And Now a Word From Bigfoot About the Fourth of July

Well it’s that time of year again. One of the few days you fools leave me alone in the woods to myself, while you go try to get blown up by fireworks 💥.

I myself am not a fan of explosions and fire. Hair catches fire to easily ya know. That is why you never see any evidence of fire from us. No sir..but no matter how many times your houses, lawns, decks and fingers catch fire you keep on keeping on. 

Someone has even set the forest on fire, my forest here…on freakin fire…that cannot happen again. Some of my forest friends did not make out as lucky as I. 

You don’t know this, but while you’re taking a break from following me, I get a chance to observe you. I’ve even crept up to the edge of your backyards. And let me tell you something. You have not seen stupid if you haven’t observed a backyard Fourth of July party. Allow me share some of my field notes with you..

1. First off, It’s to Hot to have an outdoor party, your guests are roasting and you don’t have a pool. New rule, if you don’t have a pool, you are not allowed to have a summer party. Period.

2. Omg! Tell that awful band to stop croaking already. Dear hairy god, could they be anymore Wedding Singer bad.

3.There actually can be to much red, white and blue. Blinking glasses, hats and even shirts. People, just no.

4. Now let’s talk about cuisine. I’m sorry, how long exactly has that potato salad been out. And are those flys on top of it. Those hot dogs are more shriveled than, well all right I’ll spare you the end of that sentence. But it has a lot to do with cold water. Which no one here has to worry about , because you don’t have a pool!!!!


5. And now your host..blinking flag moron. Your friends husband, whom you can’t deal with but you feel obligated. He has no shirt on. Hairier chest than me with blinking shorts that say “is that a light in my shorts, or does he just automatically light up whenever I see you?” He is the biggest drunk there. You feel violated when he just stands next to you, and you’re planning out how to escape and take his children with you. 

6. The other guests. Really, hahaha if those were my friends I’d take off and live in the woods somewhere. Oh wait, I already do. Guess mine suck too.

7. Let’s get ready to rumble..and now the main event. The one not staring Ryan O’Neil and Barbara Streisand. The fireworks 🎇 💥🔥🙌. The ones you are about to light up, next to all the other fireworks. Fool. But I’m prepared to run, always. That’s what I do. You have no clue what you’re doing. You’re letting blinking dick light them, while children are around and you’re only 20 feet from your house! And he’s throwing the used ones in the fire pit! The one 10 feet from the fireworks. Omg, I can’t watch anymore it’s to much. 

The house, lawn and hairy chest went up in flames. The end of field 📝 notes. 

I’d like to say if I shared this with you, you would learn a lesson and be safer and smarter next year. But this is the second time blinking dick had burned his hair off…

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Down on Main Street…Part 2

I’m not quite sure what makes one a believer or not. I’m not sure why some people are, as they say, open enough to see things of a paranormal nature but it’s true. There are two types of people in the world. One who sees with all their senses and one who is closed off. In our house it was my father who was closed off. The bread winner, the one who worked till he dropped and was never home. Thus we were stuck in our house till we could move ourselves out. But my mother knew that we were in trouble the day we moved in. Stuck there for life knowing my dad would never believe her, or us…Here is her story.

The mother ship has landed in Hell…

Her tale started on day one. The moving was tough going. She had my older sisters and soon to be me to contend with. Don’t get me wrong, she was a tough cookie. But we had a very big house and all the arrangements and unpacking were going to be on her. The day of the move she was exhausted so she laid down for a second in my sister’s bed. Upon getting a great shoulder rub she said, “Thank you junior,” to my dad (him…rub shoulders? Never). That should have been a red flag. But he didn’t answer. No one did, because no one was there. She knew on day one we had to get the hell out of there. There was a period of quiet here and there she said, or later what we would all call dormant. We would have periods off and on when the house would feel less, I don’t know, heavy, I guess you could say. We knew when “they” weren’t around. So it was awhile before her next encounter happened. But it did happen, at night, when she was sleeping in her bed. A place where everyone should feel safe. But as she slept she felt as if someone was staring at her and it woke her up. When she opened her eyes, an old woman was standing over her staring at her. She laid there for hours in shock and fear she said. She would never sleep much at night again after that, and later on, nether would we. And just so you get an idea of what she, and later we were going through, my dad died three years ago, still not really believing. Accepting it finally, but not necessarily believing. He saw one suspicious thing the entire time we lived there. We were screwed…

To be Continued…

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Down on Mainstreet…Part 1

The house as it looks now.

This post is a tough one to write. It’s a very personal one. I’ve written and erased this several times over the past year. It’s my story, my tale of a haunting. Of a scared child growing up with spirits in her home as if it were something everyone had. Constantly afraid and not able to share it because I didn’t want to be the crazy kid.

The paranormal wasn’t always the in thing. You kept that shit to yourself and just dealt. But it had a big impact on me and my family. As adults now we all have sleeping issues. We have paranoia that our future homes could be haunted. And god forbid if we walk by or go near that house again and accidentally take one of the spirits with us.

The push to finally tell this tale was due to the Travel Channel approaching my sister at her place of employment looking for assistance with research on a possible haunted home on our street two doors down. I should mention a few of the houses in the neighborhood were also active with paranormal activity. It wasn’t until we were much older that we all revealed it to each other. Again, the paranormal was still not the in thing. I wish it were. But I thought there was no way the Travel Channel should tell this tale first. (No offense to the Travel Channel, truly) But still It should be someone who lived through it, who knows the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I wish there was an outlet, or a show or something out there we could relate to, to help us, but we lived it alone In secret. And if the truth is finally going to be out there? Then I’m going to be one of the voices that tells it. I’ve never shared this story with anyone, not even colleagues of the cryptid and paranormal kind , because inside is still this scared kid that doesn’t want you to think she is crazy. I search and write about Bigfoot. A believer. Adding a haunted past seemed…well, crazy. Who is going to believe this bull? But it’s true, I promise you it’s true. You have my word that I will never fake a paranormal or cryptid encounter ever, my life is already insane I have no time to make that stuff up. I’m going to explain it all In a few posts, one can’t really do it justice. I will share some witnesses stories as well. So if you feel you can take me seriously, asked around maybe, and found out I’m a sincere person, then I thank you and welcome you to my nightmare…

Part 1, I’m looking at the man in the mirror…

The flu is a terrible thing to get when you’re young. I was around five when I got it. My fever ran high, scary high. My parents wanted to be able to keep an eye on me so I slept in their bed that first night. The area where their bedroom was always felt creepy and off to me but I was too young to understand why. In their bedroom was a bureau with a large mirror. The same bureau that’s in my bedroom now. In the mirror’s reflection you could see the equally scary hallway. The hallway had a linen closet whose door just never shut right. While I was laying in there I saw a small man in the closet, he was holding my favorite red coat and I was not happy. In my delirium, I kept saying “mom, there’s a man in the closet taking my red coat!” I said it over and over, we all chalked it up to fever dreams, but deep down inside she knew, knew something much more than that was happening. Not to long after, my sisters were teasing and annoying me or I was annoying them. Probably me following them around. So I went out on our porch to play. When I looked up in the windows overlooking the porch, I saw what I thought at the time was my sister. I ran back up the stairs to tattle that they were teasing but no one was around, no one near that window. I went back outside to the porch and there it was again in the window, looking at me. I ran back up and found my mother who informed me no one was near that window. I remember being very confused and a little scared. And my mom? She knew it was almost time. It was almost time to explain to us just who or what else was living in our home…

End of part one…to be continued…

The Fouke Monster…

First Before we dive in let’s take care of the elephant in the room. The Fouke monster is probably the most missed pronounced name in the entire cryptid world. And when said with an accent? I cant be the only one thinking this, I just can’t. I understand it’s named after a town. One I’m equally glad I don’t have to pronounce on a regular basis. I can hear it now townspeople saying “what the Fouke?”, “that’s Fouking awesome”. There i got it out of my system. No wait I lied “Fouke yeah!” . Okay I promise I’m good now, really. I might add a video of me trying to pronounce this at the end, for pure fun and not for any scientific value.

The Fouke Monster sightings originally started in Fouke Arkansas in 1953/55. First reported by a 14 year old boy. It was described having reddish hair. It was later explained by an investigator as a black bear, my question to that is, was the boy colorblind?

Prior to the 70s there are a few sightings here and there around Arkansas, but then, in the 1970s, when I would say, present time excluded, there was a big surge in Bigfoot sightings and popularity. In 71′ the creature was reported to have a attacked the home of Bobby and Elizabeth Ford. It had supposedly reached right throw the screen window (Fouke that) and Mr. Ford scared it off. Then later that same month it was scene crossing the highway. And so on.

In then in 72′ Charles Pierce released movie/documentary The Legend of Boggy Creek. To me this movie was like the War of the Worlds release. I watched it at a very young age with my mom because she loved it. And I believed every word and also believed Bigfoot was out there, haven’t stopped believing since. My mother was a believer so there was never a “it’s okay honey, Bigfoot isn’t real” conversation. He was real and out there and that’s that.

That movie captivated millions of believers not just myself, helping to shaping some of our paths in life. I have not one regret even if I never see him. I’m sure if I question everyone, else they will tell you the same.

Now we have the book, The Beast of Boggy Creek by Lyle Blackburn out there, (which I loved by the way). This book gives us stories of more recent sightings most likely igniting a new generation of believers. I hope for his sake he reads somewhere, someday that a researcher started because he read the book…and had to know the truth for himself/herself. There is also the remastered version of Legend of Boggy Creek Movie in the theatre some 50 years after the original release.

Also keeping the legend alive, the town of Fouke Arkansas has their annual Fouke Monster Festival. (Say that five times fast) Drawing people from all over. I understand some of the town officials are not necessarily believers themselves, but they definitely believe in the revenue it brings in.

Picture of Charles Pierce’s daughter from Texarkana Gazette

The Fouke Monster is one of the most known of Bigfoot encounters, whether you’re a believer or not, you most likely know the stories. It is now made timeless from the movie, book etc. and a place I hope to visit soon and take it all in for myself and say Fouke like a million times…

Finally, I kid the town of Fouke, you have a lovely name and an awesome living legend in your mist…

Art by the extremely talented Devin King

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American Dogman of Elkhorn

So  as many of you know, I normally write primarily about our beloved Bigfoot. But I wanted to step away today and write about a certain Crypto who is the much scarier of the two but decidedly less known.

The Beast of Bray Road himself, Dogman. Stalking that infamous street in Elkhorn Wisconsin. I must admit, I have heard of them both but never made the connection till now that they were one in the same. Although I picture him as more of a werewolf type. I was told he was actually more of a mix of canine and Sasquatch. Well then in that case, insert every joke here about their possible breeding program and then we can all move on. Need more time? Then I’ll give you the time it takes for me to explain what the veterinarian told me about my dog. I was told she was a beagle when I know that she’s a mix of Dachshund and German Sheppard. Now tell me how the logistics worked there and then I’ll try to piece together how this half hominid and half canine creature came about.

The lore had said it was first reported in 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan. But I’ve always been fascinated by the Beast of Bray Road in the state of Wisconsin, which had their first reported incident in 1936. So we are going to move this story ahead a bit.

This Beast of Burden has been described most often in two different types. So if our brain goes back to breeding again? Well It’s not my fault, It’s the fault of witnesses that led us down this path. One way it is described is as a half hominid and half canine type. Walking on hominid/human legs but having a muzzle of a canine. The second type is more of a canine in whole. Muzzle, ears, clawed hands and feet and hock legs. It is this description that has me envisioning him as more of a werewolf. The difference I guess is that there is no pesky full moon nonsense. No transformation from human, etc. And that also means my silver bracelet isn’t going to save me from a possible attack. 

Unlike Sasquatch, Dogman is known for actually attacking people. As of yet, I know of no fatalities. And no one I know is scratching their ears with their feet, which means no known cases of any humans turning into one of the creatures.

All of his features must make for an ideal predator. His sense of smell to find you is probably exceptional and if he can travel fast on four legs but use two for height you’re a goner, and of course no pesky moon controlled behavior and some idiot like me can’t kill him by shoving said bracelet into your mouth. (I’m sure I’d still try. You know, just to be sure).

In the town of Elkhorn, he is usually seen loitering on Bray Road. There was a rash of sightings in the eighties and nineties that drew the interest of reporter Linda Godfrey. Who later wrote a book based on her articles. The now famous, Beast of Bray Road. So why anyone not researching him and who may have read that book would still drive on that road I wouldn’t know. I’m sure I’ll visit someday on my travels, and naturally I would be compelled to go to it immediately and then be sub sequentially eaten and made famous as his first known kill.

But the residents themselves have a built in excuse I would definitely take advantage of. I would be like, “I’m sorry I can’t make it, I really wanted to come to your cheese tasting party, but the only way there is through Bray Road”. I mean the crappy things you could get out of doing due to that road could be endless.

I know the book on his sightings is the most known resource of him haunting that street, but we can’t leave out the awesome movie by the SyFy channel called you guessed it, The Beast of Bray Road. Despite having an actual resident of the area telling me the monster was ridiculous. I, still in the name of cheesy fun rather enjoyed it.

But if you would like more information about his hairy goodness, I found several informative and riveting videos on YouTube you could check out and of course, if you haven’t yet read Beast of Bray Road by Linda Godfrey you definitely should. And finally, Small Town Monsters recently released their documentary on the subject as well. All of which I recommend.

And if you make it out there before me remember to stick to the road, you remember what happened when the moors were used as a shortcut don’t you?

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A Walk Through History…Monastery Park

This week I’ve been squatching around in Cumberland, Rhode Island.  Before I head out I like to find the history of the land I’m roaming through. Here is some history about Yesterday’s destination, Monastery Park.

The Monastery Park is comprised of 530 acres of land that was once used as the monks orchards and pastures and a beautiful stone building once called Our Lady of the Valley Monastery. The monks traveled here from Nova Scotia in the 1900s when their former home burnt to the ground. Some of the monks dispersed and went back to Europe but twelve monks or the Trappist order, stayed together and had this beautiful piece of architecture put together. There is no fancy glass windows, etc. because the Trappist didn’t believe in having anything extravagant.

They Monastery was completed in the 1930s and had a fire in the 1950s in which they abandoned and went on to live in Spencer Massachusetts. I’m not sure, but I think this order had a fire bug with them. All in all they had three Monasteries burn down around them.

After a few years of back and forth with the property, the town of Cumberland acquired the land and turned part of it into their local library.

The land surrounding it is now nature trails (some unmarked), fields and it also holds the monument for Nine Men’s Misery. If you are unfamiliar with that tale it is the site where a skirmish during the time of King Philip’s War took place. During the fight, the Colonists were all slaughtered save nine by the Narragansett Indians, whom tortured the remaining nine and left them for dead on the spot where the Colonists made a stone monument in honor of their sacrifice which still stands today. It is now considered the first war memorial in the United States.

Both the forest trails and the monastery are known to all the locals as haunted. My sister who worked there at one time said every morning they could smell fresh coffee brewing. And while shelving one night she heard the monks chanting in the meeting room. At the time, she said the monks chants were an in thing and she thought it was a library program happening, when she went into the room to check it out no one was there. And no one else heard what she thought was otherwise loud.

In the forest its been reported that at night you can hear the Colonists troops moaning and even see one or two wandering around out there. I had a strange happening there myself yesterday while heading to the memorial site (which you can check out in the video below). I was making a video explaining about the history of the area and monument and when I got to the end of the story I heard strange drumming sound.

There are other accounts as well of chattering and whispers, peoples full names being called, and doors opening and closing. A staff member reported little stones being left on the seat of their car, but all the doors were locked. The old infirmary and a spiral staircase are considered the top hot spots.

So if you decide to come for a visit here yourself there is plenty to keep you entertained. The architecture of the monastery, beautiful grounds, playground, nature trails and plenty of rich history and a couple of ghosts thrown in for good measure. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here which As I mentioned did include some potential high strangeness. I definitely plan to come back and visit at nighttime and listen for those whispers and moans and I’ll let you know if I find anything…

My unusual video from out on the trails by Nine Men’s Misery

All pictures and videos are my own.

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Walk Through Bigfoot’s Wilderness…

My trip this year to Virginia was a great one. Time with family I love, time in the forests (occasionally sun bathing), and time with a good friend. I was able to hang with Mike from Bigfoot’s Wilderness, and formerly Blue Ridge Bigfoot. He was the first person to say, “hey” when I started blogging and being serious about my search for Bigfoot. That meant a lot, and we’ve been friends since. We may not always agree on everything, but we enjoy the debate. So here’s a little Q&A for you, all the way from Virginia…

Q. What ignited your interest in Bigfoot?

A. To me, as a kid I felt that Bigfoot seemed to be more relatable than say, the Loch Ness monster. Bigfoot could be anywhere in the woods, but the Loch Ness monster lived thousands of miles away. Bigfoot also walked on two legs, probably lived in a family or group of other Bigfoot (s). The Patterson Gimlin film showed what I still believe to be a real Bigfoot. It’s evidence, plain and simple. That video is and will always be the gold standard in my opinion that Bigfoot exists. To my knowledge, it has never been debunked.

Q. What made you a believer?

A. That’s a great question. I’ve known people to have had some strange occurrences. Some paranormal, others experienced what they said was a Bigfoot. When you hear their stories, and other people’s stories as well, the only conclusion I could draw was that it couldn’t be anything else but a Bigfoot. That made me a believer but i’m actually a step beyond just being a believer, because now I know they exist. I had an encounter and witnessed a Bigfoot. 

Q. How long have you been interested in Bigfoot?

A. Since I was 6. I won’t get into the math but it was a pretty long time ago. To me, It’s alway been Patty!  I can remember our Sunday night dinners with family. I always ate in front of the TV with my TV tray in front of me. To me, the Patterson Gimlin film was the first and most persuasive piece of Bigfoot evidence I’d ever seen. 

I’ve been interested ever since I heard Leanord Nimoy describe Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin’s experience on the tv show, In Search Of. 
Patty, walking along the stream at Bluff Creek was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. At the time, I didn’t know it but I was watching a rerun. 
The sighting ocurred a few years prior. I’m pretty sure I was watching the PG Film on , In Search Of , in 1972. 
Q. What does your family think about your Bigfoot belief and you being a part of this community?
A. Well, having a Bigfoot encounter story channel at times seems weird to them, but the longer I do it the more they seem to accept it. At first my kids were not very interested. But little by little they’ve shown (some) interest. My youngest wants to be a YouTuber, at least thats what he says whenever I ask him what he wants to be. I guess he thinks its cool. I’m not sure he thinks I’m cool?! 
The community itself seems flawed and not very friendly. I really have my own world and try not to judge anyone else. Which effectively keeps me out of it. The community  can bring whatever they want to the table. It’s their right. I don’t mind people giving their opinion but please don’t tell me what to believe. 

Q. Do you believe in other cryptids as well? Aliens?

A. I definitely want to believe in other cryptids, but there seems to be very little proof or evidence. I recently read an article about the Loch Ness Monster and retrieving DNA from the waters of the Loch. If I read the article right, there may very well be something living in that massive body of water. I’m hoping more results will come in shortly. I’m all for a Loch Ness Monster, but does anyone have a real picture? The most popular picture available is from a hoax in the 1930’s. 

To be completely honest, I’ve never seen any proof of Dogmen or Mothman. But I have seen some very talented artists create some amazing pictures of them. 
And Aliens? Well, I really hope that we aren’t the only life in this universe. That’s a lonely thought. I think I’ve also read that scientists have detected several thousand Stars (suns) with planets revolving around them. Maybe around one of those stars, there’s a planet out there in that sweet spot that may have water and a suitable atmosphere to be habitable, and if so, let’s hope they’re friendly. 
Q. What prompted you to start your channel?
A. I was and still am a big fan of the Youtube channel PacWest Bigfoot. I’d been listening for several months and thought I’d reach out and tell Dave how much I like his stories. At the time I wanted to make a suggestion about other people reading a story on his channel. I was thinking maybe a minor celebrity, but he responded back and said “why don’t you do it?” So I did, and it was a lot of fun! I contacted my friends and persons of interest to document their encounters. Anyway, the rest is history and I think my subscribers and listeners are enjoying them! I really appreciate the nice comments and the time they take to listen.

Q. Have you had a channel, blog or podcast etc. earlier?

A. I did. Blue Ridge Bigfoot was my first channel but there was a change in philosophy and so Blue Ridge Bigfoot is no more.  Bigfoot’s Wilderness actually works better because my scope is larger. Even worldwide. Not just a region like Blue Ridge Bigfoot. 

Q. What is your approach to the encounters you receive?

A. When it comes to Bigfoot, there is a potential for just about anything to pop up in a story. Bigfoot and aliens, Bigfoot and orbs, Disappearing Bigfoot etc.  I ask a lot of questions and if I don’t get answers I usually just file it. I always try to be objective when reading or talking with a witnesses encounter. The process in getting the complete story can take a day, weeks or even months. It all depends on the witness themselves. 

Q. Have there been some you’ve struggled with believing?

A. Yes, of course. I listen to everybody and their stories, but I have noticed that most people seem to believe in a tangible Bigfoot, meaning something real that lives and breathes. Those who believe Bigfoot is a portal jumping alien typically have no explanations and therefore no story to produce. 

Q. What is the best or favorite story that you’ve told?

A. I like my story the best. Its called ‘The Bigfoot Incident’ on my Youtube page, Bigfoot’s Wilderness. These were real pictures, including a footprint and a Bigfoot sitting in the bushes watching our cabin, as well as the terrain of where the encounter took place. I believe it helps paint a better picture for the listener. 

Q. What are some other channels or podcasts you enjoy listening too?

A. I’d have to say (1) PacWest Bigfoot is my all time favorite. Next would be (2) Homesteading Off The Grid. This is a guy in Virginia who thinks he has Bigfoot living in the woods around his farm. He may well have Bigfoot, but the way he goes about documenting it is just hilarious. Real or not, it’s just hilarious. Guranteed to make you smile, if you can sometimes laugh about Bigfoot. Next would be a recent discovery for me, its called (3) how to The host of the channel is Steve Isdahl. He discusses mostly hunting experiences, but on occasion drops in an encounter story about Bigfoot. Some are from friends and family while others have been his personal experience. Very good channel. 

Q. Who would you say you look up to or admire most in the field?

A. I’ve always liked William Jevning and Jeff Meldrum. They are both extremely credible and deeply entrenched in the Sasquatch subject.

Q. What is your Bigfoot philosophy, Neanderthal, ape, etc.?

A. From the witness reports i’ve read , most believe that the physical appearance resembles that of an ape which i believe is why most instinctively say “ape.” when asked. But is it more than just an ape? That’s the question nobody can seem to answer, including me!  Maybe somebody will come forward with more physical proof, maybe even a body. Now that would be incredible. As terrible as it sounds a body is the ultimate proof of something that most people deny exists. 

Q. Do you enjoy getting out there in the woods yourself?

A. Yes, definitely. I enjoy getting out in the woods but mostly for exercise and with the family. I’m not a researcher by any means, but I have found prints in several different state parks and private lands here in Virginia. I’ve also found tree structures. Virginia is loaded with mountains and dense forest. It’s a great place to hide. 

Q. Can you tell me more about the encounter you had yourself out there?

A. Yes. On that spring break trip when I saw a Bigfoot, I like to joke that I had the tri-fecta of witness encounters. I found a print, heard talking/chattering/ape sounds and saw a Bigfoot sitting in the bushes watching our cabin from about 30-35 yards away.

Having my family there during the encounter made me feel pretty helpless. I was very concerned that if I provoked this creature, what would be the repercussion? Possible rock throwing or some other form of intimidation and maybe injure someone? I have to say it was a humbling experience. I didn’t have any real protection to protect my family and myself. 

Q. What are your future plans for Bigfoot’s Wilderness?

A. The channel is fairly new so for now I’ll just keep reading encounter stories and hopefully they’ll be well received.

*On a side note. I was receiving these pictures from Mike in real time as it was happening, and there was genuine concern there for his families safety. Luckily nothing progressed and he was able to collect what evidence he could to share with us.

If you would like to hear more about his encounter, here is the link to his story from his channel:

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Oh God..You 😈

You’re probably wondering what these three could possibly have in common? Well John Denver had to have some serious faith to believe god could possibly inhabit the body of George Burns and believing in the Jersey Devil is gonna take a similar amount of that faith, and we don’t have him in our car to make it rain inside.

I’m finally understanding the back history of this devilish creature, and I believe I chose not to write about him previously because it always confuses me, but let’s see if I have this right?

The Jersey Devil, also called the Leeds Devil is the 13th child of Jane Leeds, also called Mother Leeds. After finding out that she was going to be burdened with another child, (because apparently having the 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 weren’t a problem), curses the said child, and in turn he was born normal but then changed into Jerseys favorite cryptid, killed the midwife, then flew up the chimney like St. Nick. And now he prays on anything disturbing him in the infamous Pine Barrens. I’ve been in these Barrens for two days now, and apparently I pose no threat. I am acknowledging he may not be worried because I’m rocking my awesome pinktastic camos and singing along to Tubthumping. He’s probably popping popcorn right now and sitting back to see if Bigfoot actually bothers to come out scare me off.

Pic by me inside the Pines

I should warn you that this is the part that gives me the brain ache. How do you find a cryptid who has more different descriptions than Doctor Who?

JD (new nickname, lets make it stick) has been described as kangaroo like, wyvern like, goat headed, horse headed, hooves , horns on his head (hence the devil moniker) and clawed hands. There is more but the migraine is coming. Frankenstein’s monster has body parts from several different bodies and he’s got nothing on this cryptid.

So what description should I be looking for out here? I’m used to searching for Bigfoot. And all his descriptions are pretty much the same thing, tall, smelly and hairy. This may be too complicated for me. I think maybe staying still and singing Tubthumping may be my best bet, hopefully I’ll annoy him enough to come out and play. I mean there is only so much of that song that a person can handle right?

To get through this hunt I’m going to go with an image I think of when I consider his existence. I picture him more like a small gargoyle. It makes sense. And his tale happening at that time period could be easily explained. Mother Leeds may have gotten pregnant from someone she shouldn’t have. When she gave birth, it most likely had birth defects or possibly even still born. If stillborn, maybe they put it on the fire and now the midwife was a unwanted witness. And then boom! A cryptid was born.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in the Jersey Devil necessarily, every tale has some kernel of truth. There is a real women named Deborah Leeds that had 12 children and lived in the area where JD’s story began. And there was also a lot of political intrigue surrounding the Leeds family. Daniel Leeds, was called the “Leeds devil” because he was an almanac writer and was in competition with Benjamin Franklin, so Ben was throwing shade his way and the name just stuck. My tale is also just as good as any explanation out there. (Except the friends around her watching her giving birth). So I’ll keep an open mind as always, but like John Denver in the movie Oh God, I’m going to need more proof.

So JD, get ready to make it rain…

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Cavalier Hotel…The Shinning Sequel?

Picture from my visit this past Thursday.

I’m currently on a road trip right now. Along the way I wanted to stop at some spooky and unusual places. When I hit Virginia Beach to stop for a bit and visit my family I passed this amazing building. My first words were ” holy shinning sequel”, I kid you not. I’m picturing a wife stuck in the hotel with her crazy husband and battling a powerful hurricane. (I’ve been here for some awful storms it could totally happen).

I’m trying to reach Mr. King to bounce these ideas off him, but till then, I can share with you the history and haunted happenings of this architectural marvel.

The Historic Cavalier Hotel began construction in 1926. It took 13 months to complete and used over a half a million bricks. Imagine being the brick layer on that site. It opened with a 195 guest rooms and a grand golf course. I can only imagine how amazing it must have looked standing out on its own before the rest of Virginia Beach’s famed strip was built up.

Picture from the Virginia Pilot

The Cavalier remained the height of opulence until 1942 when the US Navy took it over as barracks and for radar training. It was cramped quarters and all parts of the hotel, including the stable were being utilized. It closed for several years after and reopened again in 1976.

The hotel had many famous guests passing through its rooms such as Judy Garland, Cab Calloway, Will Rogers and at least ten Presidents. But one guest who may not be famous but infamous is what led me to visit this hotel.

Adolph Coors

The founder of Coors Brewing Company, Adolph Coors was found dead on the grounds of the hotel after jumping out his sixth story guest room. That floor has now become a supernatural hotspot in the hotel. Witnesses claiming everything from cold spots, windows opening in the dead of night, piano being played and even muffled voices being heard In unoccupied rooms.

There is the tragedy of a cat getting out of a guest room, and a little girl looking for him, the cat fell into the pool and the girl jumped in after him, they both drowned (Very shining) A world war two soldier roaming through the halls. But to me the really creepy story that kept being reported was a very helpful older bellhop assisting guests, which would be great if they had any older bellhops.

The famous salt water pool, picture from website

Finally, I arrived from the service area but if you want to actually stay on, let’s say the scary sixth floor, be prepared for a really big scare as the rooms are priced anywhere from 400 to 600 a night roughy. The bill may kill you and then you can have the pleasure of haunting those hallowed halls yourself…

Photo from the hotel website

Here comes Sasy…

Video from sixth floor:

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A Walk Through History…Mendon Town Forest 🌳

Mendon Town Forest, Tower Road entrance

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m having my coffee while I decide where my next adventure will take me. If you are following this blog, first, thank you again, and second, you know I’m following a pathway I believe is a possible Bigfoot stomping ground. So I am visiting parks, woods, properties (with permission) etc that correlate to this possible bigfoot green corridor. And on occasion while out on that search it takes me to places also steeped with interesting history. This is one of those places. Here’s some history of the Mendon Town Forest, in Mendon Massachusetts.

The Mendon Town Forest is one the most recent trail systems in the Blackstone Valley. This was once the home of the Nipmuc Indians. I should mention, Nipmuc is a name for the region the Native Americans lived in, not a specific tribe. It’s actual meaning is, “people of the fresh water” . In the beginning when the settlers arrived they lived peacefully alongside each other.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony settlers purchased roughly 8 miles of the Nipmuc’s forest. It was named the Squinshepauke Plantation. Then in 1667 it became the town of Mendon. In 1675, these settlers became the first casualties in Massachusetts in what was to be named King Phillips War. The town was burned to the ground by the native Americans, only to be rebuilt in 1680. The last known genuine Native American was named Caleb. He was recorded in the town history as being the last Native paid a bounty for hunting the wolves of the area. This was recorded around 1669. The highest position in the Mendon Town Forest is named Wigwam Hill after him. He was said to have his home (wigwam, on the top of the hill). It was thought that Native Americans often settled on hilltops to communicate with each by smoke, without view obstructions.

The first person to settle on Wigwam hill was Woodland Thompson. And the first Family to settle in the forest, was the Taft family. I was luckily able to find the Taft trail out there that marked his land.

Trails of Mendon Town Forest from the town website

While you are walking down the Taft trail you will actually see some remnants of his farmhouse and the stone walls that surrounded his property.

While going through the trail systems, I was a able to pass through all kinds of history, not just the typically seen stone walls, but parts of an old mill. The first mill to ever use the Blackstone River to power itself. There were old bridges, parts of what I was sure was a stone fireplace etc. I found myself sitting on one of those said rock walls to ponder what life for them must have been like. They always say history repeats itself, I really wish it would. To go back to when all the land was green and beautiful and everyone worked together to survive would be a wonderful experience.

Archeological map of the forest

There are a lot of side trails and loops in this forest. Very thick vegetation easily able to get turned around, I definitely advise taking or downloading a trail map to take with you on your adventure. And bug spray, lots of bug spray….because on this trip, the gnats were out and ready, I was completely engulfed by them.

Lastly, we’ve heard the stories, and seen the paintings that depicts the Native Americans and Bigfoot co-existing. Did that happen here as well? Is the reason I feel so strongly that I need to investigate this area, (and that I found yet another footprint inside the area), be because he did co-exist here with them? Does he/they still remain because of Mendon’s and surrounding towns still undeveloped land? Is he still taking advantage of this possible “green corridor” to migrate to warmer climates for the winter?

Print discovered inside Blackstone Valley Corridor

Print found three weeks ago in Mendon Town Forest

Hopefully I’ll be able to answer these and other questions someday soon. But for now, I’ll just enjoy another walk through history…with or without the hairy man.

To be continued…

Video from my trip in the forest:

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Thank you to the town of Mendon for hosting me.