Bigfoot..The Conspiracy

I was able to carve out some time to catch another Bigfoot movie this month so I picked Bigfoot…The Conspiracy. I normally never look at descriptions or reviews before I watch and review, but I admit I did cheat this time and peak at others reviews on Amazon.

The reviews were as expected from hate to enjoy but I fall to enjoy here on their scale. One reviewer said they obviously didn’t do any research because they had Bigfoot’s behavior all wrong and another said they definitely did their homework because their behavior was portrayed straight on. I literally have no idea what to say other than one of those reviewers obviously doesn’t know anything about Bigfoot. Just saying. After you see it you can choose which one you agree with.

So I put on the movie waiting to see how well the big guy ways were portrayed. I found that they definitely did some research. I mean they filmed a sequence in a Bigfoot Museum with the lead trying to do some research, so you know they did some and that scene was letting the viewers know they did.

The synopsis of the movie was that a retired Border Patrol agent went to see his In Laws to visit with his wife and is told how animals are going missing and they are hearing weird howling at night etc. so he offers to go check it all out. Now that’s one of storylines happening here. There also appears to be a shadow government experiment conspiracy happening here as well. That’s were it gets a little confusing for me. I’m not a hundred percent sure I understood what was happening with that. But it didn’t ruin the movie for me, or the ending and I’m not going to spill all the beans and ruin the movie for you.

Overall I liked this movie. I’m a huge fan of indie, as most Bigfoot movies are these days. This was another good one for me. The Big Guys costume I was not able to get a full on look at because his appearances were more shadows and subtle but it worked. Was it the best acting in the world? No, but it worked. I recommend watching it if you’re a Bigfoot enthusiast and as I always say never just go by a review you read, you should always see it for yourself because we don’t all have the same taste in films. But if you like Bigfoot I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the movie.

Let me know some of your thought about it…

Trailer for Bigfoot…The Conspiracy

Soul Weave

My soul is weaved around the trees

My dreams are sprouting in the leaves

I hope my life can always be like this beautiful scene

If the time comes that I ever have to look away

I will have no more words to say

I’ll be glad for all the years I was given out here to play

Till that times come I’ll try to also weave my heart

Through the path to give you your place to start

Then it will be you turn play

See the sun poke through the trees each day

And when it’s your turn to pass

I’ll be there waiting in the soft grass

So we can both go home together at last

Deer Man…

“He was the myth slipped down through my dream

The promise of forever flowed true

The deer man who crossed through knots of time to find you

I imagined him often you know

As he entered my dream wearing nothing but his soul

He breathed mist into pine trees,

Made grass sway with a wave of his hand

Called his friends forward

To great her too, all fur, fang and flight

Shook the earth and my mind that night

I reached for his hand

As all his wildlings looked on

Tonight we would bind

Tomorrow we would run

I hope this will never end

I quietly whisper into the wind..

A hope a new legend will begin

Of the wild girl, and her deer man…”

Walking Through History…Sacrifice Rock

My sister and I went out exploring yesterday and we decided to hit Plymouth Massachusetts. Plymouth is a beautiful town with plenty to see from the ocean all the way to historical sites. I never get bored here, and I’ve been coming since I was a child. If you grow up In Massachusetts going to the Plymouth Plantation is a right of passage.

While looking around for something different to see we thought we’d check out Sacrifice Rock. Everyone knows the Plymouth Rock (pebble) but many have never heard about this less famous but more interesting (and bigger) rock.

The history of this seemingly innocent and (boring) looking rock is actually pretty interesting and amazing and it pre-dates the early settlers.

The Rock is located on the side of Old Sandwich Road. According to the Antiquarian Society, this is the oldest but least known of the historical sites. Old Sandwich Road, which was formed back in 1632 was a major trail used by the Wamponaag Native Americans. Before embarking on their travels they would stop at this rock and leave a branch or stone upon it.

These little sacrifices were placed there in hopes that it would grant them safe passage on their journey.According to the historians generations of Wamponaag Natives stopped here at this wry spot and over time eventually left enough sticks and stones to create a stick formation, which later caught on fire sadly.

A rock pile located further down the historic road…

We decided to continue driving down Old Sandwich road which eventually turned into a packed dirt road which also had the rock pile you see above and signs that stated that this was once an old cart road.

We got out and walked the path and woods for a bit to explore, ran our Ovilus, which said nothing of note. Nothing that fit where we were. We walked about till dusk, it was a beautiful late afternoon to be out there.

After going back to the car to finish driving out of the area my sister found a cemetery in the woods. I’m not even sure how she spotted it because it was full dark by then. We took a few pictures and then headed out.

Overall it was a great day and an interesting new place to explore. The only unfortunate part is they aren’t maintaining this area for you to visit as history loves, they are planing to pave the road, trees are marked to be cut and the beginnings of condo developments are being built. Like most beautiful historical things in the world, we are going to destroy it by most likely putting up another supermarket. Thank you Towm planners of Plymouth, I guess the plantation isn’t lining your pockets good enough anymore.

A Gathering Storm

“She is wild like the forests that surround her

She moves freely like the wind

She runs hot like the sun shining on her body

And she is free like the animals that surround her

She calls the hawks to her hands

And the wolf to her side

With the animals as her companions

She is never alone

And she feels so alive

She lives her life like her ancestors have shown

Bathing in the pond

Sleeping under the stars

A canopy of mystery to watch every night

The fire next to her blazing

Keeping her warm

She is passion like a gathering storm

She seeks a twin flame

To fill her soul

To lay under the stars

To be whole

So if you win her be ready for the journey

Get an umbrella for her storm

And know your life will never be the same,

But you will be forever glad you came”

I often think about living this life in reality. I’m close very very close

Running With The Wolves…

“Take me on an adventure,

take me with you

I want to run, run, run

through the forest with you

Crunching the leaves as we run,

branches snapping below and above

The wind tussling my hair

Wish I had fur, wish I was there

Dodging roots and jumping fallen trees

I wish you were here to,

wish you could see

Look at me running with the pack

Don’t wait up, or turn on the porch light

Just in case I don’t want to come back

Sleeping in a pile, howling at the moon

I hope this glorious day doesn’t end to soon…”

Happy Wolfy Wednesday everyone…


A Tuesday Terror for you…

“Everyday I feel him…

I swear I do…

I want him so much

I need to bleed him

so he’ll feel me too…

Scratches down his back

and his blood dripping free

I love the nights

when it’s just him and me

My fangs are dropping

It’s going to begin

He’s going to feed me…

And I’m…”

I’m going to keep him and let him live…

Copyright October, 2019

Property of Bigfoot Mountain and Sasysquatchgirl,

All rights reserved

Wild Woman…

The Wild Woman

“There are now only a few of the wild giants of the mountains,” said Charley, in his terse Indian dialect. “They are rarely seen and seldom met but some still live in the mountains around here. – here is one of my encounters. “I was hunting in the mountains and had my dog with me. One day I came out on a plateau where there were several big cedar-trees. The dog rushed up to one of the trees and began to growl and bark.”

“Looking up to see what had excited him, I noticed a large hole; I had heard the dog growling and barking and something was screaming. It sounded like my dog must be fighting a bear or something, I called to him and a moment later somewhere from deep in the trees came a voice.

Nearer and nearer came the voice and then out of the forest came a sasquatch woman. She was about seven feet tall, big built all over and her skin was as dark as mine; her long straight hair fell to her knees. She looked so big and strong that I am sure if she had laid hands on me, she could have broken every bone in my body. The wild woman and I stared at each other for a bit, frozen, then she turned and disappeared back into the tree line, I didn’t follow I just stood there frozen and surprised for a bit.”

My thoughts…

You don’t often hear tales of female squatch encounters, they must have a decent population of them as their species line is still continuing based on the number of sightings reported each year.

It is wonderful that our best piece of irrefutable proof is a film of a female Bigfoot. Amazing.

I’m fascinated with Native American encounters, and their beliefs of the species so I was happy to come across a few. Oh to be a fly on the wall a few 100 or even thousand years ago…

My Yeti and I…

“Can’t think of a better way,

to start off the day 

Just sitting side by side, my Yeti and I

We could chat or just stare

Look out at the sunrise, or for a bear

My friend and I wouldn’t need words

And the language he speaks, has never been heard

I’m not worried about what we’d have in common 

I’m happy just being in his presence,

it’s what I’ve always been longing 

I could maybe pet his fur while he sighed

I may pinch myself to see if I’m alive

I’m not going to stay long,

or wear out my welcome 

I think sitting here like this,

is something he does seldom

So thank you for your peace,

my white warrior beast

Recalling this moment is how I’ll end this day

I can’t believe it started out this way

Off to slumber now,

I can feel it pulling me down 

I’ll be waiting right here, if you ever decide to come back around”

Poem by me copyright © dec 2020

Property of Sasysquatchgirl

Art by Yalanrie


“Just because you don’t see him,

Doesn’t mean he isn’t there

Just because you don’t see him,

Doesn’t mean he’s not aware

He’s watching and waiting and learning what makes you tick

He’s deciding if he needs a rock or a stick

Just because you don’t see him

Doesn’t mean he doesn’t see you

He’s watching and making sure you don’t see his shelter too

Just because you don’t see him

Doesn’t mean he isn’t staying alert

He’s watching and waiting and making the air heavy with his presence and stare….”

Poem titled Aware by me

Copyright © Dec 2020

Property of sasysquatchgirl

Art Titled Hard to Intimidate by Andrew Benoit