It’s the Great Pumpkin Bigfoot!

It’s a great pumpkin bigfoot

Look all around

There are leaves and acorns hitting the ground

The breeze is blowing

I can smell Autumn in the air

It’s the absolute best time of year

Your brown hair will blend right in out there

I won’t know where the tree ends and you begin

But that’s okay

I’ll enjoy it either way

Pumpkin spice and apple pie

Can you taste it already?

My oh my

But watch out for hunters

Listen for odd sounds

I don’t want to see one of you laying around

It’s a great pumpkin bigfoot

And I can’t wait

I’ll be roaming the forest with you

Consider it a date

Squatching is the best in the fall

I love the sound of crunching though leaves under my feet

Jumping each time an acorn hits close

Some times out there the wind sounds like a ghost

I’m hoping I’ll see you there enjoying your day

But enjoy the season if you plan on migrating away

I’ll be staying right here

I’d take fall in New England over anywhere else, any day…

Monstrous Bride…

“Created from a storm
Born to sooth the monster
A monstrous bride
She didn’t wish this
She had a life she lived
But can’t remember it now
But she know it’s not this one somehow
This hideous creature she saw seems to think she is his
But she won’t live with this
Escape, trapped, in this unknown place
This dank castle, this, this lab
Her mind screams escape
This cannot be her fate
She’s alive and knows this should not be
She will end this life once she’s free
She has seen her visage
And knows this is not nature’s plan
A monsters bride? Never
She knows she should not be reborn,
Shouldn’t live forever …”

Art by Mark Spears

Little Girls Dreams

“A little girl with big big dreams

Who knows this world isn’t what it seems

There is magic in the forest

Magic from when the earth was young

There is magic all around

There may be a being walking next to you while you stroll downtown

And In all those spaces in between

Where only a select few have seen

There are creatures of the night

Creatures remaining out of sight

There is magic inside you too

You just need to open the door

The door in your mind that lets you see the unseen… and believe”

Man VS. Bigfoot…

I’m always looking forward to a new bigfoot movie, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one in particular because I had seen his first bigfoot film.

David Ford, the writer, director , producer and star of this picture is not new to Bigfoot. This is his follow up to his previous bigfoot movie, Something in the Woods.

If you haven’t had a chance to see this one yet, I highly recommend it. The movie is centered around a logging foreman and his family who live out near the woods. The family begins to get habitually visited on their property by a bigfoot who has less than friendly intentions…

In his sophomore film, Man vs. Bigfoot (a battle in real life I’m not sure we’d win) starts out with a man heading out for some solo camping. Going solo as some, like myself know, can be scary enough with or without bigfoot lurking about, but he was lurking about and this camper was figuring that out…

After the man doesn’t return home as scheduled the wife calls his brother, Jack Rollins, played by David Ford, who then packs up and heads out to the forest In search of him…

While camping that first night, he started to hear noises in the woods around him, and then a trapper, played by Antonio Tec, came out from the woods to greet him. The trapper is Native American, and he shares some of the history from his tribe about bigfoot. He describes him as being more of a protector of the woods type creature to them.

If you follow along with me you know I love the idea of him being a protector out there, but unfortunately that’s not likely to be the case. And it’s definitely not in this one. (Hey, a girl can dream right?). What ensues after the trapper leaves is a battle between Rollins and the elusive beast himself. Now besides that theory of a protector, there were many things I liked about this movie, the biggest being that most of this epic battle is taking place during the daylight hours. Which means that the suit had to hold up and after a few hiccups and changes it does.

The other things I appreciated was , the scenery. The location of a bigfoot movie is one of the first things I’m noticing. I also liked the fact that the traits and behaviors most cryptozoologist attribute to a bigfoot are being used here such as, using environment to camouflage, using rock for tools, and giving the creature signs of intelligence, which to avoid the human race it must have.

I really enjoyed this film, and in my opinion if you are a bigfoot enthusiast you will definitely appreciate this movie. I reached out to David to ask him a few questions, and here is what he shared with me…

I got interested in filmmaking in college when I started writing screenplays. It took me about 18 years before I made my first one though. My favorite part of the process is principle photography and actually shooting the film. I enjoy it all but I particularly like watching it all come together on camera. I did know many of the actors but also held auditions. Covid only interrupted the post production aspect of it. We had already filmed the movie when Covid hit. I chose Bigfoot because of personal experiences and because I needed a big star and couldn’t afford a known actor. Everybody knows who Bigfoot is. I am a believer because of experience in the field as well as other personal experiences that pertained to a rock being thrown at me in a remote area with fellow researchers. I even caught some audio of the creature back in 2013. We had many issues with the suit. The suit that I ordered was not what I got. I would like to keep that part out of it, but I will say Keith Lack stepped in and saved the day with the creation of the mask and baby bigfoot (spoiler). I worked with Jeff Stewart closely on the project as he was my AD primarily and practical effects supervisor, amongst also playing a role in the film. He advised me in the film. We will be showing the film at the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson in October from my understanding. I don’t plan to make another bigfoot film as I am moving on to other types of films such as faith based and thrillers. Finding private investors is not easy though so if anyone wants to invest in one of my future films they are free to reach out. If anyone decides to watch the film on VOD please leave us a rating as each rating and review helps the film tremendously. Thank you…”

David with his Mother at Man Vs. Bigfoot premiere taken by Bridget Ortigo

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On the Prowl

On the Prowl…
Time to run I can feel the shift
I had to chase him away
Now I have to repair the rift
I’m on the prowl for him now
I’m going to howl for him to hear
This wolf knows there is a mate near
He can’t hide from me,
He will be found
I chased him away
So he would never know
That’s It’s not just me in here
I share a soul
I’m hunting now
full moons were made for teeth
and claws and sin
Forget all you know
and let me in
You can howl with me too
I promise I’ll take care of you
Hold still and it will only sting
Then you’ll shift and your new life will begin…

Art by Benjamin Russell

The Arrow

Art by Natalie Hall

I took the arrow

I didn’t run

It didn’t matter

My heart was done

I was losing my wolf

My free sprit was fading

My color was gone

It was all dark shading

I lost my connection with the moon

And I couldn’t hear my howl

I used to feel like an alpha

And now I cowl

So yes I took the arrow

But don’t feel sorrow

My soul must be freed to feel again

So I can wander again with my clan

So I can run under the moon

So I can find my wolf wherever it is

I am brave enough at least

for what comes next

Come my wolf, I know you’re there

Out there singing our song somewhere

I think I hear you

Oh what a glorious sound

My wolf…my wolf…you are found…

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Bigfoot in Print..#14 a Boy’s Life

“John Burns, a former Vancouver Sun journalist and school teacher, lived for several years with the Chehalis Indians on reserve.

According to Burns an Indian named Peter Williams was chased by a Sasquatch. One morning Williams came out of his shack and saw the hairy giant, who then charged him.

The Indian took refuge in his shack and the beast began shaking the well made hut, almost toppling it.

Realizing it could not force Williams out, the giant walked off.”

This excerpt is from the October 1980 issue of Boy’s Life. (Scouts Life).

Bigfoot in the News #14…Horizon City Monster…

One of my favorite online sites to read probably won’t be a surprise to anyone following me, but I’m a faithful reader of Mysterious Universe . Their variety of the weird is always interesting to me.

This week they had an article on the Horizon City Monster. It tickled some memory of it in my brain and I had to spend the morning reading all about it. The article mentioned that it originally was reported all the way back in the 70s, in the El Paso Times, so I went digging. Here is a timeline of his appearances in the news of its sightings.

Here is the original transcript of the 75’ sighting…

“ A monster of sorts is reported to be running around loose at Horizon City, and those who have seen him at the Horizon golf course describe him as big and mean looking, sunken eyes and a jaw juts way out. Sounds exactly like a whole lot- golfers we have seen just after they sliced one in rough, or missed an easy putt.

—9/75 transcript from El Paso Times

Then again he popped up in 2002…

“Montañez is a retired secretary, and moved to Horizon City from East El Paso in October of 2002. She has seen the creature known locally as the Horizon City Monster on two separate occasions. The first of these seems to have been when she was still living in the desert east of El Paso. She was driving along a desert highway when she spotted a hairy figure crouched over a dead coyote on the side of the road. Driving closer to the entity, she was shocked when it stood upright and walked up a nearby mesquite mound (a dune-like formation also known as a Nabkha). Although she swears that the creature was initially taller than the mound, as it jogged down the other side of the mound it seemed to get progressively lower into the ground with each step. It eventually vanished below the mound.”

— 10/02 witness account from El Paso Times

The local sheriff was also interviewed in 2002 on the sighting and here were his thoughts…

Horizon City Police Chief Tony Aguilar has been the town’s chief for about two years, and said he doesn’t recall any reports of bigfoot sightings.

We’ve had reports before of meteorites landing in the desert, but nothing about bigfoots,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar remembered hearing about a hermit who may have lived in the mountains near Horizon City in the early 1970’s.”

He had long hair and he was unshaven,” Aguilar recalled. “A lot of hunters at one point found a little cave, and found old cans, and like he had been living off the land.”

DESERT APES Illustration by Nacho Garcia Jr. / El Paso Times El Paso

As the creature was thought to pop in and out of sand mounds or possible caverns they asked a geologist back then to see about that possibility, here are their thoughts.

Although the witness Montañez maintains the creatures live in caverns that exist underneath Horizon City, Phil Goodell, a geology professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, said no such caverns exist.

“Large desert expanses can’t have caverns,” Goodell said. “You have to have limestone rock, like Carlsbad Caverns does.”

In the Mysterious Universe article, the creature is possibly heard and not seen this time. Here is a blurb of how it was described…

“It must have been around 7ish at the time when out of nowhere, I heard what amounted to a screaming howling screech in the foreground. Thinking maybe someone was on their phone, I shrugged it off, but then a few minutes later, I heard it again and even asked to cast to stay quiet to see if they could listen to it too. A minute later, sure enough, the howls came back one long one, followed by a few short ones.”

Some El Pasoans have also apparently reported strange sightings near Ascarate Lake and Eastlake Boulevard..

So there is a bit of a timeline on this creatures appearance in the news. What do you think? Bigfoot? They have howls, encounter reports all the way back to the 70s. Certainly seems possible to me. The timeline here is also pretty well spread out, so maybe this creature either hides very well, hibernates or migrates. Or was it just a hermit after all ? Or wait! Was the hermit not a hermit at all? Lots of questions still, but It’s nice to read up on the lesser known creatures and encounter reports, so thank MU I enjoyed this research time immensely…

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Howard The Dog…

Today I want to tell you a story of heartbreak and loss, and the capacity for the heart to love again. This post is dedicated to Maggie my beagle. You will always be my baby.

Maggie Moose

15 years ago I finally got my first doggo. She was the size of my hand, a rescue from from a farm in Vermont, my first thought was that she was the cutest thing I had ever laid eyes on. So tiny and all ears!

We never separated except for work and special outings. She went everywhere with me, if my dog wasn’t invited there was a chance I wasn’t coming. She was my baby and I wasn’t leaving her behind. There was nothing she didn’t roll with.

She loved everyone, except my best friend, but to be fair the family cat never liked him either. She loved my parents, she would follow my mother all over her house. My dad would walk her all over the neighborhood. She worshiped him. They always had doggie treats at the ready and completely spoiled her.

Then a couple years ago I lost both my mom and dad to the silent killer, septicemia. It was just Mags and me now. We went through everything together, laughter, tears. But Maggie was always there loving me up and keeping me going.

When she passed two years this week. My thought was I’m never ever going through this again. Never. You have to understand I was in the room for both my parents and my dogs very last breath. That will change a person. It changed me. I was done I just wanted to hide in the woods everyday and hide from life.

But then something magical happened, I was scrolling through IG watching all my animal videos and I saw a picture of this one little guy and something inside me warmed and I knew this dog may need me as much as I didn’t realize I needed him.

This is the original picture from his post. He was at a wonderful dog rescue called Vintage Pet that rescues elderly and disabled dogs in Rhode Island. His name was listed as Howard because he found abandoned, half starved and blind in a field called Howard Field.

He must have weights 3 pounds soaking wet and was in desperate need of love and I was needing to give some. I went over to meet Howard who was getting around great despite his has lack of vision. I scooped him up and knew we were going on wonderful adventures together. I brought him home and tried to help him best map out his new environment while simultaneously giving lots of kisses.

Our adventures ran into a snag when I realized Howard was terrified of the car. He cries and cries when he’s in it. Motion sickness? Fear of being abandoned again? There is no way to ever know how he got to that field or how abused he may have been before. The not knowing is sometimes worse than the knowing. I can only keep trying to power through this phase together with love and trust. I want Howard to enjoy every second of his life. He loves going for walks when we get where we are going so as long as he enjoys it, I’ll keep trying.

I can tell he’s never played with toys and he was afraid to give kisses. Crying a little while doing both maybe unsure he’s allowed too. It’s heartbreaking. But we have each other now and it’s all about learning what he likes and helping him with the things he is unsure of.

Awhile ago you couldn’t get me to have another pet but the heart just needs time to heal, it can always love again. This of course doesn’t just apply to animals. Your heart will eventually heal from its hurts, it’s okay if it changes you, or if you need a change too. Never say never, because there is a lot of dogs out there that need loving homes. Need you, and like me maybe you need them too.

If you’re thinking about adopting or donating to a charity that cares for last chance pups of the world I’m recommending Vintage Pet for all there hard work, love and dedication.

You can find them at:

Bigfoot in the News…#13

“The footage is taken at some distance and shows what looks like an ape-like figure moving slowly between the trees. Given how difficult it is to make out any details of the creature however and with a distinct lack of information about the origins of the video the general consensus at the moment is that the footage is likely to be a hoax.

But whether you believe this figure caught on camera by hikers in the Canadian wilderness is actually the legendary Bigfoot, or just a man in an ape suit, is all a matter of opinion.

Either way the sighting of the figure, which appears covered in thick black hair and is seen lumbering across the mountain top, has sparked plenty of excitement among Bigfoot fans.

In the footage the figure walks from the trees into the open, pausing briefly before disappearing back into the trees.

It remains unclear exactly where the video was shot but it is believed to have been filmed on a trail near Mission, in British Columbia.”


My gut says just another hiker. But you never know. What do you think?