‘Sasqua: The Lost Bigfoot Film of Massachusetts’ – Upcoming Doc Unearths 1970s Horror Movie You’ve Never Seen – Bloody Disgusting

You’ve probably never heard of the Bigfoot horror movie Sasqua, made and released in the 1970s but completely lost to the sands of time. It’s a story that
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‘New Bigfoot footage’ shows sheer size of beast in close-up sighting

According to Bigfoot Input, the man said he first thought it was a friend playing a prank but once he saw the length of its arms and how it moved from tree to tree, he quickly grabbed his daughter and ran back inside.

He said he got his gun and dog and went back outside but the creature had gone.

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GUEST COLUMNIST | Could it be the Fouke Monster?

A man and wife were driving south on I-49 near Boggy Creek at around dusk. As the woman looked towards the northbound lane, she saw a “real tall, hairy human-like figure” standing at the treeline. She became terrified as she looked closer at the huge figure and exclaimed “what is that!?” Her husband was driving and could not look back fast enough to see the figure. The woman does not think it was a person.”
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Camera Catches Mysterious Creature Leaving Chicken Coop

So, I’m posting this video, which I feel is a hoax. And I’m posting it with the purpose, I want to ask a question of everyone. Do you feel this video is real or a hoax? And why? And lastly, do you feel the TikTok platform is a place to find a lot of legitimate sightings of high strangeness? With the opportunity to make so much money monetizing, is any video real? Are we capturing real mysteries unfold? Are we getting a real and honest peek into anyone’s home or life? Let me know what you think!

Camera Catches Mysterious Creature Leaving Chicken Coop
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The Yeti Monster’s Likely Explanation Isn’t As Weird As We Thought

The Yeti monster legend is one of the most famous on Earth. But science says the explanation for the beast is simpler than you might think.
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Bigfoot in Leominster State Forest? One man has been on the hunt for decades – CBS Boston

Deep in the woods of central Massachusetts is a place called “Monsterland.”
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Halloween Ends…Thank F***

I’m not sure, but I think I just watched Mike Myers get bullied and then have his mask stolen from him? That’s not my Mike Myers. The monster, the shape, that’s terrified me since I was child. In fact he scared me so much that I ran from someone dressed as him in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween, and then again at Spooky World. An employee dressed as him, (and I checked there was just the one) literally tried to pull me off a haunted hay ride in the middle of the woods, he grabbed my feet and I had to kick him off me, and he kept stalking me everywhere. I had to gave him a light shove later on because he was all over me and in a young teen voice he said, “hey, you’re not supposed to touch us!” This boy was the equivalent of the Mike Myers I just watched.

From Google Common

Now, I’m not going to say every Halloween movie was good, there were two that I really didn’t watch again often. But this is different, Halloween Ends should end with an interesting plot and at least a fairly decent script and an ending even better then H20.. I even let go of some of the questions I had like, “what about the son she had in H20?” H20 by the way was a great movie, with a great glorious ending it deserved because you saw the head roll around at the end and went right into the great some “What’s This Life For” by Creed. It should have been the ending. But if you’re going to “end” it again then Halloween Ends was a horrible swan song and discredit to this franchise.

Picture from Entertainment Weekly

In this supposed last movie Jamie Lee Curtis returns again. And first off, can I just say how beautiful she is. She unlike so many other older actresses is choosing to age gracefully and should be proud to show off every wrinkle. She carried this franchise on her back for over 40 years! Jamie, I love you. But unfortunately you can actually feel her exhaustion and lack of fire for doing this movie. I think her intention was really to be done after H20. I’m sure the pay day was probably huge, and she knows the fans wants her there, but was it really worth it for her to be in these two big stinkers? (I’m including Halloween Kills here).

I feel like both these two movies from the franchise are trying to sneak in a commentary about the state of the world today, Believe me, I don’t like ALL of our behavior either, but that’s why I’m watching movies like this to escape it . And I couldn’t.

I want to see Mike slashing his way through the town of Haddenfield. I want to see the Mike that influenced movie makers and started a whole new genre. This Mike, who is probably only in the movie a total of 10 minutes , was a mess. As I referenced above, he was beat up and got HIS Halloween mask stolen. Just like little Tommy who was bullied and fell on his pumpkin and mushed it. I’m sure some of my friends will try to defend it and attribute some deeper meaning to it all that I obviously didn’t get. But this is Halloween, not 2001, A Space Odyssey, (which still makes no sense at the end)! I don’t want deeper meanings and feelings, I want the Mike I know and love to slash his way to his sister and then die in the most glorious way that we’ll be talking about it for decades to come.

So, In closing, so I don’t give away all the spoilers, I’m recommending this movie for fans of the franchise to just watch it and get it over with, so it’s not dangling in horror movie limbo somewhere in your mind, but don’t expect to be to impressed by it, and if you are please comment below, I want to know what about it you enjoyed. And don’t pay 19.99 get a Peacock premium account at 4.99 for the month instead and then at least you can watch some other good horror movies…

And to the everyone who put this movie together? Don’t come back till Mike has his inner bitch back. And is ready to slash.

Bigfoot Goes Viral…

Below is an excerpt from an article from 1999. The writer is a skeptic., but we need skeptics In the field. They keep us honest and encourage us to thoroughly examine each piece of evidence so we only present our best.
That being said, the reason I thought I’d share this is because this article is about a journalist that joined the early discussion groups on bigfoot back in 1997 and stayed in these groups until 1999.
Back in the days went bigfoot first went viral. The golden years if you will, when weird people could finally find other weird people and talk about weird shit together. A safe place for believers.
But when the writer is discussing different theories of bigfoot’s origin it becomes obvious that we really haven’t been able to get as far as we thought we would by now in our knowledge of them, and worse, our online attitude or online presence in these discussions boards hasn’t changed much either.
The community is still divided on what bigfoot is exactly flesh and blood? Or inter dimensional aliens, etc. and of course the trolls still be trolling. And the haters are always gonna hate.
The internet is probably one of the most amazing things that happened to humanity and we still aren’t utilizing it the best ways we can.
There are so many changes happening in our human story lately. We just recently found another link in our evolutionary chain proving we don’t know everything even about ourselves, so we will likely never know everything about them. And we need to continue to share each other’s evidence, theories and when we’re ready, (stressing when you’re ready) maybe the locations we are finding our evidence in as well so maybe a fresh set of eyes might find something we missed. After all we can’t keep an eye on these areas 24/7.
Article excerpt :

“It turns out that there are two main “camps” in this debate: those adhering to the aforementioned “biological entity” position, and those who believe in a “paranormal Bigfoot.” Many of those who support the “biological” view apparently believe the creature is one of cos- mopolitan distribution—with reports from practically every state (my native southern Ohio is high on the list). This school of Bigfoot-naturalists also follows the reports o f many other similar creatures from around the globe, such as the Almas o f Asia, the Yowie o f Australia, and, of course, the famous Yeti.
Paranormal Bigfoot enthusiasts are also a bit divided. There- are those who believe that Bigfoot is a super-shaman who has been known all along to Native Americans. This “medicine- man” is capable of “shape-shifting” into various forms, one of which we call Bigfoot. There are also the folks who believe Bigfoot to be an “inter-dimensional ” This perspective explains why Bigfoot apparently dematerializes in some sightings, or why its tracks suddenly stop in the middle of a field. Still another angle on the phenomenon from this side of the debate is the “Bigfoot as extraterrestrial” position (some Bigfoot sightings are suppos- edly accompanied by UFOs). But even this sub-position still suffets from internal dissonance: some believe that Bigfoot is an extraterrestrial, while others think that it may merely be manipulated by the extraterrestrials, or that it may even be an android or a robot that serves as a companion.
Of course, once extraterrestrials have been invoked, con- spiracy theories cannot be far behind. So it is in the humble cryptozoological field of Bigfoot study. List members suggested several times thai Bigfoot information is being suppressed by the federal government. Some conversation centered around the usefulness of the Freedom of Information Act for obtaining data. Other discussion, including sighting reports, mentioned the infamous and ubiquitous “black helicopters” and govern- ment “black operations” of contemporary paranormal lore…”

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