Tales of Bigfoot…

“There are tales out there of Bigfoot through time
They cannot all be just like a nursery rhyme
They have been seen, heard and felt through the forest
We are only passing through his home like a tourist
The tales say he whistles, whoops and knocks
But mostly, I just feel him during my forest walks
I’d say I would love to see him in person
But the tales, well they have a description and now I’m not so certain
He’s a living legend just walking through time
I could not ever compare his life with mine
Maybe he stays away for survival
He must see how we treat those we feel are our rival
And so mankind has sealed his fate to walk the forest alone…
There will never be proof enough that can be shown
That could ever tempt him to leave his security, his home
And so our search will continue
Our evidence shared
In this dance we do between research and tales
This will be how his story is told and remembered for the next thousand years
With encounter stories as it has always been
We keep on knocking
But he knows he can’t ever let us in…”
Art by one of the best @charlesaguthrie

He can be reached at:


Eagles Nest Bigfoot

Excerpt from Lansing Journal 2016…

“The live-cam clip was highlighted on the website of Carbon Media Group, a Bingham Farms-based company that specializes in online video content related to the outdoors, and on its YouTube channel. The company partnered with the state Department of Natural Resources to install the eagle cam on state land adjacent to the fish hatchery. It went live last March.

The clip includes a pop-up window zooming in on whatever is roaming below the nest. A dark figure — walking on two legs too much to be a bear — can be seen moving up a wooded slope, pausing on a fallen tree, then leaping down a slope and out of view”

Ca caw ca caw…

The last thing you expect to see when watching an eagles nest is a Bigfoot. But often these nests are in remote areas and so is Bigfoot, so they were destined to cross path eventually. I’m actually surprised we aren’t seeing more videos like this popping up.

So as I watched the video, and clearly I am no eagle cam expert, I though it was a bear immediately, because it appeared to be on all fours at first. Then as it came clearer into view it definitely appeared to be walking on two legs, but then bears do that as well.

I would love to see a full screen of this possible Bigfoot it’s hard for me to give you a well informed guess without more information. So for now I would say bear and have more information sent my way to convince me it’s a Bigfoot.

In this new age of technology we really can create anything we want to, so it’s good to be skeptical and always try to debunk first. Of course I want to believe there is a squatch in every video I’m sent, but it is just not likely to be the case.

What is your thoughts on this video? if you have any more info on this please send it along…

Movie Review, Monstrous…A Bigfoot Movie?

A couple of months back I stumbled on an article about a new indie Bigfoot movie coming out today on all VOD services and I was really looking forward to seeing it. It was being marketed as Bigfoot being the protagonist in the film and not being the kind forest dwelling being we may see him as. (Not me though. I definitely envision a very large,smelly and hairy kind of person…err primate…whichever….both)?

Anyway, my theories aren’t needed here, just the love for a good squatch movie. If you’re wondering at all as to whether I qualify as a reviewer for this film I can say without a doubt yes. I have seen just about every, if not all, Bigfoot movie ever made. So here is my take on this movie.

It starts out with a bang, seeing a Bigfoot right away. I’m not giving out spoilers here if I can help it so I’ll just say he is less than pleased after the first scene. And from there the film decides to go in a different direction.

I’m a big fan of Indie movies, quite frankly they are the only good movies being made right now. Most indie movies are made with passion and are a labor of love. Maybe you don’t like the film but you still have to respect it because they fought to make it. Having said that, this is an indie film. It has just the right amount of an indie vibe.

It starts off a little rough because the characters are not really clarified, are they friends? Relationship together? And what is the relationship to the person they are looking for? But eventually those pieces to fall together.

There has been a series of missing girls reported in the area of Whitehall, New York. (Yes the famed Whitehall which houses the real life Beast of Whitehall).  Friends of one of the missing girls hatch a plan to try to find her. Here’s where I have to stop discussing the plot so no spoilers are given away.

I don’t want to leave you hanging too much, so here are my thoughts on the movie. I loved the indie vibe. The stars, Ann Shield (also the film’s writer), Rachel Finninger, and Grant Schumacher did a solid job. This was more a character driven, rather than creature driven film. The Bigfoot, when you do see him, is a solid FX job. (Expect to see him about as much as you see Godzilla in all the American versions). Although he is not the main focus when he shows up he leaves an impression. He looks how I picture him. (See above description)

On a scale of 1 to 5 I’m giving it a 3. I would have liked more character background, definitely more appearances by the big guy himself. They have this amazing looking creature and a very beautiful and well-known squatch area in Whitehall, New York as a backdrop…I think they may have squandered a bit of an opportunity here. Having said that I still recommend giving it a shot. It is a good movie, it just could really have been great…

Monstrous Official Trailer:


I Brake For Trails…

The best part about my day is when I’m enjoying my morning cup of coffee and planning out where to go each day. Everyday is a new adventure for me even if I go somewhere I have been before.

You never see the same area, the same way twice. Maybe you hear different sounds, your thinking different things or the season has changed, it just appears different somehow.

Each day I’m different, so my plans are never etched in stone each day.I’m easily distracted and if I find something that looks interesting I’m pulling over, and like that the day has changed. Spontaneous and always fun.

I may start out with a fixed position on my GPS, pick a place I’d like to go, but on the way I pull over here or turn onto a street that looks interesting. A woodsy looking road I’ll always go down. There are many trails in these neighborhoods that aren’t on any map and likely to be quiet.

I’ve found so many trails all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut and always have a quiet place to go in my back pocket if I need one. If you’re also a squatcher like myself you’ll definitely want quiet and unknown trails near the area you research, these places have been invaluable to me in the time of COVID. I’m someone who needs to be outside daily for my sanity.

Safety first…

When you’re out trail hunting and you do find some amazing place to pull over, try to make sure you’re pulling over carefully, I’ve probably done a few crazy maneuvers but I don’t recommend it. I’ve met many police officers in many different towns now and a few environmental protection officers as well. They have all been so kind but they give me a lot safety precautions and reminders so I’m trying to be less insane and not cause accidents or run in the woods without some defense against whatever.

So I so go explore the road less traveled the hidden trails etc but be safe and prepared for whatever.

And never ever, slam on the brakes and pull right over to a trial. Find a safe place to turn around. I’m working on that last part. It’s a learning curve…

They’re Back…

On Main Street…a recap

A lot of you have read the story of my rather haunted beginnings in life. But here is a quickie recap if you are just tuning in.

No need to adjust the screen

I lived in a haunted house on Main Street in my hometown. Right from move in day something in that house made its presence known. That first day my mother laid down in my sisters bed a second when she started feeling a gentle back rub. She thanked my dad for rubbing her back but when she opened her eyes, he wasn’t there…no one was, and that was the beginning of 20 years in hell.

The neighborhood was built on an Indian burial ground…

Fast forward to 2020, and this family may have a reunion we didn’t ask for, and most certainly don’t want.

My sister, who apparently wasn’t thinking clearly, or like what they say about childbirth, she forgot the pain of living in a haunted home when the other residents are less than thrilled you’re there. She bought a home and actually moved back within the old neighborhood cursed lines again.

After years and chats with our former neighbors we learned we were all having ghostly visitations, and like our own house guests none of them were of the friendly variety. We sisters promised ourselves and each other we would never live in or buy a haunted house. How do we know if it’s haunted? Vibes. This may sound crazy but all three of us can sense it. When we aren’t sensing anything we always say this house is clean.

She walked through the house a few times and felt it out, and she said she sensed nothing. Thought it was clean, but it was still inside the danger zone, the territory where a haunted house was likely to be.

They’re here …

My brother in law and sister inherited a cat after his mother passed. A big cat. A very big pizza eating Garfield kind of a cat. His name is Cody and I’m pretty sure he may be the only animal in history that doesn’t seem to like me. But when they were leaving to go to my family’s home in Virginia I got the job of being the cat sitter. I thought maybe we could bond…(yeah no. Didn’t happen).

So I decided to sleep on the couch, in the creepy living room that resembles the one from our old creepy home. Around one am I’m hearing all kinds of commotion upstairs, all I could think about was the movie Line, “Miss? Get out of the house now! The call is coming from inside the house!” I went up to investigate the noise and couldn’t find anything.

I texted my sister about the extra activity happening upstairs and she told me that Cody makes a lot of noise using the cat box because of his size. Really? The cat? Nope. But I brushed it off and went to sleep. Second night though? That was not that darn cat!

No way Feng Shui…

The second night I’m also laying on the couch watching a horror movie and I hear what sounds like furniture moving again, huh? Seems like Cody wasn’t liking his new floor plan. (My family is cray, the Cat has his own room…I’m not allowed in) I mean it seriously sounds like the bureau is sliding across the floor. I yelled up laughing “Hey Cody, move the bed near the window” I grabbed my phone and headed up to film the furniture moving, because I knew something was there, I felt the air charge, this house is definitely not clean anymore.

Something else changed that night too, me,I changed. I was not terrified, I was tired and annoyed. I was more thinking, “bring it on” then running away. I did text my sister to tell her her house was now haunted too. She confessed she knew but was afraid I wouldn’t stay with Cody. But I did stay, I stayed with that darn cat glaring at me and with my new hosts. It was like a breakthrough happened. No more fear, I knew I needed to take charge of this haunting, not the other way around. I also needed to have a talk with a priest about a cat, but that’s for a different blog

Show no fear….

Living in a house with spirits takes a lot out of you mentally and physically. I Think the key is to own the haunting and show no fear, take charge of your house…

A picture of my sister’s new comforter, she laid it out on the bed, came back in the room and found a surprise…

Allergic to Bigfoot…

While I’m walking around in the forests this spring I’ve noticed that the pollen and other possible allergen counts have been unusually high this year, poison ivy is literally growing like the weed it is. I’m itching, scratching and swatting at the wonderful insect welcoming committee that greet me the second I get a toe in the woods. Many people claim some birds are lookouts for Bigfoot. But I personally think mosquitoes are on his payroll.

So.. while I’ve been sneezing and scratching my way through the forest waiting for my fellow hikers to kick me out of the woods. (Sneezing is a criminal offense in some states right now…) I’m wondering what about the big guy. If I’m scratching, what about him? Is he allergic to anything? Are the insects swarming him. I mean he is said to have a wonderful odor, so does that draw a lot of flies?

If he is more primate than man are primates allergic to anything? Right now, here in New England poison ivy has been growing out of control, I’ve never seen it like this. I’ve had it twice looking for him so it’s only fair If he is out there somewhere scratching too.

I found a few allergies around the animal kingdom primates and other animals are allergic theobromine (chocolate) cocoa. So if you’re putting out chocolate for your squatches you may want to rethink that. Figs, are a primate favorite, I would leave some of them around your research area. I read nothing that said that primates or other animals were allergic to poison ivy. Goats actually love snacking on it! I can’t even look at it. It can however get on animals fur/hair and then if we touch them…boom, you’ll be scratching your night away. So I guess it comes down to DNA. Are they more human or primate? And without being able to hit urgent care what would they do if they got sick?

Jane Goodall observed primates in the wild using stone tools to dig for different food source and medicinal herbs. Clay is also used to coat there belly and absorb poisons and other foods that may bother their digestion. And no matter what your belief of his DNA, he is most likely capable of using stone tools and doing the same. He would, we assume, know his environment , he would most likely know what plant may help with what ailment.

Both human and animal alike are capable of having allergies such as hay fever or other typical allergens. I know as much as I’d like to see one In person, I’m hoping not during an allergy attack. That’s got to be something to see, can you picture him sneezing away.

Well I appreciate you stuck with me for this one. I admit silly things pop into my head, but at the same time it is a subject worth discussing. We look for Bigfoot dung, so allergies is nothing for you guys.

What do you think? What kind of allergies would you think he may susceptible to?

I have a few allergies myself so I’m always masked up. Catching a virus and having allergies can’t be good. If you start coughing people will run you out of town. With pitchforks…Beware of the hikers…

I thank Jay Bachochin, for creating the silly pictures I needed for this blog post.

You can learn about his Bigfoot research here…


Be Safe Squatching…


“One step for man

One giant step for a Bigfoot

Be he man or ape

You can’t deny that gait

The way he walks

The size of his print

Maybe you can’t see how tall

But these tracks give you a hint

Only footprint is not that uncommon

Have you tracked an animal till you’ve actually found him often

He can hit the trees

He walk through a stream

I’m sure they are way more intelligent than the seem

Not just a bit lumbering ape

Bashing through the forest

These recordings of them speaking

Most of you have heard this

So cast that print and look for more

Go to every structure

See if there is a door

You’ll find him some day for sure

And you may get more than your asking for

Remember the size of that print says a lot

Be ready to deal with what you’ve sought

Measure that length

Check that stride

You know he’s out there

He knows how to hide

Give a holler

Bang that tree

Maybe you’ll hear him

But you won’t ever see

Remember not every print is a Squatch

There are plenty of predators

Out there to watch

Be at peace of that trip to the forest

You can’t always see a Squatch

But if you do?

Then I’m coming along to watch…”

Poem by me titled Footprints

Copyright July 2020

Property of Sasysquatchgirl

All rights reserved

Art by Steve Baxter used with artist permission…

Bridgewater Triangle Bigfoot Report…

”My girlfriend and I were riding in my Jeep on Route 140 from New Bedford to Freetown tonight (July 14, 2009) and at about 11:00 my girlfriend seen this large brown hair covered “man” standing up from a crouched position on the side of the two lane highway. She lets out a scream prompting me to look at the creature standing there. He made fluid movements like a man and had an almost ape-like quality. We couldn’t see his face but upon returning to the area we saw the “man” there was nothing.

After calling 911 and telling them that someone was running in the median of the highway they told us that they had similar reports of what we saw on the stretch of highway between exit 7 (Braley rd.) and exit 8 (Chase Rd.) They then told me that they were sending state troopers to investigate.”

Excerpt from a BFRO report

Art by Malin Sandberg

I Thought I’d post a sighting from Massachusetts since I read about them so rarely, I’ve driven that stretch of road often, maybe one day I’ll get lucky, it is the Bridgewater Triangle after all…If you have had a sighting in the New England area I’d love to hear about it.

Have an awesome day!

The Whistling Bigfoot

As much as I love to picture Bigfoot whimsically walking through the forest patting all the animals on the head as he walks by, he is not, of course, always described as being that way.

In several witness encounters and oral history passed down he is described as behaving much differently. Here’s an excerpt of some of his scarier legends from Native American history as written by the Cowboys and Indians Blog.

The Yokut believe when you see a Bigfoot, it’s not a good sign. It means he’s coming to take somebody who’s going to pass over to the other side. There’s even a Hairy Man song that women sing during a funeral, to make sure he does take that soul over.” The Yokut aren’t alone either. You’ll find stories of Bigfoot-like creatures in the oral tradition of dozens of North American tribes under a slew of names — Sasquatch and Skookum among them — each ascribing slightly different qualities to the creature. For the Yurok and Karuk of northwest California, Bigfoot is just another denizen of the forest, worthy of cautious respect, just like a bear or a cougar.

But for the Me-Wuk of the Yosemite area, Bigfoot is a boogeyman — not unlike the witch from Hansel and Gretel — snatching children from their tribe and eating them. There’s even a place in the Stanislaus National Forest, Pinnacle Point Cave, where the tribe believes the Bigfoot consumed its victims. “This cave really did have human remains in it that were excavated back in the 1960s,” Strain says. “And what’s interesting is that you have to actually rappel down into this cave to see it. So how did a tribe, that didn’t have any climbing equipment, have a traditional story that the cave had bones in it?” If that’s not strange enough, the indigenous peoples of coastal British Columbia, nearly 1,000 miles to the north, share a nearly identical legend of the cannibal Dzunukwa, “The Wild Woman of the Woods” — often depicted on totem poles displaying a behavior that comes up time and time again in Bigfoot accounts: whistling. “I’ve had many tribes tell me, ‘If you hear whistling at night, don’t go outside,’ ” Strain says. “Because that’s a Bigfoot trying to lure you out.”

I have to say, the whistling legend is one that scares me the most, I’ve been out in the woods so many times where I’ve heard whistling that sounded out of place, (not at all like a birds whistle). If you’re out in the woods often you can easily hear sounds that just don’t belong. The whistle sound is very human makes me even more alert because if it were a human why isn’t he making himself known?

We have to remember, well I have to remember that he is flesh and blood, the forest is his home and I am trespassing through, we may meet someday face to face, and if we do I need to remember he may be about to whistle….

Art by Daniel Eskridge

If Bigfoot and Predator Had a Baby…

Okay, I finally got a chance to sneak in another movie. This one was called Embedded. Written  and directed by Micheal Bafaro. The gist of the story is a reporter and camera man get demoted from war reporting to small time small town reporting. They are covering a story of a young boy who has gone missing In the woods. They “embed” themselves into the hunting and search party. Hence the name.

While  they are  out searching they find some hunters bodies,and think they may have a grizzly on their hands.
Spoiler alert here. It is not a grizzly. And what a monster it is. Different than any other Sasquatch we have seen before. This creature definitely looks like they crashed the studio storage room, stole part of a Predator costume and maybe part of those weird creatures in the movie Time Machine and blended them together.

But with those couple of comparisons aside. This monster was scary! I enjoyed this movie. I don’t know what their budget was but they made it work. It gets going and doesn’t let up.
The acting and story line are both strong. Make sure you watch it all the way to the end. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Embedded a 7.
Embedded was filmed on location in Revelstoke, Canada. This area of Canada has thick pine forest and has been known for quite a few actual sightings. The BFRO has over a 100 sighting reported for that area as of 2017. A couple of those sightings have been reported near the Trans Canada Highway.

I haven’t seen this movie on Prime or YouTube so I did have to purchase it but I find it was worth it…

Link to:

Embedded Trailer from IMDB