Recording of 1942 Bigfoot Witness Interview…

This is a recording of an interview held at Del Rey Cafe in Eugene, Oregon on October 18th 1963. The interview is with Don L. Hunter regarding his 1942 Bigfoot encounter at Todd Lake.
This interview is part of a audio archive held at the Oregon Historical Society. Don was born in Oregon in 1914, as a teenager he began collecting sound and made his first recording in 1932. He became the official recordist for Eugene’s first radio station and served in the Signal Corps for WW11. This is just a portion of the interview. He was interviewed by Ben and Lee Trippet.

Bigfoot sightings have clustered in southern West Virginia – West Virginia Explorer

A bigfoot hunter in West Virginia says recent sightings are no surprise, given the number he’s cataloged in the state’s southern mountains.
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Smiling Sasquatch…

Happy Thursday everyone! I truly hope it’s a great day so far. So, I have shared this post and similar posts of the smiling bigfoot on my social media pages, and when I post these pics I generally try not to give my thoughts of it so I can read others thoughts on it. Hey, you never know what someone else may bring to the table. But here on my blog I don’t mind sharing my thoughts.

I’ll try to start sharing them more often. So, smiley squatch will be the first one. First, it’s a very cute smile, but…it’s just a tree. The same hole or hole like shading that makes an adorable smiling squatch are also on the tree he’s peeking from.

It’s very epic pareidolia. Well, to me it is. I can see how it could be mistaken though, and it’s always fun to have lively discussions when new pics pop up! And it’s not to say he doesn’t have one around him.

Nature does amazing things, paints amazing pictures for our eyes and our minds to dream with…

Goodnight everyone!

The Hairy Men of Vancouver…

Friday, October 25, 1935


Settlers Fifty Miles From Vancouver Describe

Hairy Giants…

Sasquatch men, remnants of a lost race of “wild- men” who Inhabited the rooky regions of British Columbia centuries ago, are reported roaming the province again. After an absence of several months from the district of Harrlson Mills, 50 miles east of Vancouver, the long, wierd, wolf-like howls of the “wild men” are being heard again and two of the hairy monsters were reported seen In the Morris valley on the Harrison river. Residents In the district tell of seeing the two glants leaping and bounding out of the forest and striding across the duck feeding ground, wallowing now and again in the bog and mire and long, swaying swamp grass’.

Reported Agile as Goats. The strange men, it was reported, after emerging from the woods, came leaping down the Jagged rocky hillside with the agility and lightness of mountain goats. Snatches of their weird language floated on tho breeze across the lake to the pioneer settlement at the foot of the hills. The giants walked with an easy gait across the swamp flats and at the Morris Creek, in the shadow of Little Mystery Mountaln, straddled a finating log, which they propelled with their long, hairy hands and huge feet across the sluggish Glacial stream to the other side. There they abandoned the log and climbed hand over hand up the almost perpendicular cliff at a point known as Gibraltar and reappeared at the top of the ridge. They carried two large clubs and walked around a herd of cattle directly in their path.

Indian’s Story Retold…

The return of the giants to the legendary stronghold of the Sasquatch monsters recalls the narrow escape of an Indian at the same spot last March. A huge rock narrowly missed his canoe while he was fishing and looking up, he said he saw a huge and hairy monster stamping his feet and gesticulating wildly. The Indlan escaped by cutting his fishing tackle and paddling away. The same Indian declares two Sasquatch twice have stolen salmon which he tied outside his house out of reach of dogs. The latest appearance of the monsters was peaceful. They avoided the trails usually used by people of the valleyand molested neither cattle nor human beings.

People who have reported seeing the giants on their rare appearances described the men’s appearance as ferocious looking like wild men, nine feet tallu and covered from head to toes with thick black hair..

The Skunkape in the News…

“He said rustlers, not the legendary animal who West Dade residents have claimed sucked blood from their animals and mutilated them, are responsible. “Pirates – they were professionals. You could tell by the cuts and because they knew what to leave behind,”

This is a great article about cryptid sightings reported throughout the years in the Miami Herald. What is great about seeing a time line of sightings like this, is you have a chance to really ponder the evidence. But where there are swamps there are hominids I believe. (One reason I’m always in the swamp)

So first up was a couple articles on the chupacabra. That goat sucking weirdo. These were written in the 90s when they were having a string of livestock disappearing and also being mutualized.

I’m always on the fence with these less logically explained cryprids. Bigfoot? missing link, chupacabra? Who the hell knows. But with the recent find of a bear dog and some zebra cat thing, anything goes, as they say.

Nature creates some amazing life. But here the farmers were convinced that it was cattle thieves that were the culprits, and not a cattle sucking weirdo.

One farmer explained his reason for thinking that it was rustlers was because the way the animals were cut , that it was in such a way as to take the best part of the meat. Sorry, there was no good way to say it. What about any holes found? Well, maybe animals were drugged so they could complete their work? I don’t know I’m just brainstorming here with you. If not chupacabra , what do you think it could be? And if it’s the weirdo then after the 90s where did he go?

“There were rumors in the 1960s of a Bigfoot or a large skunk ape being held by the armed services at . . . Everglades National Park,” wildlife biologist George Dalrymple said.

The ape escaped by ramming itself through a concrete block wall, as the story went. Some investigators made plaster casts of its prints, but those casts are top secret, probably locked away in federal vaults.”

Now skunk ape is a different thing. Less weirdo more stinko.But in places such as this where tourism is all the rage, you have to consider the gains one may get with a legend walking around…

They talk to David Shealy about his evidence in this article, so let’s look at that, it states in the articles that he is a “tireless promoter and proprietor of a Skunk-Ape theme campground in tiny Ochopee on the Tamiami Trail” .

A campground that was always a struggle financially for them. But now, drawing on the legend of the skunkape, things were looking up. He began doing tours out there in the swamp to look for them, and was selling items related to the skunkape.

In 2000 Shealy filmed this video of an alleged ape, he has cast foot prints, prints that Jeff Meldrum stated left him feeling unconvinced. And witnesses who said it was his family out there roaming around in a suit, that they saw gorilla costumes hanging inside their home. You can’t blame them, (if it was them). This was a great financial opportunity for them and for the rest of the town who also uses the legend for their gain. You have to stay focused and weigh all of this information and evidence if you want to make a truly informed decision on wether or not it’s genuine evidence.

Loren Coleman stated that there was enough credible witnesses and evidence for him to believe a North American ape, (or for me a missing link),could be out there. I agree, there is enough for me to believe that something is out there in the Everglades. And I believe following the swamps and/or rivers are your best locations to have an encounter , so why not there. Let me know what you’re thinking. There are no wrong answers and a dialogue is what may help us bring home the evidence.

Communication and working together will go a long way. And as a final thought, if he has odor here in New England, I don’t even want to know what he smells like in the Everglades with that hair and humidity. And what does it do to their hair!! 😱 pack glade, body spray and detangle spray when you go!

TGIF everyone, enjoy your weekend and be safe in the woods!

Miami Herald article!

Mowed Down Memories…

Once upon a time there was a beagle…

I always loved the woods. Have always played in them. So when I rescued my first doggo Maggie, my beagle, I found these little town trails where I could teach her to stay with me out there, get comfortable with the wilderness and mostly just enjoy the serenity for me, the sniffs for her.

This area is so beloved that when I rescued my chihuahua Howard, we came here to teach him how to map the wilderness with his senses. Howard is a blind dog, who had a very rough start to life. He was abandoned in a field blind and alone.

I needed to take him some place he’d feel safe, be safe, but still give him the feel of the wilderness, even though we were close to home.

He does fantastic here, you can see in this video that he leads the way! So proud I am of him. But, when we headed here last week we passed tree trucks mowing down one of our trails. I can’t tell you the shock and stress I felt. I was compelled to pull over and “chat” with the DCR crew. They explained with their hands out for me not to kill them that they were just doing their job, and their job was to annihilate this forest and trails system for a bike path. Pave this beautiful trail for a bike path!

I’m not going to tell you of my reaction to that. But thinking she was going to help, a neighbor came out to tell me she just moved here from Lexington, they lived close to a bike path there, and I’m going to love it. She explained more people can come now with their kids, etc and get to enjoy the path.

So basically mow down more nature so people will go out and enjoy more pavement. I told the woman that I don’t like pavement, or people. I like trails and trees, and I apologize, I’m not proud because I think I may have told this poor woman to move back to Lexington then

. But it was the stress of it all, I was watching my memories get plowed again. I just can’t emotionally handle the destruction anymore.

Today, Howard and I headed out to the other local trail we like, and the above video is what we discovered when we got there. I set this video to music and not nature this time because you dont need to hear me weeping as we walk.

You see, I am someone who wants to rewind this planet and it’s inhabitants. Share the land with all the creatures again. Hunt and gather. Work your land and not work at a stupid job till you drop for currency that we kill more trees to print. I know it not realistic and will never happen unless something catastrophic happens. But when and if that ever does, no one on this planet will know how to even get a fire started!

Humanity is its own enemy and the worse thing that happened to this planet. And it will be its own demise…soon my bigfoot friends he will be on the endangered list because there will be no forestry to sustain him…

Thank you for allowing me this tirade. I just needed to vent in a big way. I’m very emotionally compromised today I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow…

Camping Time….

In all seriousness though, this is a huge camping weekend. You’re going to bang into all kinds of things out there from idiots to bigfoot (who thinks you’re the idiot). But our biggest and most likely threat most likely will come from a nest, or worse from a mama bear and her cubs.

I’ll tell you my first camping trip without my family horror story. I was 16, on a mountain top in Maine. Beautiful spot. It was a ski lodge that my friend was a caretaker of.

Although there was a lodge there for some stupid reason we wanted to sleep in the great outdoors. So, we set up, had a huge clambake, then everyone went in the lodge to sleep except for the four of us that wanted to sleep outdoors.

I passed out and a few hours later I heard rustling, I looked up and the shadow on the tent was of a huge bear. Not firelight shadowing can make things look bigger it was still scary. Apparently my friend had put the food cooler in the tent. And the smells from the clambake tempted the bears down.

We had to move the color to the front of the tent, cut out the bake and run like hell. We were young and stupid I know, but, you’ll be surprised at the numbers of bear attacks that are a result of rookie mistakes from seasoned campers. So, please be careful this holiday weekend, and summer. Here’s a few tips for those that may need it. And especially for the ones that think they don’t.

Have a safe, happy Memorial Day weekend!

Forest Queen…

“In my dreams

I’m surrounded by beautiful, beautiful green

I lay down on the forest floor

I feel the pines on my skin

God if I could just do this everyday

I’d have no complaints to say

I dream I’m gazing up at the clouds

And I know I want to live this life Loud

I want to spread the message

That this is how we should live our life

No more bad days, no more anger

No more lies

Just peace, breathing in and out

The crisp air making me feel alive

Tracing the bark of the tree with my fingertips

Feel all the different patterns and all it’s scars

Running the dandelions on my chin

Like we used to do when we were kids

Smelling the wildflowers

Blocking my eyes from the sun

That one beam of light that reached the forest floor

It’s where the old me transforms

And I see everything clearly

And I know life can be more.

A real live forest queen for future folklore…”

Poem by me…original copyright 5/21

Have a great evening…