Chickahominy Chimera of New Kent…

Virginia has no shortage of cryptids in their state but I finally stumbled on one I’m not familiar with. Virginia is my home away from home, my family is there so I sneak there as often as I can. I love to visit places there these cryptids have roamed. Now It looks like I need to add New Kent on to that list.

Back in 1903 a women saw an amazing sight near her farm, a sheep headed… snake?

Here is an excerpt of an article about some crazy cryptids that came out yesterday from the Daily Press written by Alex Perry and Em Holter. This article is what intrigued me to look up more about this interesting creature…

New Kent’s Chickahominy Swamp Monster

From the Chesapeake’s own Loch Ness Monster, Chessie, to West Virginia’s Mothman, to North Carolina’s Frogman, mysterious cryptids have been spotted all across America.

While some point to prehistoric creatures who managed to survive, government experiments gone awry or simply group hysteria, folks are no stranger to their existence and continue to marvel in their mysteries.

New Kent County is no stranger to this phenomenon. Holding close to its own cryptid, old newspaper archives reveal stories from the early 1900s of a serpent-like monster that called the Chickahominy Swamp its home.

“In the early part of the 18th century, a lot of people were traveling back and forth from New Kent and Richmond,” New Kent Historical Society Secretary Scott McPhail said. “Because of where New Kent is situated, it’s more rural, there’s a lot of woods and swampland, it became a hub for sightings and it sort of got blamed for them.”

In a 1904 Richmond-Times Dispatch article, the edition outlines the strange encounter of one New Kent woman, known as Mrs. Woodson, with New Kent’s Chickahominy Swamp Monster.

While tending to her land near the swamp, Woodson said she heard a noise similar to that of a bleating lamb. Fearing that a lamb had ventured into the swamp and had gotten itself stuck, she went to retrieve it.

But what she witnessed was not a lamb. Instead, just a few yards from her, she saw a creature coming toward her.

Woodson described it as having a head, with ears, similar in shape and size to a sheep but the body of a large snake. She estimated it was 4-feet in length and covered in scales. As the sun reflected off of its scales, it reflected bright, iridescent colors that hurt her eyes, the article details.

Woodson ran back to her home and got other members of the family in order to kill the beast. According to the article, they tracked it to the water’s edge but it had retreated into the depths of the swamp.

“Hunger had undoubtedly forced it from its hiding place, as two rabbits and three birds had been caught by the strange beast, as portions of each were found by the huntsman,” the article details.

Ensuring the accuracy of the sighting, the article details all of the members of the family were in sound mind as they were able to maintain their farm and all of their animals through the harsh winter.

Here is the Original article from the Richmond Dispatcher in which my favorite new phrase was nervous prostration. I must find ways to fit thIs into my conversations going forward.

I’m going to rename this cryptid The Chickahomity Chimera. Because what else could such a creature be? I believe many odd things happen in nature, but a sheep and snake union is not one of them.

There is no monetary gain by making up an encounter such as this . And if there was now, there certainly wasn’t then, you only get to become the crazy lady of your town then. I lived in a haunted house for 20 years we weren’t advertising that one. So it’s safe to assume she saw something, something scared her. What that was who knows. But it came out, like most creatures for a food source and by the description they should be pretty happy it was a rabbit or two and not human delicacy it was hunting for…😁

Article of note:

Forest Bathing…Part 2

“Go deeper,

Sink into this blessed water

With your achy bones

And weary mind,

Enter into the depths

Of your own soul,

Allowing the cleansing waves

Of self-reflection

To wash over and surround

Weary bodies need the love

Only a soul bath can give,

Need the rest carved out

Of endlessly busy days

Go deeper,

Feel the water rising,

Feel the weariness retreating,

Sink into your soul…”

©SpiritLed 2018

You hear forest bathing or sometimes it’s also referred to as soul bathing. It’s catching on here now, but did you know the Japanese are whom it came from? The Shinrin-Yoku was developed in Japan in the 1980s. The term means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing”.

It can be as simple as stepping outdoors taking in nature and connecting with it body and soul. Have you ever noticed when you enter the forest, whatever the reason, that all your troubles, worries and pain just slip away? If it does than you’re doing it right. It’s a major part of Japanese medicine and would do us a lot of good as well.

Aside from the obvious part of me that is searching for Bigfoot, I am also out there to escape. I suffer from a syndrome called CRPS. It’s not the most know syndrome in the world, and just the term syndrome being used to describe a condition you have can be frightening. But it lives up to be frightening.

If you’ve, like myself once, have never heard of the condition it’s one involving the nervous system. Your nerves get all confused and send constant pain signals to your brain. There is no cure and only an army of medicine can keep you going, that is till I like others I’ve met, realized being in the forest seeing the colors, smelling the fresh air, the whole thing. I realized when I’m in there I’m so distracted by beauty I don’t feel any pain. Amazing and well worth going in everyday.

But, I’m not telling this tale for sympathy but hopefully for inspiration because if it saved me from giving up on everything and could help you too. Not just physically but mentally as well.

I take this philosophy into the forest with me everyday, it made me a survivor, and if it can do this for me? Imagine what it could for you. I like to think I help spread the vibe that forest bathing, soul bathing could make a world of difference in your life. So,. If you’ve never tried it I urge you to get out there.i promise you’ll feel renewed, and be so glad you did it.

Off Roading

Included in the wonderful world of Squatching and nature loving is our cars, and we give them quite a beating. Driving down known and unknown trails, all that mileage while we look for that special spot. Out trunk packed and weighed down with supplies. Kayaks, bikes or pop up tents attached, and if your Squatching you probably have plaster of paris and water leaking everywhere…(that may just be me actually) and probably not finally is mud and dirt all over it.

For me what works is carrying these types of things in my car permanently. I’m like Waldo, I never know where I’m going to be or what trail I’m going to find. I generally drive on a dirt road till it gets expensive. I’ve hit some unbelievable pot holes, dragged a tree branch under my car, my sister rode over a tree stump in my cat too. There have definitely been some astronomical auto repair bills. I’m not saying any of this is smart or good for our cars, we will do what we will do.

It’s part of being an explorer. And If you knew everything about every trail you headed down, then there would be no excitement and no adventure. Who wants that? So keep on enjoying your life just as you are. Definitely make sure one of your paths in life are dirt…

Bigfoot on the Beach…

Good morning and happy Thursday! I was sent these great prints from @dhines1967 in Utah, that he let me share with you all. What do you think of these prints? They look 👀 squatchy to me and there have been encounters of Bigfoot on the beach. I added pictures of the Seashore Oregon sighting and the Hooper Bay Beach, as well as a written encounter below from Clatsop Beach in 1978…

“It was a very stormy day and the surf was high, crashing over the rocks on the jetty and pounding the beach. From the viewing tower I saw a man-like figure walk down off the grassy area onto the beach.

At first I did not think too much of this “person” out on the sands. Then I watched as the figure neared the edge of the water. It was waving its arms up and down facing the surf and the tower. There was another person on the tower with his daughter and they too saw the figure; we looked at each other with a “what the hell is that” look but said nothing and continued to watch this figure standing on the beach.

At this point I noticed a pick up truck with its lights on approaching up the beach from the south. Then the scale of the figure really struck me; it had to be a good 8 feet tall or more. The figure quickly turned and moved very fast off the beach before the truck was in range.

It did not run but rather “strode” the 30 or so yards to the dunes edge, then took one or two steps up the embankment and was gone.

I was all excited and scared on what I has just seen. I decided to go to the nearest parking lot near where the figure came down on the beach and see if I could get another look at it. As I approached the beach I became even more afraid, the wind was so strong I could hear nothing but the roar of the surf and the howl of the wind through my coat’s hood. My dog was anxious and stayed close to me.

I went to the beach and found where it came down the sand hill, the sand was all torn up from its passage. But when I discovered the hill was an easy 10 foot high, I really became fearful and decided to return to my car and leave instead of following the tracks into the grass.

The vivid picture of a sandy colored figure standing near the surf waving its arms still stays with me today 30 years later…”

Hoopers Bay 2014 sighing

2013 Oregon Seaside sighting

I’m not sure if these last two have been debunked since there initial report, but I do believe he could use the ocean also for a food source if needed, I’m just not sure if they would because they would be out in the open with no natural environment to camouflage them. Personally I’d love it, catch a tan and a Bigfoot in one day would be perfection, but not likely to happen.

Let me know what you think of the prints or beach sightings.

Have an awesome day…

Lake George Monster…

Picture from Harbour History Museum

I have read so much about famous water monsters that I thought I’d tell you about a water monster that fooled everyone in 1904 on one of my favorite lakes of all time, Lake George, in Lake George New York.

Every year (unless there is a pandemic about), I head to lake George New York for a week or more. I have been doing this for well over a decade now at the least . It’s a great place to recharge the mental batteries.

So of course because I’m a nerd at heart, I had to learn all about its history. One thing that popped up was a tale of a water monster and a great hoax.

As I am a boater and would go on that water everyday from one end to the other while I visited, this bit of history had me fascinated.

Back in 1904 a Water Monster was born. Once called “the biggest hoax of all time.”

In Hague Bay unbeknownst to the lake residents a fishing bet over who could catch the biggest trout was made. Harry Watrous, a well known painter and Colonel William Mann the editor of Town Topics a local scandal sheet made a bet over who could catch the biggest trout. This bet was ongoing, until one day Mann pulled up on his boat holding a large trout seeming to look about 30 pounds, therefore winning the bet. Later on Watrous realized it wasn’t a trout but a wooden plank shaped and painted to look as though it was a fish.

But revenge is sweet and Watrous certainly knew how to do it up good. I’ll let you read about his prank in his own words…

Thirty years later Watrous (1934) recalled:

“While the Colonel was in New York attending to business during the week ending June 27, 1904, I got a cedar log and fashioned one end of it into my idea of a sea monster or hippogriff. I made a big mouth, a couple of ears, like the ears of an ass, four big teeth, two in the upper and two in the lower jaw, and for eyes I inserted in the sockets of the monster two telegraph pole insulators of green glass.

I painted the head in yellow and black stripes, painted the inside of the mouth red and the teeth white, painted two red places for nostrils and painted the ears blue.

The log of which I fashioned the head was about ten feet long. To the bottom of the log I attached a light rope which I put through a pulley attached to a stone which served as an anchor. The pulley line was about 100 feet long and was manipulated from the shore.”

Well, I went out and anchored the hippogriff close to the path which Col. Mann’s boat would have to take from the landing to his island. I tested the monster several times, sunk it and waited for Col. Mann and his party to arrive on Saturday afternoon.

The Colonel had as his guests Mr. Davies, Mrs. Bates and several other congenial spirits. Hidden behind a clump of bushes on shore I watched as the launch approached and just as it was about ten feet away from my trap I released the monster. It came up nobly, the head shaking as if to rid itself of water, and I will say that to several people in Col. Mann’s boat it was a very menacing spectacle.

Mr. Davies, who had a rather high pitched voice, uttered a scream that must have been heard as far away as Burlington, Vt. Mrs. Bates, a very intrepid lady, of Milesian extraction, stood on a seat in the boat and beat the water with her parasol, shouting indistinguishable sentences in her native tongue. Col. Mann shouted, “Good God, what is it?” through his whiskers and kept repeating his query as long as the boat was in sight. As soon as I gave the audience a good look at the hippogriff I pulled it down to the bottom of the lake again.

Although Col. Mann’s home was on an island, the news of the sea serpent was all along the shore of the lake that night. Taking advantage of the darkness of night, I moved the monster from place to place along the lake shore and everybody who saw my monster had a new story to tell of its awe-inspiring appearance.

Each day we provided new thrills for the populace, and that is how the rumor started that there was an honest-to-goodness sea serpent living in Lake George.

From the New York Times

And then a few decades later Watrous was asked to release his water monster once more during an Independence Day carnival. It scared a few more boaters that day Watrous exclaimed, “I spoofed the world once with this horrendous beast; and I spoofed it again this afternoon”

But this hoax became something he didn’t expect. It became something the town embraced and people believed that, Georgie ( as it’s affectionately known as) was swimming around out there somewhere. Reports of other sightings were also reported. It got such attention that in 2002 researchers (known best for researching the Beast Of Whitehall, in Whitehall New York) Robert and Paul Bartholomew even made a pit stop on their way to Investigate Champ, Lake Champlain’s own water monster.

Despite knowing it’s a hoax when I’m there on the water I’m still always keeping an eye out for it. You never know…


Let me say firs that this is my own theory, but what if there truly is a water monster swimming around out there? It has close proximity to Champlain, and I bet you didn’t know, but the water fall from Lake George into Champlain is longer than Niagara, but not accessible for every to see. But the size and depth of the lake could support one I believe. What if the hoax brought such attention to the possibility of real creature being out there, causing people to look out for it, that sightings of a real creature were now being reported? So many believed hoaxes are out there that are real, well, real to me anyway, Bigfoot, Lochness, etc. Why not Georgie too?

So I’ll keep looking whenever I’m there and someday maybe, who knows, I may get an interesting picture of Georgie that people can examine for decades to come. When you know some unexplainable creatures exist, you’re open to all possibilities.

Wish me luck…

From the S.O.Z on YouTube

If you would like to see it for yourself some day for sure then dummy monster is an exhibit at the Clifton F. West Historical Museum in Hague, New York State.


Watrous, Harry W. 1934. Is there a sea serpent in Lake George? Flyer Lake George Gold Cup Regatta,” Aug. 3-5; itself reprinted from the New York Evening Sun.

Trail Etiquette…

Okay, since I haven’t been able to find an existing one, I’m going to do the responsible thing here and create one for all of us. We need to learn trial etiquette and manners. If you’re in the forests as much as I am you get miffed over a few reoccurring things. I put together a list of basic manners and nature seekers 101.

1. When you are parking at a trail head you can see that only a couple cars can fit, so park your car as to leave room for other cars (stop parking like an idiot)

2. Before setting out, look over a trail map and have a plan if you separate. ( note, playing Marco Polo should not be that plan)

3. Check yourself, do you have everything you need (and the stupid stuff you don’t)

4. Silence is golden. My biggest pet peeve in the forest, try to talk softly, whatever you say everyone in the forest just heard because it echos. And talking on your cell phone? Don’t even get me started. ( I want to take that phone out of your hands)

5. For the dirt bikers. Let me first say I love it, believe it or not I used to ride a 4 wheeler every weekend. But please stop making the trail all blown out for the hikers. (I see your muddy wheel marks on the trail, I will find you, and your little bike too)

6. My other huge pet peeve is trash. WTH people, take whatever you bring out with you! (Refer to above, I will find you, you lazy earth killing jerk)

7. Respect the wildlife. Always, the forest is their home not ours. And every little critter has a family to get home too.

8. Hunters please don’t shoot me! I don’t look good in orange, is pink and purple okay?

Well I think I covered everything in my list but feel free to comment if you think of something to add along

Light as a Feather…Stiff as a Board

Chances are if you grew up in the 70s or 80s you’ve heard of the parlor trick game, Light as a Feather. The basic gist of the game is to make someone become light as a feather and that you will be able to levitate them off the floor using just two fingers from each person that participates.

Many people were first introduced to this by the masses in the movie The Craft but it dates all the way back to the 1600s. It first popped up in the diary of Samual Pepys. Samual was an administer of the navy of England and a member of Parliament. Here is the account told to him by a friend who witnessed the game being played.

“He saw four little girls, very young ones, all kneeling, each of them, upon one knee; and one begun the first line, whispering in the ear of the next, and the second to the third, and the third to the fourth, and she to the first. Then the first begun the second line, and so round quite through, and putting each one finger only to a boy that lay flat upon his back on the ground, as if he was dead; at the end of the words, they did with their four fingers raise this boy high as they could reach, and he [Mr. Brisband] being there, and wondering at it, as also being afeared to see it, for they would have had him to have bore a part in saying the words, in the roome of one of the little girles that was so young that they could hardly make her learn to repeat the words, did, for feare there might be some sleight used in it by the boy, or that the boy might be light, call the cook of the house, a very lusty fellow, as Sir G. Carteret’s cook, who is very big, and they did raise him in just the same manner.”

The next recorded account was in 1857 in the Magicians Own Handbook. And then made famous in the 90s movie, The Craft.

The actual science of the game is based on the principle that everyone lifting at the same time in the right place on the body, distributes the weight just right for the body to be easier, lighter to lift. And not that we ever think of this, but the fingers are stronger then we think.

Along with the chanting of light as a feather, stiff as a board there is also a quick back story to set the stage and get the person who is being levitated to loosen up. Here is one version from the 1700s.

“Behold, a dead body, 
Still as a stone, 
Cold as marble, 
Light as a spirit, 
We lift you in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Cheery isn’t it? But I never thought of dead weight as loosening up, so when we played we would talk about feeling like you were drifting on a cloud, or you’re a marshmallow etc. but now that I think of it, I remember I was always the one being lifted. Know why? Because my house was a haunted one and we were all afraid a ghost was going to jump inside us! I’d be funnier if it wasn’t actually a possibility.

When we did it we also treated it more like a seance. Candles lit etc. but no matter whatever we chanted or did, it actually worked! Now I know they say your memory could can play a little trick on you with time. But we all remember it working. Now we had lots of lifters, the group of us from the neighborhood would hang out and this is one of the things we all did together. (That didn’t piss the whole neighborhood off) I wish we took some pictures when we did it. But unfortunately only my grandfather and and myself took the family photos and I was always playing the part of Linda Blair.

So, if you’ve never tried it, you should. I recommend it as being one of life’s rite of passages we all should do, even if nothing happens you’ll have a good laugh and memory I’m sure. I know I do.

Interdenominational Me

Don’t you wish you knew for a fact

That Bigfoot is definitely inter dimensional

And he chooses to come back

That he was Father Time and the Keeper

Of the Human Race

That he could intervene when we lost all reason and grace

Come through and save the animals in the burning forests

Because we humans find all of them so much less important

Don’t you wish you could follow him through and leave this one behind

Just in time to save what is left of your mind

Learn all the secrets of the universe

Like how he exits

All the secrets learned as you pass through the gate

How many entrances there are

Or if they could open it from wherever they roam

I do, I wish all of this,

because some days this dimension just doesn’t feel like the right fit…

Poem by me, titled interdenominational Me

I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It…

Hello everyone… I just wanted to stop and chat a bit with everyone. Say hello. As you know I consider my blog more like a diary with some facts and fun inserted then a formal article. I want you to grab some coffee, relax, and read this blog. There are so many wonderful writers in the high strangeness field that I definitely have some room to be me. I just want to have a conversation with you like…Carrie, from Sex in the City. Think column. But one other form of expression also moves me. Poetry. I’ve been writing poems (and song lyrics as well) since I started writing around the age of five.

So on occasion in my diary/column here you may see a few poems pop up, and also I’m currently compiling them together for a book as we speak. What do I rhyme about? Well, mostly I consider myself a monster word slinger. I write about cryptids, lore, werewolves and nature. Maybe some love and yearning as well, I am a girl after all.

Here is an example of one of my poems and I hope you enjoy the others that pop up as well, here, and on my social media platforms. And when the book is complete I hope you’ll check it out….

“She and the wolf are one

The souls bond will never be undone

Love her because she is free

Love her because she’s wild

Love her because she is loyal

Love her because she has passion

Love her because she is herself, original

Love her because you can’t picture her with another

Love her soon

Or you’ll have to run to keep up with her

Because she is all those things

She will never wait

No matter what you hold as bait

Love her because she is the one

What your souls have brought together

Can never be undone…”

9/11 The Brave Went In…

Brave Went In…

“On September 11th the brave went in

From those that went in to work

To the ones pledged to defend

They are not just a name, number, rank

They are those we should stop everyday to thank

A prayer, a thought , there is no wrong way

Just remember they went in there that day

Every passenger on those planes they too have a name

Brave, hero, friend, child, son, mother, father and daughter

They did what they did to give you the life to live that you ought to

Remember, just remember, and not just today

Don’t let their heroism like time just fade away

I thank you, I thank you all

For saving many of our lives

In those towers fall…”

Heroes all, thank you.

Poem titled Brave Went In by me

Copyright 9/11/20