There Really Are Flying Monkeys!

Scientists have found a flying reptile nicknamed “Monkeydactyl” with the oldest recorded opposed thumbs, according to a report released Monday.

Mammals will have to take a seat in history books after a group of international scientists discovered a flying reptile with the oldest recorded opposing pollex – commonly known as a thumb.

In a report released Monday, scientists announced the finding of the ‘Monkeydactyl’ that lived 160 million years ago in a forest ecosystem in China during the Jurassic era.

Nicknamed the ‘Monkeydactyl’ by a friend of one of the report’s authors, the species is a pterosaur and scientifically known as Kunpengopterus antipollicatus. Pterosaurs were the first known vertebrates to evolve powered flight, according to the report.

Although the finding of this fossil changes the history books for now, Ma is leaving the door open for more possibilities. 

Well who knew? Flying monkeys really do exist…well not the scary traumatizing monkeys that have kept us awake at night since 1939, but still amazing and unbelievable. Although we are not talking about a flying monkey that looks like that, it is still amazing that it has the thumbs.

Everyday I swear I’m reading about new animals discovered or we are learning new characteristics of an older and extinct animal as well. And who knows, we may very well find a monkey as we know them now that once flew. I’m definitely not ruling that find out.

It’s an exciting time to be alive to learn all of these amazing things. It’s not only the animal kingdom we are learning new things about, we are also learning more about our own story as well.

A big shift is unfolding here. We may have to chuck out all of our old history books and write a new story of us, is there a presale for it because I can’t wait for it to get here…

Article excerpt from USA Today.

Art titled Toto and Flying Monkey – by Chris Leib

Below copy of Report Current Biology

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