Mowed Down Memories…

Once upon a time there was a beagle…

I always loved the woods. Have always played in them. So when I rescued my first doggo Maggie, my beagle, I found these little town trails where I could teach her to stay with me out there, get comfortable with the wilderness and mostly just enjoy the serenity for me, the sniffs for her.

This area is so beloved that when I rescued my chihuahua Howard, we came here to teach him how to map the wilderness with his senses. Howard is a blind dog, who had a very rough start to life. He was abandoned in a field blind and alone.

I needed to take him some place he’d feel safe, be safe, but still give him the feel of the wilderness, even though we were close to home.

He does fantastic here, you can see in this video that he leads the way! So proud I am of him. But, when we headed here last week we passed tree trucks mowing down one of our trails. I can’t tell you the shock and stress I felt. I was compelled to pull over and “chat” with the DCR crew. They explained with their hands out for me not to kill them that they were just doing their job, and their job was to annihilate this forest and trails system for a bike path. Pave this beautiful trail for a bike path!

I’m not going to tell you of my reaction to that. But thinking she was going to help, a neighbor came out to tell me she just moved here from Lexington, they lived close to a bike path there, and I’m going to love it. She explained more people can come now with their kids, etc and get to enjoy the path.

So basically mow down more nature so people will go out and enjoy more pavement. I told the woman that I don’t like pavement, or people. I like trails and trees, and I apologize, I’m not proud because I think I may have told this poor woman to move back to Lexington then

. But it was the stress of it all, I was watching my memories get plowed again. I just can’t emotionally handle the destruction anymore.

Today, Howard and I headed out to the other local trail we like, and the above video is what we discovered when we got there. I set this video to music and not nature this time because you dont need to hear me weeping as we walk.

You see, I am someone who wants to rewind this planet and it’s inhabitants. Share the land with all the creatures again. Hunt and gather. Work your land and not work at a stupid job till you drop for currency that we kill more trees to print. I know it not realistic and will never happen unless something catastrophic happens. But when and if that ever does, no one on this planet will know how to even get a fire started!

Humanity is its own enemy and the worse thing that happened to this planet. And it will be its own demise…soon my bigfoot friends he will be on the endangered list because there will be no forestry to sustain him…

Thank you for allowing me this tirade. I just needed to vent in a big way. I’m very emotionally compromised today I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow…

Author: sasysquatchgirl

A Bigfoot and beyond blogger and Nature Photographer from New England. I spend a majority of my free time in the woods exploring for any signs the hairy man has been around and snapping some pics along the way. So if you’re following this blog, you’ll be the first to know if I see him...

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