the holidays after all the creature thought
Maybe I should allow myself this once to get caught
Then he could tell everyone he sees from far and wide
That I am real and alive
But he can’t have a picture,
No, no picture for Steve
No to keep me alive
They’re going to have to Believe…”

Poem by me copyright right now and inspired by art of @graphic_giant

Krampus Night….

Krampus, Krampus born from folklore …

Krampus, Kramous he is not like an elf

All sounds fantastical till he’s banging at the door…

He’ll grab all your children and take them to hell

He comes for the naughty so let go of your vice

He’ll know you are faking

He won’t check it twice

If you see him it’s already to late

He won’t take the others this is your fate…

You scoffed at the reindeer and scoffed at the sled…

And now you may likely end up dead

I don’t know where he takes them

Or just what he’ll do…

So I’d be nice or remember he’ll be coming for you…