Seismic Shakeup

In my last post, Courage Under Fire, there were two strange incidents I described that sounded as though something heavy was running at me on two legs. During both times the heavy running came to a complete stop. I didn’t see or hear anything else after those few seconds.

Whatever it was that was making that sound definitely got its point across and I left as soon as I regained my wits. My whole body was screaming “get out of there”. After I released the article I had a few messages from others who had a similar encounter as mine. I’ll share one with you now from Appalachian Paranormal Experiences.

I realize that are stories are different but our experience is similar. I really was stumped. What could or would do this? Then my sister sent along an article about seismic communication If you aren’t familiar with this, Wikipedia describes it as “the process of conveying information through seismic vibrations of the substrate. Which in this case would be the earth itself”. In other words, pounding on the ground. It is also described as an ancient sensory modality used in the animal kingdom. What could be more ancient then a Bigfoot? And they are already using a form of it with wood knocks. They are communicating something with those as well.

The trick is figuring out what they wanted to convey. But since I felt fear and the urge to leave, I assume that the message was threatening. Maybe they were defending their territory or testing me to see my response. Was it even a Bigfoot? This land is near a cemetery, just like the encounter above. Was it something else? I am positive that i have experienced infrasound before. That heavy nauseous feeling it creates has come over me a few times while I’ve been out exploring.

The key for me is to be aware that this is possibly a form of communication, and not something charging up on me. I need to take a deep breathe and open my senses up and try to translate the messages coming at me.

If anyone else has had a similar experience and would like to share it. I would love to hear it. You can message me here, or my email:

Courage Under Fire:

Thank you to Appalachian Paranormal Experience. Keep an eye out, a book will be coming from him soon.

Courage Under Fire

There is nothing better than a walk In the woods. It really is a spiritual place for me. I think, pray and make some major life decisions out there. Some hikes aren’t always a search for the big hairy guy, often they are just me getting in tune with nature and myself.

I’m usually very relaxed going in, and if strange vibes happen to come on then I’ll trust my gut instinct when and if it happens.

On two occasions, In relatively the same area, I did have those strange vibes come on. To me they translated as I might not be alone anymore and or there may be possible danger. And both times my gut has told me exit stage left and quick.

After I got home and relaxed I thought, how will I ever have that encounter if I don’t give my gut some Tums and keep going forward?

I should start by telling you a bit about these two particular encounters, and then you can help me decide if I made the right call at the time, or if I should have stayed and faced my fears.

The first incident, in a new area to me mind you, the further I entered the woods, the more uneasy I began feel. On the right side of the trail there was a ledge looking down to a small river and field and to the right of me there was thick tree coverage.

Up ahead I saw large tree down blocking the small trail. While I figured out what to do next, I stopped to take pictures of the area. Then I felt it. There was no way I was alone. Then I heard the run, heavy on the ground like a bull charging. A full on heavy footed bipedal run up the hill beside me.

First thing that happened, I froze in my tracks. I think I may have stopped breathing. My heart was definitely pounding. Then it all just stopped. It went from full on to complete full stop. I saw and heard nothing else after. As soon as I regained composure, still standing in the same spot. I flew out of there.

At the time my choice to leave felt like the right thing to do. My gut was screaming run. Then at home I thought, did whatever it was stop to give me a choice? Test if I was ready to see? Or was it as surprised as me and didn’t actually know I was there?

The second incident was on the same conservation land maybe two miles away. I again felt something, this time my gut was screaming whatever was about to happen was menacing. Much heavier feeling came on me then before. On my left on this trail were tall weeds. At my 4″11 I couldn’t see over them and it was far to thick to see through. Then it happened, again. Heavy footfalls charging. I froze a second again. I took a deep breath, because whatever this was, it was close and I wasn’t out running it. And then just like the previous time, it came to a full stop. I didn’t hear or see anything else. Was this the second test? Did I make the right choice? Again my gut said to leave quickly.

I never thought of myself as a chicken. I’m alone unarmed in the woods often, I’ve had a bear encounter and thought on my feet, so why are those two moments in time different?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I know for a fact Bigfoot was running at me. I didn’t actually see anything. But something was there, and because I left the area I’ll never know what that something was.

There are so many strange goings on in the woods, even strange people doing nefarious things. So how do you decipher what is actually happening?

I’m happy to say I have returned to to these same two spots often. I’ve not heard anything like that since then.

So what do you think? Did I leave to soon? Would you have stayed?

My plan is to stick it out if those vibes hit me again. I walked into the forest relaxed and I’m choosing to leave it that way…

area of first incident

Area of Second incident

Interdimensional Dilemma

When you listen to a lot of Bigfoot encounters as most of us enthusiasts do, you run into the subject of Bigfoot being referred to as an interdimensional being from time to time. Some people call it the “woo” theory. The “woo” belief is that Bigfoot travels back and forth between parallel dimensions. The interdimensional hypothesis was originally started by ufologists. It was a more plausible way for them to explain how ufos could appear and disappear right out of our sight so quickly, and because interstellar space travel would take generations to complete any one way.

Many enthusiasts and researchers don’t recognize this theory, some Cryptid social media sites won’t even allow you to talk about it on their page. I understand this. They are of the belief of blood and bones. A possible species of primate yet undiscovered. This is my belief as well, but I have learned to keep an open mind. I have definitely seen some things that just can’t be explained.

I recently watched an excerpt from an up and coming documentary titled Finding Jay. The video showed the parting of two large branches in an unnatural way, with seemingly nothing around to cause it. After hearing knocks and having rocks thrown near him around the same site, it seemed likely it could be a Bigfoot. But where was he? How could he have done that without being seen? How could he even get from one place to another without being noticed. This type of situation is the reason people sometimes think there is more going on than flesh and blood. But what?

Is there a possibility that being as old and in touch with nature as they may be, that they could potentially manipulate their surroundings in such as way as to blend into nature like a chameleon? Or be stealth like the creature from the Predator movies?

I often wonder about the secrets of the forests and the earth they may hold. If there is a mystical energy around us out there. What truly makes us feel so relaxed when we are hiking along. We sometimes use the expression , getting in touch with nature.

But what if it means more than we think it does, and we just have to be open to accept what exactly that is.

A parallel or a mystical universe…

Clip from above mentioned documentary Finding Jay (May 2019 release date)


Photo one from google stock

And Bigfoot sketch by Shirley McDaniel

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Beauty in the Forest

When you’re wandering in the forest hoping to see a Bigfoot, or signs of a Bigfoot you are aware of every tree, branch, bush and sticks on the ground.

Picture taken by me inside the Freetown Forest, Freetown, Ma.

I am always looking for something that does not fit, or something I don’t feel nature created. You can’t help it, it’s subconscious at this point. One thing that we all have seen are arches made from a branch or a tree. When I see them, I attribute them automatically to something I would use them for, such as decorating my yard, or if I’m lucky, maybe in my future wedding. And it’s because some of us think of them this way, that we tend to think a Bigfoot may have made them and had some use for them.

Since we don’t know if they think like us and they don’t have a backyard to decorate, what would they use them for? To mark their territory perhaps?

And if we aren’t creating them and Bigfoot isn’t creating them, then what makes these trees or branches bend ? Why do we see them everywhere we go?

One of the possibilities is for their need of sunlight. Trees bend and stretch in amazing ways to reach out for that life giving warmth. Sunlight is needed for their survival and there are a lot of trees to compete with in any one forest.

Another factor of course is weather. Ice and snow piled up on top of them puts so much weight on a weak or young branch, that It can’t handle the stress and begins to bend. Storm and wind damage will also reek havoc on them and then there is also moisture from below, if the roots are loosened by excessive moisture they will began to move around and possibly lean, or uproot all together.

Picture taken by me in Uxbridge Massachusetts

I would love to think the beauty of those arches we see out there came from a Bigfoot. And I know I’m no Arborist, but I did chat with one, and we both had the same thoughts, that most likely Mother Nature had her hand in all of these.

lastly, this is just one girl’s opinion, I wanted to write a bit about them because I have been messaged with a few pictures and questions on them, and I, myself, just couldn’t picture what they would be making them for.

I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this subject. What do you think are making them? I thank you for your emails and questions. You can always reach me at:

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