The Castle…Dracula Day

Running down the castle wall

The blood of those screaming in the hall

SHe’s risen hungry and betrayed

Her revenge in bodies will be weighed

These people, these peasants, she thought

Can go find another castle to haunt

They will regret their plan to imprison me

I will maim, torture and kill all of them I see

None will be saved, none of them turned

And each and every house in the town shall be burned

I’ll start with that priest

Please, God could never control my soul’s beast

I’ll take his cross with me as I sin

He shall learn I always win

Let my second reign begin

But first I think I’ll take a ride,

…Maybe more of a flight

I have to burn all this new life I have flowing inside

Time for a little… male companionship

Before I feel the end of night…

Happy Dracula Day!

Poem titled The Castle by me