Repress Yourself…

Repressed memories, memories that have been unconsciously blocked due to the memory being associated with a high level of stress or trauma…

We have all heard the term repressed memories. It originated with Sigmund Freud and has remained a controversial subject ever since. The issue being, while psychologists are digging in your brain for the memories you may have repressed they can accidentally transplant or dig out a false memory. If the environment is right it is possible to transplant these memories and harm the patient’s future mental health.

Although Freud can be credited with its origin, it was the little green men that made it a household name. Yes, you heard right. Little green men. On some occasions psychologists were saying these repressed memories, or missing time were often the result of an alien encounter. It became a popular method of proof in an otherwise absence of, well…proof. 

It’s like this, your mind has an encounter with an alien race It has no learned experience of. Your mind being unable to accept something that fantastical blocks it out. Puts up a wall to keep your mind from completely having a fracture. Others who report these incidents, or remember these encounters probably have some exposure to the subject and may have some belief in the possibility of aliens existing. It makes sense that our minds could possibly have a failsafe or abort button. A mind is a terrible thing to waste they say. 

So many people could have seen many aliens and never knew it happened. And If some of our minds can’t handle aliens, then what about cryptids? Can everyone’s mind handle seeing a Bigfoot in the woods? I was recently having this conversation with a colleague Rick  from Bigfoot Interaction Group, he told me this is what he has always thought. That people camping, hiking, etc. may have seen a Bigfoot and blocked it out, or filed it in some other way they could handle the encounter. Perhaps convincing themselves that it was a bear or a large man. 

It is possible to mistake a bear on two legs from a distance with a Bigfoot I would think. So if you can convince yourself a bear may be a Bigfoot then it’s only fair to say that you could call a Bigfoot a bear. 


I’ve read a few articles lately on people possibly getting PTSD from a  Bigfoot encounter. I believe it’s true. People don’t uproot and change their whole lives after an encounter without having some trauma. And I feel that if it can traumatize you enough to get PTSD from an encounter it may also trigger that failsafe mechanism in your mind that drops down that wall. 

There are more and more forests shrinking in the world today and more people taking to those shrunken forests so it’s likely there could have been more encounters then we will ever know. It doesn’t mean it was a harmful or a negative encounter, just an experience your mind couldn’t find any logical understanding of.

Memory retrieval and hypnoses, some clients and therapists believe that memory works like a video camera. Your brain is recording your whole life. Thus they believe that hypnosis can unlock those forgotten memories…

The question is then, if they used hypnosis to find repressed memories of traumatic and stressful situations and somehow stumbled on an alien encounter, would the same work for Bigfoot witnesses? And should we even try now that he has gone mainstream?  It may be possible to create a false memory just from all the exposure of television shows, podcasts and multiple encounters being made public.

It’s a fine line I would imagine. It would take a very special doctor to route through a mind and not leave anything behind in there, however accidental it may be. I’m not sure if that doctor is out there yet but at least we can start entertaining the possibility that many may be repressing the moment some of us have waited most of our lives for. 


Thank you to the Bigfoot Interacton Group for sharing a great theory with me..

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Let Me Off This Ride…

We all enjoy our visits to a amusement park where even the adults can be kids. There are a few things we may not love. For instance, here in America our chief complaints are pricing, (you actually have to sell one of your children to get in), long lines (flat footing people so you can get there first), and finally my personal favorite, sweating your bollocks off at Busch Gardens in Virginia in the middle of summer. (If you’re looking for me I’m either on or under the splash rides). These and more leave you with funny stories because in the end you still enjoyed yourself. However, if you’re in say…Japan, then you have a lot heavier issues to worry about.

I stumbled recently onto a YouTube video discussing a now defunct amusement park in Japan called Gulliver’s Kingdom. And let me just say, Godzilla would have been doing the wonderful people of Japan a service by accidentally flattening this park on his way to get a coffee.

Every article I found said the same thing. Poor ticket sales caused the park close, but Let me tell you that wasn’t the only problem. I suspect lack of repeat customers may have played a part as well.

Gulliver’s Kingdom, operated from 1997 to 2001, was pleasantly located at the bottom of Mount Fuji. It is between, (you better take a deep breath for this one) Aokigahara “suicide” Forest and (because that obviously wasn’t enough prime real estate) the Doomsday Cult headquarters. The ones that are responsible for the Sarin gas attacks on Tokyo in 1995. And let me remind everyone that the park opened two years after those attacks, so they knew who and what their neighbors were.

I mean at this point they should have called it Final Destination Park because they believe some of the people on their way to commit suicide in the forest would stop there first. I mean…what? They couldn’t have found a better, more lively park theme than after Johnathan Swift’s story?

It’s currently on the creepiest amusement parks list. But It should be number one. When it first closed in 2001 it became a playground for urban explorers. (I know I would go). But think about it, really think about it, there would be security walking around making sure all is good in the park and then next door there are people who go through the forest bringing out the bodies of those that ended their time on this earth in the forest. No one and nothing should be celebrating and having fun next to that forest. Japan should use all their time and money to help those that feel they have no choices left to them but to walk into the forest.

In 2007 thankfully they finally tore down the park, but it makes you think, the person next to you, seemingly happy say…enjoying the rollercoaster, may actually need your help. We know we don’t always see the signs so just be good, kind and considerate of everyone on your journeys everyone…

Bigfoot’s Empty Nest Syndrome

So, you’re walking along and stumble on to this. What do you do? First thought in my head would be, “Whoop I found the Bigfoot Jackpot!” But did I? Is he really going to put a nest right where we could find it? If he just migrated through for the first time? Possibly, but if they’ve been around the area before I would think they would know our footprints and smells and traffic patterns.

I’m out frolicking in the forest a few days a week and I’ve found all kinds of shelters. As soon as I see one I’m like a little kid at Christmas. All excited like I’ve found Amelia Earhart out there. But I can’t help it because they are amazing to find. Maybe Bigfoot isn’t making them, but I know I can’t either. Anything that is not natural in the forest stands out and that makes it exciting.

I’ve found so many out there. They can’t all be his, can they? After I stop dancing like I scored a touchdown, I go through the mental checklist or the debunking process if you will.

Here are just a few questions from my checklist:

How far from the main road am I?

Could he fit in that shelter?

If not, what would he use it for?

Is it actually built well enough to be a shelter at all? (Is he’s getting a draft on his ass it could hardly be worth the effort)

Are there any prints, or other tell-tale signs around?

Could this area’s flora and fauna support one?

Are the branches put together to neatly? Or have they been ripped and snapped?

Is there hunting here? Could it be a hunters blind?

Are these being put up by bushcrafters practicing to build a shelter (growing trend just as popular as Bigfooting right now)?

You get the idea. That whole process happened within 5 minutes and I haven’t even looked inside yet?

But what about inside? What should we be looking for? Or not seeing? Here’s my inside checklist;

Is there food in there (If there is a Snickers rapper in there, it could still be him I hear)?

Does it look like something heavy bedded down here?

Does it stink to high heaven?

What if there is no evidence of food or basic needs being met at all? Some say these structures could be a form of communication? If so, what the hell are they trying to say? And who the hell are they saying it to?

I know the Olympia Project has found suspected nests. Beyond that, unless I missed it, I haven’t heard any details regarding them, but both the Olympia Project and the BFRO offer hands on training in the field if you think you need and can afford it. And maybe they will touch on nests a bit.

Right now, because I’m not sure what else I should be doing with them, and because I’m not a scientist, researcher or cryptozoologist, (my education was in…education) I just do what a friend drilled into me to do, document everything and that is what I’ve been doing. I have found so many of these, in different shapes, sizes and degrees of insulation.

A couple I have been suspicious that they could be something’s bed. Maybe one day this documentation will come in handy. I can only hope to contribute to this mystery a little in some way someday. But till then I’ll keep filming, measuring, crawling into, and smelling all kinds of crazy things, and I’ll pass the advice I received onto you. Document everything you see because you never know. Maybe you’ll find the Pièce de résistance everyone is looking for.

All pictures are my own, from my adventures in the forest.

Behind the scenes of the blog…

This week’s blog was re-edited and deleted by this crazy little gremlin who’s asked that their identity be hidden.

The Bradley Bigfoot…

In 2019, one of the bigger Bigfoot stories was from a Bigfoot researcher in England who claimed to have seen a Bigfoot In Bradley Woods in Lincolnshire England. These woods are not a stranger to having a legend inside them. It is known in folklore tales to have had a lady in black haunting it since the War of the Roses. She is known as the Black Lady of Bradley Woods.

The tale goes like this, her husband was a woodsman who left his wife and baby in their cottage while he went to fight for the war. She would go to the edge of the woods everyday and look for her husband to return. One day while she waited she was attacked my the opposing army and her baby was taken away by laughing soldiers, never to be seen again and she is still awaiting their return.
The Bradley woods have a creepy look to them, you would not be surprised they have a ghostly tale attached to it. But now here is her Bigfoot tale and I laughed because literally the only pictures I could find of this all had a red circle 🔴 on it. Everyone knows I love red circles. Anyway here it is. Feel free to email me on what you think it is, Bigfoot, pareidolia or just someone out for a stroll?

From Grimsby Live:
A Grimsby woman claims to have spotted Bigfoot in Bradley Woods after snapping a picture of a shadowy figure among the trees over the weekend.
The monster hunter alleges to have come across an ape-like creature, otherwise known as Sasquatch, when walking through Bradley Woods and sent the image to Grimsby Live – though it may well be a man taking an afternoon stroll.
Nicknamed the “Bradley Bigfoot” we have seen a mysterious ape-like figure lurking in the shadows.A creepy thing to be sure, and no grainy picture here. He wasn’t camera shy, we have the proof.
Bradley Woods is known for its strange phenomena and this was no exception.Can you imagine loud thundering footsteps that shake the ground and the strange smell of rotten eggs?
Original of note:

The White Gorilla

I have watched my share of Bigfoot type movies, but other than King Kong, there are just a few decent Gorilla movies out there to see. Mighty Joe Young, and Congo are two other gorilla movies I can think of, that I enjoyed. But this one is without a doubt one of the worst and most hilarious at once. This one is perfect for MST3k if they haven’t already gotten to it.

The White Gorilla was released in 1945. It starred Ray Corrigan and Lorraine Miller. It was about a gorilla that was born white and was shunned by his tribe for being born different (and now according to the narrator hates everything that walks).

As the movie goes on, it’s all leading to an epically ridiculous battle between the black and white gorilla.

The movie was filmed in 1945. It was made by blending the scenes they shot with footage from the 1927 silent film titled, Perils of the Jungle.

The movie is narrated throughout and 10 or 15 minutes in I was praying that the scenes they used from the 20s would be silent in this movie as well. The narration was relentless and it was used to somehow make the blending of these two films come together somehow and make sense (It didn’t work).

The narrator was fixated on this white little (jungle) boy in his best jungle suit (much like Tarzan) coming into the camp and clearly being the leader of the tribe. But who the hell is this boy and why is he even in this film? Well I’ll tell you why, apparently they can blend a film but not edit one. So now it’s up to the narrator to make up some crazy shit to explain his presence, (which they didn’t).

While the narrator was babbling on from the safety of a treetop, everyone around him was getting killed while he sat there perched in the tree and did nothing but…well..narrate. I mean, what was the writer thinking there? Whoever he is I’m not going to the jungle or even Walmart for that matter with him.

The end of the film brings the epic battle of the black and white gorilla and it is, well epic. It’s the most ridiculous and awesome thing you’ll ever see, so hang in there so you won’t miss it. I’m going to recommend this film on the basis that one, it’s to insane to miss. Two, I need someone, anyone to explain the presence of that jungle boy and lastly, you will never see a battle with two gorillas quite like this one in your lifetime.

So go check it out and here is the trailer below…

Movie Trailer:

For further laughs, here is a behind the scenes peek of my blog, this is the text I got from my friend who edited this post…

Dear comma queen. You’ve really done it now. You’ve used up all the commas in the free world. Sadly, there are none left for the rest of us. Earth people. We need more commas! (Enter a little white boy selling black market commas).

Bigfoot’s New Year’s Resolutions…

In between having to hide from you silly humans this season . I took a moment to think about what my resolutions would be for this New Year. This is just a few of the things I came up with:

  • Continue to leave silly structures around to make you wonder about. An arch here, a bend there. Did I make them, did one of you make them? Who knows😊
  • Take a long hot bath. I’m tired of hearing references to my smell. I smell you too you know, it’s not as awesome as you think it is. 
  • Leave real footprints around,  come on people, only finding one somewhere? Do you think I’m hoping around the forest? 
  • Lose weight. I think one article said I must be 1200 pounds. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it does not sound good.( Maybe you should leave a scale instead of the peanut butter).
  • Get in better shape. Seriously,  it takes a lot of energy moving that fast so you can’t get a clear picture, do you know how fast you have to go to reach blurry? And dancing around those game cams. Forget about it.
  • Start drinking more lemon juice. All that howling and whooping makes me lose my voice.
  • Become a bear whisperer. I’m completely over being bit and scratched just to gather some hair samples to confuse all of you. You should appreciate how much effort I use to mess with you.
  • Get some music lessons. If your knocking is supposed to be a mimic of mine? Then we both suck and you need them too. Just throwing it out there. 
  • Put out an information brochure to ease your women’s fears. News flash, aliens don’t probe and we don’t want your women. What the hell man? Really? What the hell?

And finally, I appreciate how hard you work to find me as much as I work so you don’t.  Let’s both make one of our resolutions to be upping our game. And may the best man/beast win.

Bigfoot is my Spirit Animal

From Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Elder Dennis told me more than can recall or report here, but here are the highlights.  From his perspectives within the Mohawk tradition, the beings we call Sasquatch are spirit beings that were born with creation and are one with Nature; they are everywhere and can manifest anywhere, any time, in many ways. When they show us a face, it’s for our understanding of the consciousness they carry. They are part of an energy that comes in many forms, not all of them are hairy or tall. The Mohawk call this energy Ogumsa, which he said cannot be translated, but carries the meaning of Grandfather.

When you are someone who loves not just Bigfoot , but the forest he lives in as well, it’s so easy to think of him as being some type of guardian of the forest. Like Smoky the Bear, (but hopefully not a man in costume) Who is better to imagine in your mind then a larger than life legend guarding you and your favorite spot.

But realistically, even though I like to picture him this way, I am firmly grounded in reality. I do however believe that he has stalked all of these forests a lot longer than modern man has, and knows how to use his environment to keep him free of humanity. But unfortunately for them and for us, man has control of these lands now.

We are without a doubt the worst stewards this planet has ever seen, we encroach daily into his and all the other wild babies homes everyday. Right now Bigfoot needs us to be his spirit guide to protect him from ourselves.

I would love to adopt his techniques to blend in to the forest and live amongst the trees, but he hasn’t shared how he does it yet. And until one does I’ll do my best to guard and try to protect the forests in my little corner of the world. And be the best role model I can to the people in my life…