I was Kidnapped by a Sasquatch…The Snuff Box Defense

A Port Langley man says he was kidnapped and held captive for one week by a Sasquatch Family. and was able to escape when he fed one a box of snuff.

I was Kidnapped by a Sasquatch, Snuff Box to Rescue By Bill Dunford in the Province Newspaper, May 1955

A Port Langley man says he was kidnapped and held captive for one week by a Sasquatch Family. and was able to escape when he fed one a box of snuff.

ALBERT OSTMAN, M. of 10263 McKinnon Road, told his story this week to William Roe, fin, of 5085 Pacific Highway. Cloverdale. Mr. Ostman and Mr. Roe were brought together after Mr. Ostman read of Mr. Roe’s experience in sighting a female Sasquatch as published in The Province April 23.

Mr. Ostman said he was on a prospecting trip about 75 miles north of the head of Toba Inlet ) when he was kidnapped during the middle of the night by “the old man” Sasquatch as he slept in a sleeping bag in the summer of 1924.

Pic from Look and Learn Publication

“I DIDN’T KNOW it was the old man Sasquatch at the time,” Mr. Ostman said. “All I knew is that I was being carried and that the sleeping bag was pulled so tight around my neck that I almost choked. He just slung me over his shoulder and away he went.”

He was taken to a cave-like shelter under a rock cliff where he saw an old female Sasquatch and a young male and female. The “old man” was about, seven feet tall and weighed between five and six hundred pounds. The “old lady” was slightly smaller, while the young male stood six feet and weighed two hundred pounds. The young female was about six feet tall and one hundred pounds.

Their food consisted of fruits and nuts, and no meat. Mr. Ostman said he was running short of supplies and decided be must escape from the family, although at no time did they molest or harm him. “They were definitely human, , although primitive, and seemed more curious about me than anything.” he said. “Every time I would attempt to leave though, the old man would block the way. “But one day I was taking a bit of snuff and I noticed the old man was very curious, so I handed him the tin. He just opened his mouth and emptied the tin in one gulp and was he ever sick.

“WHILE THE old man was busy being sick, I grabbed my belongings and ran as fast as I could. “I got away okay, and I wasn’t harmed a bit. But after living with them a week, I’m sure they are merely a band of Indians that have lost touch with civilization. “They don’t want to harm anyone, and don’t want anyone to harm them. My advice to anyone going out hunting for them is to just leave them alone. They probably don’t want any part of us and I don’t blame them.

“THEIR SPEECH was a sort of chattering, and even though they wore no clothing.they used blankets made of moss woven with strips of cedar bark, and they never used a fire.” Mr. Ostman agreed the female Sasquatch sighted by Mr. Roe was “quite probably” the young female of the family which held him captive, and was now grown up.

As I read this article (which I haven’t done in years), I realized he was describing this Bigfoot family exactly how I’ve always pictured them. Primitive, by not necessarily primates. More man, an evolutionary split some home. They would be in a family unit and have a unique language just like we have one.

That they may want to scare us off, but not all necessarily want to kill us. They simply want to be left to themselves. Granted being dragged off in the night in the sleeping bag is not ideal, he felt they just wanted to study him, and why not, we would do far worse to one of them. Imagine living your life while hundreds or more people are after you everyday.

For all we know their possible migration routine could be to also avoid us, not just for food sources. Yes they may want to scare us with rocks, knocking and such, but has anyone ever said they saw him snap a neck or physically attack species to species?

Maybe instead of guns or knives we need to carry snuff boxes for defense because at least we know that one works. I’ve always felt that the more passive role out there in the forest you play, less equipment, less weaponry the less you seem like a threat and the more you can relax, the more likely a chance you may have to see one. But everyone has to do their research in their own individual way, this is just how this girl does it…

It’s the way I conduct myself out there, and no, I haven’t seen one with my naked eyes yet, but I’m sure a time or two something was there, but as I always say, don’t be disappointed if you don’t get dragged off im the night in your sleeping bag half asleep, just enjoy your time out there, your peace and quiet, if it is meant to happen it will. Just keep on believing and throwing out your positive vibes to the world…

Art piece by Harvey Platt, uses by permission

Merry Krampusnacht

The legend of Krampus

“Tonight he comes

With his Satyr like appearance of horns

And his fangs

He’s Santa’s darkness

The yin to his yang

The legend of Krampus is known far and wide

There’s no where to go

and no where to hide

You should have been nicer

You shouldn’t have lied

He’s got more than a big pile of coal

He’s coming for you with his bell and taking your soul

He’s been seen under ground picking up the list

He’ll take you to torment you or make you a dish

You should have believed in who you dealing with

He has his bundle of birch and his bag of demonic toys

To lure in the girls and the boys

Good vs evil has always been there

Santa can’t handle the naughty it’s not balanced… it’s not fair

There is always truth to legends didn’t you know

There’s more then reindeers outside your door in that snow

With his chains and bells

He’s coming to take you straight to his hell

It’s a very good lesson for all you reading

Keep honest and kind in all of your dealings

Or you will see him in the flesh

He’s not just coming for the children

He’ll take all the rest…”

Poem by me copyright © December 5th 2020 property of Sasysquatchgirl

Merry krampusnacht everyone….lock your doors tonight….

Finding Jay…Lost and Found

Everyone has a journey they must take in life, everyone’s path is different, this is one man’s road…

Researcher Jay Bachochin along with his wife, Katie Bachochin started this journey by founding WPI Hunts the Truth to investigate the paranormal and UFOs, to help understand and explain things they had heard about and witnessed themselves.

After a few years of investigating they decided to check out the infamous Kettle Moraine, (which they live a stones through from). While they were out there one day they came upon a large print that was definitely not a bears.

A new journey begins…

After finding the print, and having an encounter himself, his focus shifted to solving the mystery that was and is Bigfoot.

He took some friends on his journey…

A firm believer and ambassador of not hiking alone, he took family and friends out in the field with him, along with witnesses who had their own encounters to add to this story.

Five years of research later…

After five years of doing research and gathering evidence in the Kettle, a documentary was born. Finding Jay was a culmination of footage from personal encounters, witness interviews and some history of the Kettle. It was released in 2019 to mostly positive reviews and trust of the people who follow his work.


After what can only be described as one of the worst years we’ve had as humans, Jay wanted to give something back to his followers, so he put together a companion to Finding Jay in the form of extended scenes, interviews, and a blooper reel. I was able to get an early preview of Finding Jay, Lost and Found, and I have to say I really enjoyed the extended interviews with the witnesses. Their encounters hit home just a little bit more for me. If you enjoyed Finding Jay, like myself, then you will definitely enjoy this. It will be available free of charge on YouTube beginning Black Friday, so when you’re done enjoying your family and your turkey and your mad shopping, you can look forward to sitting back and relaxing knowing you have a new documentary to watch.

Until then, I thought I’d check in with Jay and see what he’s been up to this past year or so. Here’s a little Q and A…with Jay.

What has the response to Finding Jay meant to you?  I am overwhelmed with the positive feedback from all over the world and that truly humbles me. People thank me for delivering such an honest documentary. A lot of people say they’ve been experiencing similar encounters. This is exactly why I created my documentary as to unify people with the Truth. I’ve made so many new friends and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’ve been blessed.

What are your  plans for a second documentary? Great question ! What are my plans? Well, since I never stopped researching (even as I produced Finding Jay) I have only used my first 5 years (2013-2017). I never stopped researching so I have all of 2018, 2019 & 2020 respectively. However like my first documentary, I want to put out quality not quantity of my research. With that being said, I may not revisit a sequel for another year or two.
What made you want to release this for 
free to your followers? Well this question is a follow up to a sequel. Since I am about putting out a quality film instead of ‘just because it’s been a year and a half’ I decided to answer those that have contacted me requesting another film. I wanted to give back to those that fell in love with my film and supported me along the journey of my first film. Since I couldn’t put all the content in my first film I thought what a perfect way to complete my original story with extended interviews, deleted scenes and of course, a gag reel. I felt that people shouldn’t have to pay for extras as this film isn’t a direct sequel …. and hey …I’m in the giving mood with all that’s been going on in this glorious year called 2020. I think we should all be thankful and be kind to our fellow neighbors.
Has your research philosophy out in the field changed at all since Finding Jay was released?  I use different pieces of equipment but my techniques remain the same. I now use a FLIR TK Scout Thermal Imager and have attached a shotgun mic to my H1 Zoom to catch the far away sounds in the woods. But the best addition to my equipment is using a Boblov Body Cam. Now my philosophy of what I’m looking for has not changed. I stand in the dark woods waiting for the day that I make contact with these ancient woods people. There is humanity in them, I can feel it.
Has your specific research area grown to include other parts of the kettle?  No. I’ve been researching the same 5 areas for 7 years now and don’t plan to expand. It’s about being tenacious and patient in the areas that deliver good results. However, I never say never.
Have you had more recent sightings reported on that area at all in the past year? Yes, and it was extraordinary.  The encounter happened in the pitch dark but was recording using the FLIR Thermal Imager so I could really see it. The way it peeked on both sides of the tree was so extraordinary. This will definitely be in the sequel. 
Do you feel perhaps like you’ve been found now and it’s a matter of a type of contact you’re seeking? Absolutely! l feel that they have been trying to make contact but they still haven’t stepped out from shadows. I don’t take offense to this or get discouraged because I believe their way of living is to ‘not’ be seen. Even if they trust that I wouldn’t reveal the evidence of where they reside, maybe they know something about me that I don’t? Maybe they think I would change my mind? Either or …I will never stop trying.
What do you bring out with you when you’re in the field? The question is what DON’T I bring into the field. I do not carry any firearms as I believe they (like a dog can sense fear) they can sense confidence. People carrying firearms feel safe because they have protection, thus, feel confident walking into the dark woods. This I believe they’ll stay away from. Now I am all about safety in case I do run into wildlife predators or worst yet …bad people. I do carry 21” machete, Beer Spray, sharp hunting knives for protection as I don’t want to kill a living thing but something that will get me to safety while they are tear gassed on the ground. Also, use a 1500+ lumens flashlight. A predator can’t attack if he can’t see as he is blinded. As far as evidence collecting I use a body cam and an audio device clipped to my backpack. In my shoulder bag I carry an IR flood light and IR HD cam. Finally, my FLIR Thermal Imager hangs around my neck. I try to be as hands free as I can. 
Any sage advice for any up and coming researchers who may have watched your documentary,and now they want to get out there themselves? That’s the only way to Hunt the Truth is to go out and discover for yourself. With that said, Safety should always be your number one measure in a successful hike. Always go with another person or two. NEVER GO OUT ALONE ! While you may not get kidnapped by a Bigfoot, a lot of other natural accidents can happen or running into wildlife predators and again worst case …. running into bad people. Know the area you want to research. Pull out maps, study the trails. Know what kind of wildlife that is in your area. While I never hike alone, I still text my wife the area and time I arrive and depart. That way at least someone knows where to begin looking IF anything bad was to happened. Lastly …have FUN doing this. It’s great to get into nature with friends. Enjoy your journey.
You have a new website up and running now, what are your plans for it? My website is a wealth of information from seeing evidence I have captured, the people I hike with, some good blogging material, Merch and best of all, to keep up to date of what podcasts, TV or radio that interviews me. There you can listen to my obsession of the passion that’s in my life …and that’s Bigfoot. My site is basically a hub of people like me and you relating and sharing our experiences and evidence to help solve the mystery of the Bigfoot Phenomenon

Jay’s website:


Finding Jay Review:


Damning Evidence…

I’m a romantic; I would like Bigfoot to exist. I’ve met people who swear they’ve seen Bigfoot, and I think the interesting thing is, every single continent, there’s an equivalent of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. There’s the Yeti, the Yowie in Australia, the Chinese Wildman, and on and on and on”

Jane Goodall

“That is one of the best pieces of evidence we have. That he’s seen on all different continents, by all different races of people, in all different centuries and some periods of time where seeing him and telling their story is definitely not a good thing, and yet, so overwhelming an experience it was to them that they needed to share it regardless of the outcome. So overwhelming an experience that a doctor would quit their career and hit the woods to find proof of what they saw…all of this is some of the most damning of evidence…

Keep on Squatching on….”


Have a great day!

Bigfoot and the Big Election…2020 Election mo

I warn you in advance that this is just my thoughts, Remember that I did warn you this blog is like my diary or journal. Okay time to write in this diary…

Dear Diary,

This has been the most emotional year ever. I am someone who does not like conflicts and especially not family fighting. Some of my friends aren’t even speaking anymore! I’m learning things about friends I never knew, so are others it’s traumatizing. I can like and love people I don’t agree with, I love and are related to hunters, and I’m a vegetarian! I don’t need to think exactly like you, I don’t want to think like you, I want to think like me. My best friend and I vote for completely different political parties. I respect her reasons and she respects mine. Despite this year’s insanity we still are besties, we don’t talk about politics. To me it should be private. My parents didn’t say who they voted for so not to influence us or for us to be upset with their choices. Matters of Church and State should be kept private. This year has made being private so hard, but having politics and infighting head to a community I never thought it would? Well that just took me by total surprise, I never saw it coming…

The Bigfoot community had gone political and was about to draw down and split between party lines, no longer just bickering about Woo or Flesh and Blood lines, but democratic and republican! Diary I never would think we would react like this, I thought we were all in this squatching thing together. I was wrong…so wrong.

It started with memes like above. (And I should quickly say I just picked any meme, I’m not sharing my party here), some were funny (on both sides) I can laugh and appreciate a funny meme but I’m learning that not everyone can. Some people got completely caught up in it all and became irate from these memes and that was the beginning of the end diary. We started sharing way to much of ourselves and opinions and the infighting began.

People began having horrible fights in the comments, leaving groups, blocking people, etc. What is happening here diary!?! I thought we were here for Bigfoot. I thought we were the sites and people that others followed to just enjoy Bigfoot and get away from all the chaos.

Now I have to avoid groups or pages and channels too, I need to get away from the anger and tension. I don’t care if you’re a republican or a democrat as long as your Bigfoot research is sound and you keep the sites integrity. Oh diary it’s such a mess, some days I don’t want to open the apps! Politics and Bigfoot clearly doesn’t mix, and why should it? Yes we have the right of freedom of speech but I try on my pages to stay neutral, accept all and not influence and push my views into another. If you are my friend, then you’re my friend. If I like your Bigfoot research then I like your research no matter who you vote for…

Now It’s Election Day and I’m sitting here with heart palpitations because I worry the losing party will freak out, and we will talk even less about Bigfoot, say even more angry things to each other.

Diary can you make all this stop and have us all friends again? Can you make it so we respect each other again. Respect how each other votes and get on with the awesome squatching everyone does? Can we just put everything behind us and move forward? Oh diary I hope so, I truly do…

Batsquatch Madness

After the blast of Mount Saint Helens in 1980, the area around the mountain was filled with ash and silence. But something rose from the ashes…

After the explosion residents began seeing something appear in the barren landscape. It was reported to always came at night and it was always accompanied by a terrible terrible silence. Always…

These frightful sightings didn’t just happen after the blast, but continued to be seen even recently and no longer just in the Pacific Northwest…here are a couple more recent sightings…

In 2009 near Mt. Shasta in California, several hikers witnessed a huge creature with leathery wings fly out from a crevice in the mountain. The creature was either the dreaded Batsquatch or a pterodactyl/thunderbird. Descriptions vary.

In June 2011 a man was in his yard walking his dog. The man went to pick up the dog when he saw something flying in the sky.

“I saw something flying sky. It had bat wings, blue fur and had a face similar to eyes glowing red. It was about 9 feet tall at the least after I watched it just flew away. “

On April 14, 2014, at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron OH, a class witnessed a giant black mass zoom by the window of their homeroom at flash-like speed.

So what do you believe? Do you think Batsquatch really exists, could those wings even support a squatch in flight? Or is he only a fun campfire 🔥tale to scare everyone near Halloween?

I’m not sure what I think, it’s a little to frightful for me, I’m often alone out there and I’m not sure I could continue to do that with this thing flying around out there as he pleases.

Happy Halloween everyone, be safe out there.

Look at Me…Werewolf Wednesday

“He’s stalking me in the night

I just need to make it to the light

At dawn he will be everything he will be love

But now he’s truly ruled by the light above

Somewhere in there I know he knows

He would die of sorrow should he find me

Blinded by bloodlust now he roams the night

Every month we have this hunt

He breaks his chains and I’m on the run we both race till the dawn

Tired when the sunrise

But I stay awake just to keep looking into his eyes

I’m here my love see me, see me

I can see the very last of the wolf fade From his eyes

I love you…I love you I’m here

Rise, rise’

Happy Werewolf Wednesday

Poem by me copy

Chickahominy Chimera of New Kent…

Virginia has no shortage of cryptids in their state but I finally stumbled on one I’m not familiar with. Virginia is my home away from home, my family is there so I sneak there as often as I can. I love to visit places there these cryptids have roamed. Now It looks like I need to add New Kent on to that list.

Back in 1903 a women saw an amazing sight near her farm, a sheep headed… snake?

Here is an excerpt of an article about some crazy cryptids that came out yesterday from the Daily Press written by Alex Perry and Em Holter. This article is what intrigued me to look up more about this interesting creature…

New Kent’s Chickahominy Swamp Monster

From the Chesapeake’s own Loch Ness Monster, Chessie, to West Virginia’s Mothman, to North Carolina’s Frogman, mysterious cryptids have been spotted all across America.

While some point to prehistoric creatures who managed to survive, government experiments gone awry or simply group hysteria, folks are no stranger to their existence and continue to marvel in their mysteries.

New Kent County is no stranger to this phenomenon. Holding close to its own cryptid, old newspaper archives reveal stories from the early 1900s of a serpent-like monster that called the Chickahominy Swamp its home.

“In the early part of the 18th century, a lot of people were traveling back and forth from New Kent and Richmond,” New Kent Historical Society Secretary Scott McPhail said. “Because of where New Kent is situated, it’s more rural, there’s a lot of woods and swampland, it became a hub for sightings and it sort of got blamed for them.”

In a 1904 Richmond-Times Dispatch article, the edition outlines the strange encounter of one New Kent woman, known as Mrs. Woodson, with New Kent’s Chickahominy Swamp Monster.

While tending to her land near the swamp, Woodson said she heard a noise similar to that of a bleating lamb. Fearing that a lamb had ventured into the swamp and had gotten itself stuck, she went to retrieve it.

But what she witnessed was not a lamb. Instead, just a few yards from her, she saw a creature coming toward her.

Woodson described it as having a head, with ears, similar in shape and size to a sheep but the body of a large snake. She estimated it was 4-feet in length and covered in scales. As the sun reflected off of its scales, it reflected bright, iridescent colors that hurt her eyes, the article details.

Woodson ran back to her home and got other members of the family in order to kill the beast. According to the article, they tracked it to the water’s edge but it had retreated into the depths of the swamp.

“Hunger had undoubtedly forced it from its hiding place, as two rabbits and three birds had been caught by the strange beast, as portions of each were found by the huntsman,” the article details.

Ensuring the accuracy of the sighting, the article details all of the members of the family were in sound mind as they were able to maintain their farm and all of their animals through the harsh winter.

Here is the Original article from the Richmond Dispatcher in which my favorite new phrase was nervous prostration. I must find ways to fit thIs into my conversations going forward.

I’m going to rename this cryptid The Chickahomity Chimera. Because what else could such a creature be? I believe many odd things happen in nature, but a sheep and snake union is not one of them.

There is no monetary gain by making up an encounter such as this . And if there was now, there certainly wasn’t then, you only get to become the crazy lady of your town then. I lived in a haunted house for 20 years we weren’t advertising that one. So it’s safe to assume she saw something, something scared her. What that was who knows. But it came out, like most creatures for a food source and by the description they should be pretty happy it was a rabbit or two and not human delicacy it was hunting for…😁

Article of note:


Forest Bathing…Part 2

“Go deeper,

Sink into this blessed water

With your achy bones

And weary mind,

Enter into the depths

Of your own soul,

Allowing the cleansing waves

Of self-reflection

To wash over and surround

Weary bodies need the love

Only a soul bath can give,

Need the rest carved out

Of endlessly busy days

Go deeper,

Feel the water rising,

Feel the weariness retreating,

Sink into your soul…”

©SpiritLed 2018

You hear forest bathing or sometimes it’s also referred to as soul bathing. It’s catching on here now, but did you know the Japanese are whom it came from? The Shinrin-Yoku was developed in Japan in the 1980s. The term means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing”.

It can be as simple as stepping outdoors taking in nature and connecting with it body and soul. Have you ever noticed when you enter the forest, whatever the reason, that all your troubles, worries and pain just slip away? If it does than you’re doing it right. It’s a major part of Japanese medicine and would do us a lot of good as well.

Aside from the obvious part of me that is searching for Bigfoot, I am also out there to escape. I suffer from a syndrome called CRPS. It’s not the most know syndrome in the world, and just the term syndrome being used to describe a condition you have can be frightening. But it lives up to be frightening.

If you’ve, like myself once, have never heard of the condition it’s one involving the nervous system. Your nerves get all confused and send constant pain signals to your brain. There is no cure and only an army of medicine can keep you going, that is till I like others I’ve met, realized being in the forest seeing the colors, smelling the fresh air, the whole thing. I realized when I’m in there I’m so distracted by beauty I don’t feel any pain. Amazing and well worth going in everyday.

But, I’m not telling this tale for sympathy but hopefully for inspiration because if it saved me from giving up on everything and could help you too. Not just physically but mentally as well.

I take this philosophy into the forest with me everyday, it made me a survivor, and if it can do this for me? Imagine what it could for you. I like to think I help spread the vibe that forest bathing, soul bathing could make a world of difference in your life. So,. If you’ve never tried it I urge you to get out there.i promise you’ll feel renewed, and be so glad you did it.

Off Roading

Included in the wonderful world of Squatching and nature loving is our cars, and we give them quite a beating. Driving down known and unknown trails, all that mileage while we look for that special spot. Out trunk packed and weighed down with supplies. Kayaks, bikes or pop up tents attached, and if your Squatching you probably have plaster of paris and water leaking everywhere…(that may just be me actually) and probably not finally is mud and dirt all over it.

For me what works is carrying these types of things in my car permanently. I’m like Waldo, I never know where I’m going to be or what trail I’m going to find. I generally drive on a dirt road till it gets expensive. I’ve hit some unbelievable pot holes, dragged a tree branch under my car, my sister rode over a tree stump in my cat too. There have definitely been some astronomical auto repair bills. I’m not saying any of this is smart or good for our cars, we will do what we will do.

It’s part of being an explorer. And If you knew everything about every trail you headed down, then there would be no excitement and no adventure. Who wants that? So keep on enjoying your life just as you are. Definitely make sure one of your paths in life are dirt…