Bigfoot Bulletin…Print Analysis…

On July 14, 1969, John H. Dana or El Cajon, California and George F. Haas found about 100 footprints in the trail leading from west Low Gap to the East Fork of the South Fork of the Trinity River in the Yolla Bolla District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Trinity County, California. The trail, about 1 to 2 miles long, is clearly marked on

the official Forest service map starting from the West Low Gap, the first footprints were encountered about 1 mile or 2 on the trail and we follow­ed-for approximately 1’mile. The trail, clearly marked with blazes, is evidently very old since some blazes, especially those on oak trees, are entirely grown over. No recent human passage was evident. The best and clearest prints were seen where the trail surface was covered with 1 to 2 inches of a packed mulch of pine needles and oak leaves. This mulch was crushed and ground into the black humus beneath, indicating a great Height, probably 600 to 800 pounds. Dana, weighing about 220 pounds and wearing boots 13 inches long, could make hardly any impression in the trail mulch right beside the other prints. Once the creature stepped on a Western Yellow pine cone crushing it as flat as if a car had run

over it. Stride was about 36 inches, going downhill , and prints were about 16 inches long. The distance between the line of left footprints and the line of right footprints was about l foot, much wider than that

in a human trail. Tracks were evidently very fresh, not over a day or two old. Once the creature had stood with both feet side by side evidently having stopped to look around at the location’s small dead trees were we found trees leaning across the trail about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. Footprints led under them indicating that the creature had stooped to go under them just like we did. On the underside of each dead tree hairs were found which had been snagged off the creature’s back and caught on half inch long stubs of small branches. Seven hairs were collected which were reddish brown fine and silky, 1 to 1 inches long and slightly curly. Similar tracks had been .found a few days previously by Ben E. Foster Jr. and associates in and around the Fern Glade area which is in the general vicinity. “They may have been made by the same creature..” George F. Hans, July l7J 1969.

Analysis from The BIGFOOT BULLETIN
July 31, 1969

Syracuse’s bigfoot? Unraveling the decades-old myth of the city’s legendary ‘black panther’ –

Syracuse’s bigfoot? Unraveling the decades-old myth of the city’s legendary ‘black panther’ –
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Wildman and Me…

It’s the same dream
When the mist clears
And he’s standing there
I’m frozen in place
With my eyes locked at his face
Neither him or I move an inch
We weren’t expecting this
His life of solitude kept him out of sight
But tonight we both got a fright
When I blink
He’s gone again
No one will believe me
What do I tell my friends
I have no proof
I was to shocked to move
Does it even matter if they believe
After I’ve seen what I’ve seen
I felt I was given a gift
I feel blessed
Nothing else matters
Not fame or all the rest
Just this little moment
A moment in the forest
Like none other
That will ever be
Free in the forest
The wild man and me….
Poem by me…

Glacial Grave…

“These glacial beauties

That came to rest by me

Have come from such a long journey

Through oceans and time

Here to rest eternal

I’ve come to feel like they are mine

I come to visit every day

Longer and longer I try to stay

I visit to hear their tale

They communicate it

In their own way

Their scars and dings

And the soil they bring

These amazing cairns

That balance without arms

This glacial grave

Awaiting me

As I touch with my hands

I begin to understand

The power of nature

And what it can do

And knowing these beautiful boulders of mine

May have been a seat and a place to reflect for many throughout history and time”

A little beauty from today..

Poem by me…

I Want to Wander….

“Go get lost through the bushes and into the trees

Don’t wait, never wait for me

This is your world also to explore

I’m always on the edge of my seat

Wanting to get lost some more

It’s where my mind quiets

And my body too,

after I push it a mile or two

It’s hard for me to sleep

Just dreaming about places I could be at

I want to wander,

see all the world and all it’s forests

What we have left

Before we destroy it

Your thoughts come and go

But the forest always knows

It’s where you share your secrets

and bare your soul

What If a tree falls in the forest,

Would you hear it?

You would, you’d be trying to glue it

Lift it back up so it can reach for the sun

But you need to lift yourself up too

Never let it pwait for someone else to do

You are strong and resilient

Like the trees that stand tall

As long as you keep reaching

You’ll never really fall

And don’t come home from the forest till your wearing it all…”

Poem by me…

Bigfoot in the News…Sasquatch Day…

t’s Sasquatch Indian day, and no place for skeptics. You either take the sasquatch or leave them alone. There is no middle course. Many Indians take them straight. To hear tell, the Sasquatch were great hairy legendary creatures that maintain their reputation with an occasional presentation day swoop down from the mountains to peek in windows or smack a lone tribesman. Others, Indian Agent J. W. Burns explained, take a milder view. “Despite their great size of seven feet in height the sasquatch are timid and harmless. Burns said the Indians believe. “They were believed to be covered with a growth of hair and to live in caves and hollow trees. The legend probably came from the actual existence of some primitive race. I believe in it myself.” Legend or not, the celebration today and tomorrow will see braves, squaws and their papooses living again as their ancestors did before white men came. Against a background of historic Harrison Lake and river, an Indian village of 20 lodges bright with traditional ochred drawings and totem symbols occupies a square mile of cleared brushland. Dressed in full tribal regalia, Indians prepared to start the day’s celebration with a parade. Night events will include forbidden torchlight for which special permission has been granted by the dominion fisheries department, ceremonial dances and camp fire recitals of Indian folklore…

May, 1938, Reading Eagle

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

I really can’t stay…(baby it’s cold outside)

I gotta go away…(baby it’s cold outside)

I was planning on doing a fluff piece on everyone’s favorite Yeti, Bumble. But thinking about Rudolph made me think on how they want to ban the program from airing on any major channels and exposing America’s children to bullying. And I was immediately frustrated. I’m not saying that Rudolph may not have a few hinky gray areas in it, but in no way will it warp anyone’s mind. I’m okay, I’ve watched it every year for forever and now I’m a Bumble enthusiast and blogger. See where it got me?

My mother will start to worry (beautiful what’s your hurry)

My father will be pacing the floor (listen to the fireplace roar)

Suffice it to say, Rudolph does have bullying, but bullying happens all over the world everyday, having some exposure that it and that it’s not okay and that you aren’t alone when your young is a good thing. And also for the children to see Rudolph rise above it. And really who better to tell the reindeers they were wrong then Santa! Every child’s hero. And also, I watched it when I was young too, I knew then that the other reindeer were wrong and I defended people my whole life against bullies, ask my family and they will tell you…Who knows, maybe I got that fire from the show. It also has the land of misfit toys. Shunned toys that weren’t perfect so they were sent to the island never to have love. But it also showed that those different toys deserved love and acceptance too, and that we have all types of differences. Those are both good life lessons to learn and If not from Rudolph and Santa then who? 

So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful please don’t hurry)

Well maybe just a half of drink more (I’ll put some records on while I pour)

We all need to relax and take a deep breath. We need to take in account what era and climate something was written. Yes, there is a bunch of potentially politically incorrect programming out there. But it is our past and a sign of the times. Our history. We can’t wipe it all out. We need to learn something from our past. 

The neighbors might think ( Baby it’s bad out there)

Say what’s in this drink (No cabs to be had out there

This evening has been… (been hoping that you’d drop in)

Say what’s in this drink (No cabs to be had out there)

As you can see the lyrics to one of the most sung holiday songs has been interjected throughout this post. That is because this song is also on the chopping block. They are saying it practically screams date rape. Now, no doubt Deano loved the ladies, (and his drinks) but not by force. Again, I implore you to remember the era it was  written in. The expression “what’s in this drink?”  Was said in response to being served a strong drink, not because a drug was slipped into it. 

My father was a singer, and he sang this all the time and I loved hearing it. What about my fond memories? I just want to have a white Christmas with family and friends without a side of bullying please. I’m more concerned about the mental harm the song “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is doing to the little ones of the world. I remember being mad at my Mom over this annual indiscretion of hers. Please don’t take from this that I don’t care about America’s children or are insensitive to women’s issues. I am a women and was a teacher too, and I’m saying this for them, banning and hiding everything is not the answer. The bubble you put everyone in will pop eventually, and then what? They have been left with no exposure and coping skills for these issues. But this blog is just one girl’s opinion. My thoughts. And I thank you all for reading them even though you just wanted Bumble and Yukon Cornelius. (Without the soap box)..

Happy Holidays everyone…

Baby it’s Cold Outside:

Bully scene from Rudolph

My dad singing..don’t worry dad I’ll keep singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside “ for you and Deano, and defend my crazy childhood..

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The “Spirit of Christmas”

“We say Merry Christmas but we forget

It’s not about tinsel and presents we haven’t found yet

The gifting, the rushing around

It’s not about a birthday now, it’s about the gifts you have found

Gifts for some families that break their back

They won’t eat much again till they get back on track

It’s now about worry,stress and the people you see

Whether they need a gift too in the pile under the tree

The department stores and marketing led you here

But it’s so out of control now, some aren’t even aware

Only with the next generation can we make a change

That maybe all we need is two presents under the tree

And ornaments to hang

Teach what the holidays are really about,

We never think about the children that go without

They think because they are poor or have no family that Santa won’t come

Or maybe they weren’t good enough

To get all that other stuff

What about all the people that spend Christmas alone

No one to call, no reason to pick up a phone

We need to make changes

And just stop shopping away

Because some department store conned you into an expensive Christmas Day

Don’t get me wrong I love the spirit of Christmas

Family time, laughter, memories

And thats what we should focus on

Some day those beloved people will be gone

Let’s change our ways and move on

Gifts don’t say I love you

Your actions all year do

When they get older, they will understand that too

So leave the malls and get back home

Celebrate the birthday of god’s son here on earth

Thank him for life

And a chance to make memories

Because the only thing that will matter to you in the end are these…”

Poem by me…

When my eyes popped open this morning, my first thoughts with my Caramel and Vanilla coffee was, did I shop for everyone? Did everyone have enough? But this was after watching a family member completely miserable thinking her bonus wouldn’t come, there wouldn’t be a great Christmas for the kiddos.

No one should be sitting there miserable and stressed out when the purpose of this holiday was to celebrate the birth of our lord. Was is not a typo. Most children raised today know nothing about the real Christmas or “spirit of Christmas” .

The entire holiday was hijacked by retail department stores. “Let’s celebrate giving Howard all these presents, he’ll be the happiest boy ever”, but his best friend Jack will be crying because he got socks. In a great time to recognize charities needing our giving, and keeping loved ones close, and being thankful for life happening at all, we are once again, making the rich richer.

If you were to ask me what I’d change about humanity, Santa Claus and retail Christmas is on my top ten. I don’t want to make everyone miserable this morning, but often these charitable days are the only time we’re listening.

We need to take control of this insanity, teach children what it’s all about, make some changes to Santas role here. No more naughty or nice list, no more 300 presents each. We cam only make these change now with the young. I hope someday we make it happen. No one should feel alone, unworthy, sad or stressed out, after all it’s not our birthday is it?

Happy Holidays everyone and for my New Year’s resolution? I’m going to keep trying to educate and pray for change of our Christmas Story…