Trail Etiquette…

Okay, since I haven’t been able to find an existing one, I’m going to do the responsible thing here and create one for all of us. We need to learn trial etiquette and manners. If you’re in the forests as much as I am you get miffed over a few reoccurring things. I put together a list of basic manners and nature seekers 101.

1. When you are parking at a trail head you can see that only a couple cars can fit, so park your car as to leave room for other cars (stop parking like an idiot)

2. Before setting out, look over a trail map and have a plan if you separate. ( note, playing Marco Polo should not be that plan)

3. Check yourself, do you have everything you need (and the stupid stuff you don’t)

4. Silence is golden. My biggest pet peeve in the forest, try to talk softly, whatever you say everyone in the forest just heard because it echos. And talking on your cell phone? Don’t even get me started. ( I want to take that phone out of your hands)

5. For the dirt bikers. Let me first say I love it, believe it or not I used to ride a 4 wheeler every weekend. But please stop making the trail all blown out for the hikers. (I see your muddy wheel marks on the trail, I will find you, and your little bike too)

6. My other huge pet peeve is trash. WTH people, take whatever you bring out with you! (Refer to above, I will find you, you lazy earth killing jerk)

7. Respect the wildlife. Always, the forest is their home not ours. And every little critter has a family to get home too.

8. Hunters please don’t shoot me! I don’t look good in orange, is pink and purple okay?

Well I think I covered everything in my list but feel free to comment if you think of something to add along

Light as a Feather…Stiff as a Board

Chances are if you grew up in the 70s or 80s you’ve heard of the parlor trick game, Light as a Feather. The basic gist of the game is to make someone become light as a feather and that you will be able to levitate them off the floor using just two fingers from each person that participates.

Many people were first introduced to this by the masses in the movie The Craft but it dates all the way back to the 1600s. It first popped up in the diary of Samual Pepys. Samual was an administer of the navy of England and a member of Parliament. Here is the account told to him by a friend who witnessed the game being played.

“He saw four little girls, very young ones, all kneeling, each of them, upon one knee; and one begun the first line, whispering in the ear of the next, and the second to the third, and the third to the fourth, and she to the first. Then the first begun the second line, and so round quite through, and putting each one finger only to a boy that lay flat upon his back on the ground, as if he was dead; at the end of the words, they did with their four fingers raise this boy high as they could reach, and he [Mr. Brisband] being there, and wondering at it, as also being afeared to see it, for they would have had him to have bore a part in saying the words, in the roome of one of the little girles that was so young that they could hardly make her learn to repeat the words, did, for feare there might be some sleight used in it by the boy, or that the boy might be light, call the cook of the house, a very lusty fellow, as Sir G. Carteret’s cook, who is very big, and they did raise him in just the same manner.”

The next recorded account was in 1857 in the Magicians Own Handbook. And then made famous in the 90s movie, The Craft.

The actual science of the game is based on the principle that everyone lifting at the same time in the right place on the body, distributes the weight just right for the body to be easier, lighter to lift. And not that we ever think of this, but the fingers are stronger then we think.

Along with the chanting of light as a feather, stiff as a board there is also a quick back story to set the stage and get the person who is being levitated to loosen up. Here is one version from the 1700s.

“Behold, a dead body, 
Still as a stone, 
Cold as marble, 
Light as a spirit, 
We lift you in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Cheery isn’t it? But I never thought of dead weight as loosening up, so when we played we would talk about feeling like you were drifting on a cloud, or you’re a marshmallow etc. but now that I think of it, I remember I was always the one being lifted. Know why? Because my house was a haunted one and we were all afraid a ghost was going to jump inside us! I’d be funnier if it wasn’t actually a possibility.

When we did it we also treated it more like a seance. Candles lit etc. but no matter whatever we chanted or did, it actually worked! Now I know they say your memory could can play a little trick on you with time. But we all remember it working. Now we had lots of lifters, the group of us from the neighborhood would hang out and this is one of the things we all did together. (That didn’t piss the whole neighborhood off) I wish we took some pictures when we did it. But unfortunately only my grandfather and and myself took the family photos and I was always playing the part of Linda Blair.

So, if you’ve never tried it, you should. I recommend it as being one of life’s rite of passages we all should do, even if nothing happens you’ll have a good laugh and memory I’m sure. I know I do.

Interdenominational Me

Don’t you wish you knew for a fact

That Bigfoot is definitely inter dimensional

And he chooses to come back

That he was Father Time and the Keeper

Of the Human Race

That he could intervene when we lost all reason and grace

Come through and save the animals in the burning forests

Because we humans find all of them so much less important

Don’t you wish you could follow him through and leave this one behind

Just in time to save what is left of your mind

Learn all the secrets of the universe

Like how he exits

All the secrets learned as you pass through the gate

How many entrances there are

Or if they could open it from wherever they roam

I do, I wish all of this,

because some days this dimension just doesn’t feel like the right fit…

Poem by me, titled interdenominational Me

I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It…

Hello everyone… I just wanted to stop and chat a bit with everyone. Say hello. As you know I consider my blog more like a diary with some facts and fun inserted then a formal article. I want you to grab some coffee, relax, and read this blog. There are so many wonderful writers in the high strangeness field that I definitely have some room to be me. I just want to have a conversation with you like…Carrie, from Sex in the City. Think column. But one other form of expression also moves me. Poetry. I’ve been writing poems (and song lyrics as well) since I started writing around the age of five.

So on occasion in my diary/column here you may see a few poems pop up, and also I’m currently compiling them together for a book as we speak. What do I rhyme about? Well, mostly I consider myself a monster word slinger. I write about cryptids, lore, werewolves and nature. Maybe some love and yearning as well, I am a girl after all.

Here is an example of one of my poems and I hope you enjoy the others that pop up as well, here, and on my social media platforms. And when the book is complete I hope you’ll check it out….

“She and the wolf are one

The souls bond will never be undone

Love her because she is free

Love her because she’s wild

Love her because she is loyal

Love her because she has passion

Love her because she is herself, original

Love her because you can’t picture her with another

Love her soon

Or you’ll have to run to keep up with her

Because she is all those things

She will never wait

No matter what you hold as bait

Love her because she is the one

What your souls have brought together

Can never be undone…”

9/11 The Brave Went In…

Brave Went In…

“On September 11th the brave went in

From those that went in to work

To the ones pledged to defend

They are not just a name, number, rank

They are those we should stop everyday to thank

A prayer, a thought , there is no wrong way

Just remember they went in there that day

Every passenger on those planes they too have a name

Brave, hero, friend, child, son, mother, father and daughter

They did what they did to give you the life to live that you ought to

Remember, just remember, and not just today

Don’t let their heroism like time just fade away

I thank you, I thank you all

For saving many of our lives

In those towers fall…”

Heroes all, thank you.

Poem titled Brave Went In by me

Copyright 9/11/20

Life, The Universe, and Everything…

When we are younger, our parents explain the whole meaning of life. (Monty python version not withstanding). We learn the basics. You grow up, go to school, college, work, marriage, family then finally death. And all the crazy things in between.

The church then educates us on a deeper level. We learn all about our souls and how to protect and nurture them. Our soul almost becomes top priority over all those things listed above. Let’s start with what a definition of a soul is.

A soul in most religions, is thought of as the incorporeal essence of a living being. It’s the mental abilities of a living being to reason, feel, think, etc. to protect your soul so it doesn’t hit the fiery pit, your religion, whatever it is, gives you a certain set of rules to follow. (Some are a little more forgiveble than others so read that rule book carefully and read the fine print too). A soul, despite what we know scientifically to be as just parts of our brain at work, is often thought of as a separate part of us. Like your heart. We may say something like “that came from the heart” all the time, it’s just an expression, but the heart is different from the soul. To us, the soul is separate from our physical bodies. We need this sucker to ride into the next body so we can be reincarnated. 

In my house growing up, odd though I know we all were.  We believed in reincarnation. Mostly when the bad things happened. We would smash a knee and say something like, “come on god, really? Was I Ted Bundy in my last life or something?” I always went right to Ted, I was young but I remember the day they flipped the switch. Horrible I know. But still true. I still say that all the time. I fall a lot, so you know, I get annoyed here and there.

So, Reincarnation, it is defined simply when you die your soul rides the white tunnel into new digs with a teeny tiny stop to swipe all your hard earned knowledge and memories. So when you think about it, who cares if you get reincarnated or not? I mean, we all aren’t Napoleon who was positive he was the reincarnation of Charlemagne. What fun is it if you don’t wake up in like Angelina Jolie’s body or something and be like, “hells yeah!”

But if we aren’t reincarnated or shipped to the fiery pit. And it isn’t your soul stuck around, then what is it? My mother always thought ghosts were echos of life essence just doing whatever they would do if they were still corporeal. And every once and awhile we could see them. They passed through our plain. Sounds plausible to me, except for the fact some of those echos stray from that routine and do crazy s**t like knock over dishes, shut off lights and maybe even reach out and touch someone. When that happens all bets are off and it’s time to call the priest.

And why do you call the priest? Because he knows and wholeheartedly believes that it’s a soul that’s trapt. We all for the most part want to believe that a loved ones soul or essence that passed is still traveling around close to us. 

So we all have to decide for ourselves some of these more fantastical beliefs. Do I believe in ghosts or souls being able to hang around ? Are my parents watching over me or have they reincarnated into my neighbors new dogs? I prefer to think our soul is separate and it hangs close to its former loved ones or in a loved, safe familiar spot. I’ll gladly pass up on reincarnation if my family needs my soul around and besides, I’m pretty sure I was heading in to Peppermint Patties body next time anyway.

Copyright © January 2019, property of Bigfootmountain 
All rights reserved

Life, the Universe and Everything is from my favorite book series: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Meaning of Life from Monty Python Flying Circus 

Peppermint Patty character from Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip 

Sasysquatchgirl Presents…an Evening in the Forest…

Picture this…it’s dark now, there is no full moonlight and you’re alone. You’ve lost your flashlight, your knife, your compass and your mind. Right now you’re already thinking that only an idiot would let themselves get in this position.

But your hunters and Bigfoot researchers know that only an idiot would think that only an idiot would find themselves in that position. I don’t care how much experience you have, you forget things, get turned around out there and fright happens. That’s why most will try to prepare for anything.

Generally everyone is afraid of the woods at night even the most prepared with their fire, torch gun, machete, rifle, compass, flashlights, bug spray and a whole bunch of very similar individuals accompanying them. It takes a lot of trust to go out there with someone in the dark or otherwise.

I’ve been in Freetown Forest at night with nothing but my phone and one sister. But even knowing your companions, the thought of what you’re getting yourself into is creepy. And you certainly don’t want to be lost at night out there in an area you don’t know.


There is an actual disorder and people who suffer from a deep fear of the woods at night. This is not an uncommon feeling and it has a name…Nyctohylophobia. You could have every superstar survival man accompanying you, with all those weapon and goodies I listed above with them, and it wouldn’t stop the fear and panic from overwhelming you if you were still out there when darkness fell. If you suffer from this, even standing at the tree line in your backyard will give you that same feeling as being lost in a dark forest. So if that sounds familiar to you at all, don’t go out there at night. You have nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else that’s worth being terrified. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, everyone feels some degree of healthy fear out there in the dark.

For fun I asked my friends what kinds of situations they thought I could get myself into if I were in the woods alone at night…here is their list:

  • Losing my car keys, (okay that’s a daily event but what will I need those for in the woods).
  • Flashlight will die immediately 
  • I’ll trip and break my foot on a stump, (not a hard guess, I do that just getting to the car).
  • An owl will fly into me and poke my eye out🙄really guys?, (that was a June bug and just that one time).
  • Falling off a cliff, ( what the hell? I’m not going up a cliff at night) if I fall off one it wasn’t an accident. Remember that.

While those are all meant to be funny, and a little true, here are some of the things that could really go wrong, and none of them would be remotely amusing:

  • Lose your way, no map or compass
  • Getting an injury, no first aide kit
  • Temperature dropping and you don’t have adequate clothing 
  • No matches, food, or water
  • No weapons and you could come upon a bear or wolf or not so friendly cryptid of any kind. 
  • Not letting anyone know where you were headed, almost guarantees no rescue 
  • No phone or dead phone 

I’m sure there are many more I haven’t thought of and I don’t want to think about them. There are many professional hunters, campers, researchers and hikers that go missing all the time, yes I believe some could be, but definitely not all are Bigfoot related. So you have to be prepared for those situations too. Some accidents are related to a lack of common sense and risky behavior. I know I’m not always prepared.  My love of feeling free out there, being sans electronics etc. my want of being accepted peacefully out there without fear, might be good for acceptance from the Big Guy and some squirrels but really bad for everything else. So while I’m writing this, I’m attempting to drill some of these safety measures into my own head. I’m close! I have my Fabulous Starry opossum backpack because a Bigfoot one would be really giving away the game out there, (and slightly embarrassing for him to catch me with) and now I have to dig out that list I made for my first night’s trip to Freetown, and fill it up. Then make my hiking partner carry it, if I have one. Did I say that aloud???

As silly as I like to be I’m very serious that I want you to be safe and feel safe out there. Learn what your limits are..and remember terror is not a good navigator…Bigfoot is out there somewhere no matter what time of day it is…

Coast to Coast Am, video On missing hunters..

What should be in your pack out there: Tutorial from the Tacticaldefender on YouTube and Instagram at @tacticaldefender

Starry Opossum can be found at @itsmesesame on Instagram

Articles of note:

Pictures from Google/public, complied with fair use act

Copyright September 2018, revised September 2020 property of Bigfoot Mountain ™, all rights reserved.

Tales of Bigfoot…

“There are tales out there of Bigfoot through time
They cannot all be just like a nursery rhyme
They have been seen, heard and felt through the forest
We are only passing through his home like a tourist
The tales say he whistles, whoops and knocks
But mostly, I just feel him during my forest walks
I’d say I would love to see him in person
But the tales, well they have a description and now I’m not so certain
He’s a living legend just walking through time
I could not ever compare his life with mine
Maybe he stays away for survival
He must see how we treat those we feel are our rival
And so mankind has sealed his fate to walk the forest alone…
There will never be proof enough that can be shown
That could ever tempt him to leave his security, his home
And so our search will continue
Our evidence shared
In this dance we do between research and tales
This will be how his story is told and remembered for the next thousand years
With encounter stories as it has always been
We keep on knocking
But he knows he can’t ever let us in…”
Art by one of the best @charlesaguthrie

He can be reached at:

Eagles Nest Bigfoot

Excerpt from Lansing Journal 2016…

“The live-cam clip was highlighted on the website of Carbon Media Group, a Bingham Farms-based company that specializes in online video content related to the outdoors, and on its YouTube channel. The company partnered with the state Department of Natural Resources to install the eagle cam on state land adjacent to the fish hatchery. It went live last March.

The clip includes a pop-up window zooming in on whatever is roaming below the nest. A dark figure — walking on two legs too much to be a bear — can be seen moving up a wooded slope, pausing on a fallen tree, then leaping down a slope and out of view”

Ca caw ca caw…

The last thing you expect to see when watching an eagles nest is a Bigfoot. But often these nests are in remote areas and so is Bigfoot, so they were destined to cross path eventually. I’m actually surprised we aren’t seeing more videos like this popping up.

So as I watched the video, and clearly I am no eagle cam expert, I though it was a bear immediately, because it appeared to be on all fours at first. Then as it came clearer into view it definitely appeared to be walking on two legs, but then bears do that as well.

I would love to see a full screen of this possible Bigfoot it’s hard for me to give you a well informed guess without more information. So for now I would say bear and have more information sent my way to convince me it’s a Bigfoot.

In this new age of technology we really can create anything we want to, so it’s good to be skeptical and always try to debunk first. Of course I want to believe there is a squatch in every video I’m sent, but it is just not likely to be the case.

What is your thoughts on this video? if you have any more info on this please send it along…

Movie Review, Monstrous…A Bigfoot Movie?

A couple of months back I stumbled on an article about a new indie Bigfoot movie coming out today on all VOD services and I was really looking forward to seeing it. It was being marketed as Bigfoot being the protagonist in the film and not being the kind forest dwelling being we may see him as. (Not me though. I definitely envision a very large,smelly and hairy kind of person…err primate…whichever….both)?

Anyway, my theories aren’t needed here, just the love for a good squatch movie. If you’re wondering at all as to whether I qualify as a reviewer for this film I can say without a doubt yes. I have seen just about every, if not all, Bigfoot movie ever made. So here is my take on this movie.

It starts out with a bang, seeing a Bigfoot right away. I’m not giving out spoilers here if I can help it so I’ll just say he is less than pleased after the first scene. And from there the film decides to go in a different direction.

I’m a big fan of Indie movies, quite frankly they are the only good movies being made right now. Most indie movies are made with passion and are a labor of love. Maybe you don’t like the film but you still have to respect it because they fought to make it. Having said that, this is an indie film. It has just the right amount of an indie vibe.

It starts off a little rough because the characters are not really clarified, are they friends? Relationship together? And what is the relationship to the person they are looking for? But eventually those pieces to fall together.

There has been a series of missing girls reported in the area of Whitehall, New York. (Yes the famed Whitehall which houses the real life Beast of Whitehall).  Friends of one of the missing girls hatch a plan to try to find her. Here’s where I have to stop discussing the plot so no spoilers are given away.

I don’t want to leave you hanging too much, so here are my thoughts on the movie. I loved the indie vibe. The stars, Ann Shield (also the film’s writer), Rachel Finninger, and Grant Schumacher did a solid job. This was more a character driven, rather than creature driven film. The Bigfoot, when you do see him, is a solid FX job. (Expect to see him about as much as you see Godzilla in all the American versions). Although he is not the main focus when he shows up he leaves an impression. He looks how I picture him. (See above description)

On a scale of 1 to 5 I’m giving it a 3. I would have liked more character background, definitely more appearances by the big guy himself. They have this amazing looking creature and a very beautiful and well-known squatch area in Whitehall, New York as a backdrop…I think they may have squandered a bit of an opportunity here. Having said that I still recommend giving it a shot. It is a good movie, it just could really have been great…

Monstrous Official Trailer: