Wolf Like Me…

“Fighting against my nature has worn me out
The wolf is coming forward she’s not giving up
She was unable to run wild for so long
That Im going to need to buckle up for this storm”

Wolf Like Me…

“Fighting against my nature has worn me out

The wolf is coming forward she’s not giving up

She was unable to run wild for so long

That Im going to need to buckle up for this storm

The hunger, the need of a wild run

Poor Wolfy hasn’t had any fun

But I tried to fit in, I tried to be normal

What was I thinking I can’t handle all their turmoil

I took us to the forest, she’ll be safe to come out

It’s so dark surely no one will be about

Let my hair down, remove the clothes

I feel so vulnerable right now

I’ll be a wolf in a second and I’m not even sure I remember how

I can feel the moss on my feet now from the forest floor

God I’m really doing this, the moon is full..it’s time

No going back now, this is not a sweet sleepy nursery rhyme

It’s all blood, fangs, claws, fur

She’s eating good tonight whatever she can lure

I starve her continuously with my rabbit food

She’s going for meat tonight…

She’s getting a steak

And mixing it all down with a blood chlorate

I’m runny god It feels so good

I feel so out of control and free

This is it, I understand, this is me

We aren’t two, we are one

I just have to believe…”

Poem titled Steak Night, written by me copyright 4/21

Human Engine…

Art by Shirley McDaniels

“How can we co-exist?

If you can’t respect…

Respect this

My home

Your Forest, my home

You can’t expect me to keep wandering

Never to be with my peoples

Just keep wandering alone

You think it’s wonderful

that you may have found my nest

Not a scientific find,

it’s the place I stop, the place I rest

I keep going further in and further in

To stay out if your species ever expanding way

But you just keep coming and coming at me

Every. Single. Day.

My guttural call out

Telling you how scared and stressed I am,

to just please keep away

But you’re oblivious

So you knock and knock

And you keep coming anyway

So co-exit? I don’t think so

You want it all, the greed, your ego

Would that you could go your own way

and that I could go mine

But the engine keeps coming

Cutting through the forest,

like you’re chopping out a mine

The hum of that never ending engine

grinding and grinding

Taking it all In your human way

The way of mankind, yes, taking it all

Don’t leave nothing behind

And force me and mine out of safety,

out of hiding…”

I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It…

Hello everyone… I just wanted to stop and chat a bit with everyone. Say hello. As you know I consider my blog more like a diary with some facts and fun inserted then a formal article. I want you to grab some coffee, relax, and read this blog. There are so many wonderful writers in the high strangeness field that I definitely have some room to be me. I just want to have a conversation with you like…Carrie, from Sex in the City. Think column. But one other form of expression also moves me. Poetry. I’ve been writing poems (and song lyrics as well) since I started writing around the age of five.

So on occasion in my diary/column here you may see a few poems pop up, and also I’m currently compiling them together for a book as we speak. What do I rhyme about? Well, mostly I consider myself a monster word slinger. I write about cryptids, lore, werewolves and nature. Maybe some love and yearning as well, I am a girl after all.

Here is an example of one of my poems and I hope you enjoy the others that pop up as well, here, and on my social media platforms. And when the book is complete I hope you’ll check it out….

“She and the wolf are one

The souls bond will never be undone

Love her because she is free

Love her because she’s wild

Love her because she is loyal

Love her because she has passion

Love her because she is herself, original

Love her because you can’t picture her with another

Love her soon

Or you’ll have to run to keep up with her

Because she is all those things

She will never wait

No matter what you hold as bait

Love her because she is the one

What your souls have brought together

Can never be undone…”