How 62 kids saw a UFO land in Zimbabwe in 1994 | Daily Telegraph

More than 60 schoolchildren claim they witnessed a UFO land outside their school in one of the most compelling mass sightings of all time.
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wilberkelly – Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Howard and I walked this park this morning around seven am this morning. We were trying to beat the heat. It was pretty busy already. He got to meet a beautiful little female chihuahua Lilian, who hung out with us for a bit.

I love everything about this park. The people, the beautiful river, and my favorite part the old mill looming over the river.

Blackstone Valley was the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and seeing these old mills makes me picture how hard the life must have been for the workers. I wonder if they found any joy looking at the river as I do. I hope so…

Here’s a few pics from our visit and a little info about where we where today from the Rhode Island parks department.

Wilbur Kelley House

Bigfoot Encounter with Trash Barrel…

Drawing by Jim whitehead

As I promised, here is the info. I heard this story at work. I never hide my interest in cryptozoology at places I have worked at, and it has lead me to getting some reports of various cryptids.

The woman who told me this used to live near Oroville, California and had two stories. First, In the early 80’s, when she was in her late teens, she was out looking for her brother who had gotten into a fight with her dad, and run off in the woods. Their old farmhouse was up in the hills to the east of Oroville near Lake Oroville. It had snowed the day before, so it was easy to track him. As she was looking for him, she came across a trackway that was freshly made in the snow. The footprints were about a foot and a half in length, and had five clear toes and a big stride.

The second story took place about 15 years later. She was living at the same farm house with her daughter, who was about 10 years old. She came back into the house saying that there was monster in the yard getting into the trash can. They had set the trash out for pick up. The woman went outside and saw an 8-9 foot tall creature grab the trash can and tuck it under one arm and run upright into the woods. It ran diagnally across their road and covered the distance in 3-4 strides. She told me that she always told people it was a bear that she had saw to avoid being made fun of, but she knew that it wasn’t a bear.

Encounter collected and art by Jim Whitehead, used with permission…

You can find him on Facebook here:

Inside the legend of Bigfoot: How hunt for Sasquatch began – from footsteps to sightings – Mirror Online

Legends of Bigfoot have plagued our bedtime stories, Hollywood movies and basic curiosity for years, but the true origins of this ape-like mystery has humble beginnings

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Forest Queen…

“In my dreams

I’m surrounded by beautiful, beautiful green

I lay down on the forest floor

I feel the pines on my skin

God if I could just do this everyday

I’d have no complaints to say

I dream I’m gazing up at the clouds

And I know I want to live this life Loud

I want to spread the message

That this is how we should live our life

No more bad days, no more anger

No more lies

Just peace, breathing in and out

The crisp air making me feel alive

Tracing the bark of the tree with my fingertips

Feel all the different patterns and all it’s scars

Running the dandelions on my chin

Like we used to do when we were kids

Smelling the wildflowers

Blocking my eyes from the sun

That one beam of light that reached the forest floor

It’s where the old me transforms

And I see everything clearly

And I know life can be more.

A real live forest queen for future folklore…”

Poem by me…original copyright 5/21

Have a great evening…

Many Sides of Me…

“There is more than one side to me

If you’re paying close attention you will see

There is the one that bleeds

The one that needs

There is the one that is free

And the one everyone wants me to be

There are expectations

That kill my aspirations

There is this loyal side

There is the one that tries to hide

And then there is the tough girl with all the pride

But with you it’s my passionate side

With you I feel safe to take that out for a ride

When all my sides come together

I’m all over the place

Shy, needful, strong

I’ll blow right through the moment

And not leave a trace

I wish I could be simple

And not have all these others me’s

But I think I would lose you

If I was just like everybody else too

So here I am showing you who I am

After all, the soul is right here under my skin

So Let me

Let me in …”

Poem titled Many Sides of Me

This poem I completely relate to. I am not just bigfoot…I am music, poetry, history, loyal to a fault, keeper of secrets, lover of art, musician, writer,

I could go on forever. All the things that make me me. Have you ever made a list of what makes you you ?

Werewolf Wednesday….

Zoanthropy is a psychiatric syndrome within which the patient has the delusional belief of turning into an animal.

Strange Delusion of a Man Who Crawls on all Fours.
NEW YORK, October . 21.-

James Rubinstein thinks he is a werewolf. He walks on all tours and howls like a wolf.
A werewolf was in legendary lore it is supposed to be a human who, having given
offense to some supernatural being, was
metamorphosed by the latter into the
shape of a wolf. The soul, however, retained all its human attributes, passions and desires.
Rubinstein came to this country several years ago from Germany, A week ago he began showing signs of the approach of his mysterious sickness. His wife noticed that he would frequently drop on all fours and crawl around as if in search of something. Yesterday Rubinstein crawled up to his wife and barked fiercely. Then he snarled and snapped at her, and when she fled from the room he howled like a lost soul. The frightened woman sent
for an ambulance and had her husband taken to the hospital.

Naugatuck Daily News, October 1897
And now In the present I stumbled on an article on how to be a werewolf. Make people believe you are…

Now switch to the present and you can find how to guides on being a werewolf, costumes and online groups to role play with you, almost normalizing the fascination.

The difference is he believed he was one, and the other just pretend to be one. But because of these cosplay groups, we may never know if someone actually does believe they are one…

Bizarre ‘Bigfoot trap’ is still being maintained after 48 years | Unexplained Mysteries

Nestled deep in the woods of Jackson County, Oregon, there can be found a trap which was built to capture a live Bigfoot.
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