Bigfoot in the News #6

May 16, 1977 Lowell Sun,

Bus driver, and passengers report a Bigfoot sighting in British Columbia described as a hairy creature that was standing seven feet tali and leaving footprinls, he crossed the pan of the bus on Sunday morning and then disappeared into the bush, the bus driver and six passengers told police. The reported Bigfool sighting was given a “good credibility rating” by an Oregon investigator who had Canadian associates on the scene within hours.

Another expert said if il was a hoax, it was a “very good one”. Royal Canadian Mounted Police said human – shaped footprints 11 inches long were found on a sandy creek bottom near the site. ttie driver told mounties he followed the creature, which smelled like a garbage dump, into the bush but lost it. Peter Byrne, director of the Bigfoot Information Center at Hood River, said the Canadian Bigfoot experts interviewed the unidentified Pacific Stage Line bus driver shortly after the sighting. “We give the sighting a good credibility rating at this time,”

Byrne said. “We have also talked with the RHMP and they’re quite convinced that something crossed the road in front of the bos.” Indian lore from Alaska to Mexico maintains the existence of a huge, man – like beasts called Bigfoot or Sasquatch , a name derived from an Indian word meaning ‘hairy giants.”

There is something about all the reports, evidence, movies and just general nostalgia of 70’s Bigfoot I just love. There is just something about cryptid and paranormal happenings then that just seemed more?? I don’t know scarier.

Sometimes I think, “oh wow, now we can use all this technology to discover one”. But then at the same time I think all of this Bigfoot everything and everywhere is simply taking away some the magic and wonderment of it all. I personally enjoy being an old school boots on the ground squatcher, low tech just out there wandering, and with all the beauty of the forest I’m never disappointed. If I see one it’s probably because I tripped over him…

The Praying Indians…

The Native Americans were treated horribly by us. Everyone knows this, don’t believe your history teachers, it wasn’t all corn and roses when we arrived. When we came, we didn’t just come and steal their land, we also wiped away their history, culture and essentially , everything they knew. We also came here dragging our viruses and diseases that killed them by the thousands. We took over their sacred burial grounds, taking some of their bodies off to museums. We stole their lives, and then we stole their death. This is the story of just one Indian who finally got his peace in death.

Alexander Quaplsh, from Yarmouth Massachusetts and a member of the Wamponaag tribe, once fought with us as a member of the Continental Army defeating the British in the American Revolution. After the war, he settled down and married Sarah David, and settled in the Natick Massachusetts area and like his wife, became a member of the “praying Indians”

The “praying Indians” is a 17th century term referring to Native Americans of New England who converted to Christianity either voluntarily or involuntarily.

So Mr. Quaplsh fought with us for our freedom, then converted to Christianity and yet it took him hundreds of years to receive some dignity and respect for which he earned.

Alexander died some 244 years ago, but his body was removed from its resting place some 164 years ago and taken off to theWarren Anatomical Museum at Harvard University.

The remains were later investigated by the Native American Graves Protection and Reparation Act, which requires inventory done on any human remains in an anatomical museum’s collection. They must also contact Native American communities and tribes that may have any connection to the remains. In this case, because he was a part of the Wamponaag Peoples, tbey had some choice on where to bury Alexander’s remains


Alexander’s final resting place is now in Natick Massachusetts, on the grounds of the Natick Historical Society. He was the very first Native American Veteran, and one of the first “praying Indians” and Natick is the very first town established in Massachusetts for praying Indians.

The Historical Society and Musuem has a great display of tools, weaponry and art that is from the indigenous peoples from over 11,000 years ago. It’s a beautiful building, next to a beautiful and scenic river and dam. And on top of all that, think of the history you’ll learn here, I hope it’s able to open again soon, and if you’re in the New England area I recommend checking it out and stopping by the praying Indians at rest.

I’m glad Alexander got his peace and his forever burial spot at last…

And thank you sir for your service

Video of historical society grounds

All pictures are my own except Indian Peace Medallion

Bigfoot in the News #5…Mysteries and Monsters

“If you’ve taken home movies of Bigfoot, the monster that roams the Northwest, it could be worth more than 10,000 to you. Producer David Wolper, will pay at least that much for usable footage in his new dramatized documentary Bigfoot. The Mysterious Monster.”

The Nashua Tribune,

September 12th, 1975

The Mysterious Monsters was the first movie to feature the home movie taken by Roger Patterson in 1967 reported to show a Bigfoot. Anthropologist Grover Krantz was interviewed and said he believed the film to be authentic. Famed Bigfoot hunter Peter Byrne was also featured and gave insights on the hunt. Robert and Frances Guenette are credited as the authors of a 160-page book adaption of the film.

The film was later featured in an episode of Cinema Insomnia.

Bigfoot And The Powder Mill Ledges…

This week I made a stop at the Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge in Smithfield, Rhode Island. (Most of my travels and research are within the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor). The pictures of this trail looked to beautiful to pass up.

The Ledges are located at the main Audubon Headquarters in Rhode Island at 12 Sanderson Road. The main information building is closed now do to Covid but all the trails are open.

This area is home to 100 acres of woodlands and rock outcropping. But it’s also connected to a larger network of forestry in this area. One of my favorite things about this area are the large glacial boulders and old stone agricultural walls the settlers laid down.

As this is an Audubon Wildlife Refuge there are no dogs allowed, leashed or otherwise, and it’s home to such wild babies as the red fox, tree frogs, deer, turkey, etc. I noticed the birds were singing away.

Unfortunately, I also noticed how noisy it was with human sounds. It is abutting a major route and busy plaza, if you can block out the moments when those noises arise you’re golden. The trails themselves are well maintained and I even found a bench out there, (which I took advantage of because with the gradual inclines my thighs were burning)!

When I got far enough in and all was quiet I really looked around and noticed how creepy this forest seemed. I don’t think a squatch would chance staying in there long without being seen, (even though the food was in abundance). But, when you go to a preserve like this one and there is no hunting allowed, it’s a pretty safe place for them to literally grab a meal. Almost a fast food stop for squatches!

And while I am always looking at an area thinking, would a squatch come here? I was pleasantly surprised of two things while researching the history of the land, (which incidentally was never a mill nor does it really have ledges either) one, this property had stayed farm land up until the Audubon acquired it, this area could have possibly always been a food source for them. If, as I believe, they follow the river and green corridors along for sustenance and ease of travel they could potentially come right through here. One trail, the blue trail, takes you right to the high tension wires, another pathway for a squatch to travel. I myself only came across one unusual thing out there. These oddly piled rocks against a tree, but anyone could have stacked those.

And secondly, imagine my surprise when I found an encounter that happened here in 2016. Here is this girl’s encounter in her own words.

“I went here last Sunday, alone. I felt like eyes were on me the entire time. I stood on the tall clearing near the end of the orange trail and called out, “show yourself” then I took some photos. What I got sent chills down my spine and I haven’t slept since I found this thing in my picture!

On the blue trail, there was this log structure built up around the base of the tree. Upon further inspection, there was I found an empty toilet paper roll inside and some other old trash. Maybe there IS a man living in there? But that is no man I caught in my photo! The entire walk just felt very unsettling all the way through, I’m never going back there alone!

So first, i want to point out how brave she was because she was feeling unsafe but she still investigated the little shelter she saw, wether it was man made or not, she went over bravely and investigated and she was able to separate that the structure was most likely man made, but the feelings and other picture to her was not.

Now I’m aware that her above picture is hard to really tell for certain if it’s a Bigfoot or not, and that it may very well be a case of pareidolia, but I wasn’t there, we weren’t there, so the perspective is different. Her experience and feeling out there is one I’ve had several times, very unsettling to know when you’re not alone.

Overall, I enjoyed the walk, if nothing else I definitely got some good exercise, and hey, maybe I got to walk in Bigfoot’s footsteps this time…

Oh and PS don’t believe the pond sign, I walked forever and did it see a dang thing!

All pictures are my own except for the two stated above…

Wolf Spirit…

To the Wolf that guides my path

You have always known my way

You’ve made my thoughts reality

These woods are where I’d like to stay

Sit on the pine with you

and tell you all my dreams someday

To live free out here and pat your fur

Let you in from the rain

when you howl at the door

Just a teeny house, with a glorious fire

Look out the windows to all the swaying trees

I’d love to swing from them on a tire

Oh my Wolf, my best friend

We could live out there till the end

Companions, two wild souls with a bond

Hunting under the moon

And resting under the sun…

International Woman’s Day…Do You

Sometimes you have to do

Only those things that are good for you

Not because someone tells you to

Your dreams must be your own

For that happiness to grow

Seek your own adventures

Find your own way

Don’t wait till tomorrow…do it today

Get out there be seen be heard

Don’t censor every word

This is your day, your life, your dream

And things aren’t always what they seem

So don’t follow a crowd

Do things your way, but do it loud

Make new friends and memories

Live like you’re wild and free

Live for yourself, not them, not me

Do you and no one else

Be original…be yourself

Have fun, smile and learn

Sometimes it’s your own respect you must earn

Take each day like it’s your last

Don’t bare through it like an unwanted task

I can’t wait to see you grow

Be the you you’ve been afraid to show

Look for Bigfoot, climb a mountain, paint or write that book

Live your life as no one else would or could

I can’t wait to see true happiness in your eyes

Especially when you realize,

Realize for yourself that you’ve done it

The smile, that surprise..

You’ve won yourself, the biggest prize..,

Bigfoot in the News 4…Arkansas Swamps…

May 1st, 1852…

The Wild Man Again. We are credibly informed by a gentleman of this city, that the “wild man” has been seen again in the swamps of Arkansas. He derived his information from two gentlemen, who were out hunting, and approached as near as twenty paces to him. His appearance was so frightful that they did not attempt to approach nearer. He is described by them as being about 7 feet 2 inches high, and covered completely with black hair, intersperse of red now and then with gray.

The story or the representations of him as last seen, published in some of our papers, they pronounce untrue. He has no claws to his hands and feet, nor is he eight or nine feet high: still it would be a curiosity worth seeing.

We understand it is the intention of some of our citizens to capture him if possible. In the way of shows, he would be the wild mare, ” with the ” hippodrome ” thrown in Memphis Express,


Southern Shield

Helena, Arkansas

01 May 1852, Sat  •  Page 3

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Bigfoot in the News…Part 3

Krantz, at the opposite pole, became interested in JligfoaL in 1969 when a deputy sheriff related a sighting “It sounded very solid. I wanted it to be true, but I didn’t think it was It would be nice, but ” He became convinced, however, when John Green, a journalist turned politician in British Columbia,, dragged him off to Bossburg, Wash., to see over 1,000 footprints ascribed to a crippled Bigfoot.

They were photographed and plaster – cast, as supposed Bigfoot prints frequently are, and Krantz reconstructed the ana’tomy of the foot, which strongly resembled a club foot. He decided the prints couldn’t have been faked. “It would have taken a brilliant anatomist with a very inventive (mind and we haven’t had one of those around since Leonardo da Vinci,” he says,

Well we have a film of a Bigfoot that just couldn’t have been faked, prints with dermal ridges that couldn’t have been faked, and lastly a million eyewitness.

It’s frustrating that someone could look at this overall collection of evidence and not want to consider its existence possible. We have put people away in the penal system for life with less circumstantial evidence than this. But for me I’m okay without a body laying around, I’m a believer, I don’t need to see one. So don’t get frustrated if you hit the woods and don’t discover one because I’m their every day and I haven’t even seen a bear out there, but I know they are there.,,somewhere.

If something doesn’t want to be seen out there, they won’t be seen

Bigfoot in the News…#1

One of my favorite pass times is reading old news paper clippings, mainly cryptozoology themed ones. I love the writing style and how they described these encounters. It gives me a chuckle.

This one is from the great state of New York, The Long Island Star reported this encounter on, September 16th, 1818. And he is once again called a “wild man”. He is described as bending forward when running, hairy—and the heel of the foot narrow, spreading at the toes.” Very interesting description. The bending forward is a new one on me.

I’d love to find some of these old clippings transcribed because many just aren’t legible, anymore, and you definitely don’t want to miss any of these fun descriptions

Battle for the Cave…

Picture this, a cave in Illinois is about to host a fight for territory between a hunter and a “wild man”…

From the BFRO site:

“Mt. Sterling, Ill 1922 – A wild man, living in a cave near here, is thwarting all efforts of police and armed citizens to capture him and is keeping the countryside in terror with his raids on outlying farms. A price has been set on his head, but desperate attempts to capture him in his lair have proved vain.

The wild man recently made a series of bold robberies near. Mt. Pleasant, carrying off calves and sheep to a deserted mine where he stays hidden in the daytime. Ambrose Smith, a dead shot and tireless hunter, was seriously wounded in a terrific hand-to-hand encounter with the mysterious man-monster.

“The wild man has long, wiry hair that bristles about his savage-looking face.” Smith said in his home, where he is recovering from the adventure. “In the uncertain light of the cavern I made him out to be a great towering creature. His hands are thin and the flesh is stretched over the bones like leather.”

People feared black damp in the long empty galleries of the mine so much that even a reward of $500 for the wild man, dead or alive, failed to result in his apprehension. At last Smith, accompanied by J. M. Blair and others from Mt. Pleasant, all quick with a gun, went to the cave. It was late in the afternoon. Smith had the others stand back 200 yards from the mouth of the cave and entered alone, armed only with his large hunting knife. His dog followed him.

Night fell and the watchers waited in vain for Smith’s return. Then there was a great noise and the dog ran out whimpering. The men went into the cavern in search of Smith. They groped along through the twisting passageways in the darkness, but were unable to find any trace of him. At midnight Smith crawled from the cave on his hands and knees and fell faint and exhausted at the feet of his friends.

“I did not get more than 50 feet into the cave boys.” he said, as they carried him to the doctors, “when I saw the wild man glaring at me a few feet away. Then he sprang at me and held me in his steel-like grip. I tried to knife him but he held my wrist. For more than an hour we fought together on the wet floor of the cave.”

I thought I’d share a favorite BFRO report back from 1922. The description of the bony hands is curious though. What constituted a “wild man” to the hunters? Could it be a homeless man living in there.

It’s hard to believe that anyone is going to get in a cave battle with a Bigfoot and walk away to tell about it. And if it’s a Bigfoot it’s probably going to want to get out of there, not fight to stay after his location is discovered. The food source can’t possibly be worth risking a capture of some kind.

But I do love the mystique of the older reports and “wild man” is the best name for him I think.

Let me know what you think of this encounter.

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow…