A Walk Through History…Whitehall State Park

It was a beautiful day in New England yesterday so I headed out as I always do to the forest. I usually start off putting a fixed location in my GPS, and then take random lefts and rights while the GPS goes nuts and then I’ll stop at anything interesting I may see on the way. It is so well trained to me and my ways it just gets us lost right off the bat.

This particular day the GPS was set for Whitehall Park in Hopkinton Massachusetts. I headed that way and I found an interesting and unmarked trial off the side of the road and pulled right over. One of my favorite things to do is find these trails and give them my own name and list them in my field guide I’m creating for myself. This trail today looked beautiful even if a bit overgrown. Very green and lush. Some noticeable poison ivy overgrown a bit too close to the paths.

As there were no markers I just followed it straight down, something I normally do until I get the lay of the land. I won’t deviate from that straight path o or most obvious trail right away.

After walking about two miles or so I finally came up on some trail markers and a sign. It read Whitehall perimeter trail. I had my location set for Whitehall Park so somehow I came to it on my own. I love finding the unmarked way into a state park.

I could see what looked like water straight ahead so I made a stop there first. It was a beautiful little spot and I could have gladly sat there all day. Next time definitely. I set off on the trail to the right. I came up on high stone walls set in such a way that it looked as though this was one property or family’s homestead. I walked further on heading to what looked like another another set of stonewalls with stone stairs. It was about there that I also started to get a feeling of uneasiness which happens to me often at certain locations. It was the feeling of not being alone and maybe not of welcome either. I stayed for a bit but the feeling didn’t subside so I knew it was time to head out.

I try to read my feelings and emotions carefully when I’m out alone wandering. I believe feeling of uneasiness is my sign to go. Either it feels friendly and welcoming or it does not. If you are out hiking alone trust your instincts, always.

Before I left I actually did stop at Whitehall Park. It was a beautiful spot but very high traffic. Lots of people out wanting to soak in some fresh air.

I like a quieter area myself so maybe I’ll head back when things go back to a new normal.

Whitehall State Park was created in 1947, when the area was no longer used as a water source for the area. The park is connected to the Bay Path, the route both Native Americans and Settlers used to travel to connecticut and back. Whitehall forest connects to the forest in Grafton and Upton as well as those are part of the Bay Path making for a combined 2600 acres all together and this area is so steeped in history that this is just an introduction…To be continued…

Witness Encounter…Maralyn

The encounter

My son was driving, my husband Bob was in the front seat, I was sitting in the back seat with my 2 year old in his car seat & my daughter-in-law. We were going from Grants Pass, Oregon, to Crescent City, Ca. on a dirt back road thru the timbers of north California. Bob & Shawn looked at each other in surprise & they both said “What the —- was that?” So I cranked my head around to see what shocked them, and I only saw what I thought was about a 4 year old boy with a huge sweatshirt on. It was dark in color like a hood on it’s head not showing his face. The sleeves were extra long covering the hands. The thing that struck me was the crest on top of it’s head. Neither Bob or Shawn saw this little guy. So I looked away. When I looked again it was just gone.

We were probably about a block away from what we saw. Shawn & Bob wouldn’t really say just what they saw. I wanted Shawn to slow down when he got to the place I saw the little one. That didn’t happen instead Shawn speeded up at we went by. I couldn’t see it the bushes had been stomped down by the little one or if the Big one picked it up over the bushes.

Another strange thing about this was a woman sitting in the drivers seat reading a book about 30 feet across the road. She didnt even look up when we went by her.

Years later we were camping with our grandsons & telling stories. I told about the little big foot I had seen. I described everything as I have here. When my son showed up with their camp trailer Caleb went over and put an oversized sweatshirt on and came around my camp Trailer sideways. It looked just like I’d seen except the crown was rounded not straight like I remembered. That is when I realized it was a toddler bigfoot I had seen. I remembered a video I had seen where a farmer had set up night cameras to see who was eating their apples after dark. It was a female bigfoot with a tot in her arms. That picture stuck in my head. It showed a definite crown or ridge going front to back on top of it’s head.

Amazing. Do you remember if you were feeling scared or curious? Did you ever go back afterward and look around?

I wanted to but there was no way Shawn would even slow down, let alone go back. Not after he saw what he & Bob both saw. That’s where the fear was. I figured there had to be foot prints or stomped down bushes, something. Now I can’t even find the right road we were on, on the map.

About 2 years ago Shawn and his hunting crew had an incident. They were hunting in a remote area of Lick Creek, Idaho. One person in his group was down trying to scare the deer up to the hunters. He had no weapon with him what so ever. Something Huge let out an echoing scream. It didn’t take Dave any time at all to find Shawn and the boys. He was scared to death. So was Shawn.

They stayed together and went up on the ridge. Shawn said there was a pile of animal bone up there. It must have been his feeding grounds. I’m going to keep trying to get Bob to take me up there & just go 4 wheeling where it feezable to go. This summer, but I won’t go by myself. Bob’s my defender. LOL We’ll see.

Interview with a Witness…Jay Masters

This sighting took place in late April of 2005 in Nassahegon State Forest in Burlington, Connecticut.

My son, who was 6 years old at the time, was home on April vacation from first grade, asked if we could go for a walk in the woods.

This was around midday on a very sunny day. One of the first real warm days of the Spring. I took him to a trail that runs parallel To the Lamson’s Corner Cemetery.

The hike was nice and uneventful until we were walking back up to the trailhead. All of the sudden we heard a loud grunt as a large pine tree came crashing down behind us, complete with its root system.

My son screamed and we both whirled around to see what had happened. We both looked at where the tree had fallen from and it was on the north side of the trail about ten feet behind us.

As I took a step to see where the tree had been uprooted from, curious as to what had caused it to fall I saw movement and noticed what I can only describe as a giant CHIMPANZEE almost perfectly hidden in the shadows of the other trees as its hair was jet black.

Its eyes were also very dark almost like oil with a silvery glint to them. My son screamed again and I felt like my feet were made of cement and the creature just sort of tilted his head and turned around and glided away and then either blended into the deeper shadows of the woods or dropped down. Regardless, it was like the woods had swallowed it whole.

I say it glided away instead of ran because it’s movements were so smooth that it reminded me of watching someone using an Eliptical Trainer.

We clearly saw its face which had a mouth that rounded out from its face. The skin was grayish and not covered in hair.

It looked to me, and I admittedly suck at guaging height, that it stood about six foot five to six foot eight. It was very lithe and did not have the girth that most associate Sasquatch as having like the creature from the Patterson Gimlin Film. I’d best describe it as having the build of an NBA Power Forward.

I knew it wasn’t a bear because I grew up in those woods and had run across many black bears in my life, both on this trail, and in other parts of this State Forest.

I had seen a black bear rear up once on its hind legs when I surprised one foraging in some thick brush. Bears look awkward when they are on two legs. They almost move like a man wearing a really awkward bear suit.

This creature my son and I saw that day moved fluidly and almost preternaturally. Like I said it looked like it was gliding above the forest floor. I say this because it made no sound as it ran away from us and the forest floor here is pretty thickly layered with leaves and branches and such.

The whole encounter was maybe ten seconds even though it felt like hours to me. When it turned away and glided away it was like I was waking up from a hypnotic trance.

I felt a rush of pure terror overcome me and I scooped up my crying, terrified son into my arms and ran with him the rest of the way and didn’t stop until we got back to my car.

My son did not voluntarily go into the woods again for almost ten years. I went back to the area maybe a week later and found a footprint in dried mud which I will attach to you. Just remember it was taken with a flip phone camera and this was 2005 so it will not win any National Geographic awards.

I thank Jay for being comfortable with sharing his encounter with me. Encounters are very personal, and for some? Life changing and traumatic, so I never take the trust lightly. If you have one to share me please email me sasysquatchgirl.com


Pareidolia; the human ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness such as seeing shapes in clouds, Bigfoot in stumps.

You’re probably wondering right now why I’m defining Pareidolia while showing my jazzy sneakers measuring print sizes. Well I do have an explanation.

It’s a fact that when you are out in the woods squatching you have Bigfoot on the brain. So when we hear noises or see some weird looking shading by a stump you at first do a double take to see if it’s Bigfoot. My self included.

We sometimes blowup an image until we can actually make it look like a Bigfoot face or body. Sometimes we film a blobsquatch, as some call it. I’m sure we have all done that at least once.

But now I’m experiencing a new kind of Pareidolia , and It’s one I constantly have to check myself out there in the woods from seeing too. That’s why I thought I’d write about it, see if anyone struggles with it. I call it pedicuredolia. When you see Bigfoot prints on every kind of outdoor terrain. It’s made worse for me because I have tiny feet, so every print looks like Ronald McDonalds big feet.

The above picture is not a Bigfoot print, (well at least I don’t think so) but I took the picture because when I first turned the corner and caught a quick flash of this by the river my brain immediately went to…its a Bigfoot footprint. Realistically I knew it was not his print, but that’s what I was looking for so my brain found a way to give it to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I haven’t cast a print or two, or found and photographed other footprints that I stand by. That I’m as sure as I can be that they are the real deal. But after the initial, “Omg it’s a print! ” I try to take in the whole area and check that it could actually be somewhere that could sustain him or a family of them.

It’s amazing when I see these perfect casts because mine are not that pretty ever. Here’s a few perfect examples. I don’t know how your prints work out but mine do not look this sexy. They could definitely use a pedicure.

I have been lucky to find some good prints. Most of my adventures are outside a park area. Paths many don’t use because they aren’t marked.

The best advice I was given was to cast every print you aren’t sure about, take photos, videos, measure etc and document. Go over the whole area because if he can’t survive in that area for awhile and probably isn’t his print. Be open and ready to hear that maybe it isn’t a bigfoot and actually is Ronald McDonalds…

UFOs, Monsters, Bigfoot and George Kennedy Oh My! (Demonwarp Review)

Demonwarp was a 1988 gem starring George Kennedy and directed by Emmett Alston.
A man (Kennedy) and his daughter were attacked by Bigfoot the daughter was taken by them and the father is now out on a mission to find her. At the same time a small group of friends are heading up to a cabin in the woods so one of them can find their missing uncle unbeknownst  to the rest of the group,and unfortunately for them, they find out the hard way why they’re really there.
The woods in the film are called the Demon Woods because there have been many strange occurrences reported for hundreds of years. The film was actually shot on location in Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles where despite its filming of monsters of all shapes and sizes have a relatively low record of actual sightings.
Bigfoot in this movie actually has a good look unlike some and you see a lot of him in the film.
This movie is clearly R rated because like all eighties horror movies there is gore and boobs aplenty. all writers in the eighties know not to leave home without them. 
I was actually going along enjoying this movie for the eighties cheese that it was until the last fifteen minutes. Then everything went bat shit crazy.
At the end the movie everything veered off in a different direction, several directions actually if I’m being honest.
All of a sudden there is a cave, some aliens, and even a priest around. At this point you have to watch because how can you not. I’m not going to give away to many spoilers but definitely hang in till the end or you will miss all the fun. 
Between 1 and 10 I give this a 4 because I definitely can’t say I wasn’t entertained.

You can find Demonwarp for free on YouTube.

Demonwarp trailer below

Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones

But I don’t think a Squatch will ever hurt me

They bang and knock

To warn us off

When I’m sitting at the creek

I think I see them peek From behind the biggest tree

I’m studying him

He’s studying me

I wonder what we’ll learn

If we stop making knocks

And ticking him off

I wonder what his demeanor wil be like Yes he bangs and knocks

And throws them rocks

But I don’t think he’ll ever strike”

Poem by me, copyright April 2020 property of Sasysquatchgirl all rights reserved…

Happy 😃 Sunday everyone..

Freddie Fingers…

It’s Folklore Thursday so here is a little legend from Rhode Island for you.

It is believed that Freddy Krueger was inspired by a creepy campfire tale in Rhode Island.

The stories of “Finger Nails Freddie”, a violent man living in the woods with long finger nails, date back to the 19th century. The story say anyone that wanders onto his former property in the woods is murdered.

It is believed that Finger Nails Freddie is actually a man who lost his family when neighborhood bullies lit fire to his home, leaving his face burned and vowed revenge on the town.

I’ve personally wandered about in the suspected area of woods where his house was thought to have been located. I haven’t seen any proof of a homestead other than the usual farm stone walls neither have I picked up on any off vibes.

Every legend has a kernel of truth to it, I wonder which part of this legend it is…


Poem inspired by the art of Devin King


As a protector he guided and guarded them well

Until we arrived and he could barely save himself

He hid in the mountains and in the forest

While they passed down their oral stories and shared them with us

They drew on rock and carved his image on the cave walls

What else would have been so hairy and tall

We could’ve learned so much from both of them

If only they felt safe, if only we came as a friend

Both species driven from their land

One fighting in bloody massacres I’ll never understand

Sometimes I feel their spirits walking in the woods with me

They’ve played their drums

And when I closed my eyes I could see

And I didn’t feel any fear

I feel welcomed by them

I come as passive explorer

never as a predator

I want them to know there is another way

No lights, no camera, no action

Just me, my soul and my open mind

I always try to convey that I’m gentle and kind

I leave behind both their lands exactly as I came

I’m trusting them, I hope one day they will do the same…

Nature’s Guestbook…

Every now and again I run into these rock piles these cairns in the forest either at the beginning of the trail, or even way out in the forest. I’m always fascinated by them.
Cairns have been used throughout history. Turns out stacking rocks Is a very human thing to do. They have been used to mark graves, navigation or a way to mark where a special cache is buried.
In North America the Native Americans used them as burial markers. trail markers, marking streams, warning travelers of danger, etc.
Colonists came later and continued those practices for themselves. And leaving larger piles around as they removed big stones for agricultural reasons.
A picture I took this year on a trail.
In Scotland before battle the men would each stack a stone. And if they lived and returned they would each take a stone back. Leaving the rest as a memorial for the fallen. They had a sayingI’ll put a stone on your stone“.

When I see them at a beginning of a trail I always consider them a way to sign a guestbook in nature. It says we’re here hiking with you too. But out in the middle of the forest I never tamper with them. They could be a piece of history.
Some Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers believe when you find them way out in the forest that a Bigfoot could be erecting them perhaps also as a navigation marker or for communication. Most likely he leaves those piles around so he has them available to whack us in the head with. But it’s possible that If humans marked their treasure with these cairns he may too. What could his treasure be? I would think food or maybe some type of hunting tools.
Now that more people are taking to the outdoors for fitness, squatching or just for inner peace these piles are popping up all over. Some people create them for spiritual reasons. Stacking these rocks represents patience or achieving balance in your life.
The National Parks Department view is it would like everyone to stop building them. Some parks use the piles to mark out trails, especially in places like the southwest. They are the most readily available and durable enough to last. So when we go out there in these places and create these piles, we could be leaving behind false trail markers and could risk people’s lives getting lost out there. There are park rangers out there that have the act of knocking over these piles as an unofficial job duty. Some are being built in streams and rivers upsetting the natural flow of the water.
I would love to believe these could be created by bigfoot too, but in all reality it’s most likely humans. Just as it has always been. And with that, the wildlife experts wants us to consider nature’s delicate balance before we continue to build them.
The reason for this is its affecting the natural order of things out there, you could either be scaring away the wildlife or tampering with their natural habitat. Some insects and small animals live under these rocks so we are taking away or moving their home. They believe it can cause extinction of some small species.
So yes, they are fun to make and fun to find, I admit I included a pic of one of my finds. But if it’s us creating them and not a Squatch? We should probably consider all this before we create a new one.
What do you believe is creating them human, Squatch or both?
Let me know what you think…

P.S apologies for crazy font. WordPress wins this round…

Street Where you Live

It’s another day of quarantine here in Massachusetts. So you wake up wondering what the hell today is going to throw at you.

I wanted to take the stay at home order seriously, so that was the plan stay home and stay in the neighborhood. Yell across the street to the neighbors and make sure we are all okay.
When I made some coffee, put on the slippers and headed outside it was like a completely different world. People were walking their dogs, their children and sitting outside and enjoying the sunlight.
I didn’t realize how many people actually lived on this street. To me, that means that all of these wonderful people are working like crazy and never have a chance to do this. Relax.
In such a horrible time, could something wonderful happen? All these families get a chance to reconnect and spend some quality time together.

We all need a break from the rat race. It makes me think about what simpler times were like.
When people took time out for their families and themselves. Nothing was open on Sundays. And labor laws actually allowed you to legally have a break from it all. How did we become this society?
Right now my street has never looked better. People are enjoying their home and the street they work so hard to live on…

I know this virus is going to change a lot of things, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if something good could come of it too? Even as simple as being there, on the street that you love on a Saturday…