Bigfoot is my Spirit Animal

From Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Elder Dennis told me more than can recall or report here, but here are the highlights.  From his perspectives within the Mohawk tradition, the beings we call Sasquatch are spirit beings that were born with creation and are one with Nature; they are everywhere and can manifest anywhere, any time, in many ways. When they show us a face, it’s for our understanding of the consciousness they carry. They are part of an energy that comes in many forms, not all of them are hairy or tall. The Mohawk call this energy Ogumsa, which he said cannot be translated, but carries the meaning of Grandfather.

When you are someone who loves not just Bigfoot , but the forest he lives in as well, it’s so easy to think of him as being some type of guardian of the forest. Like Smoky the Bear, (but hopefully not a man in costume) Who is better to imagine in your mind then a larger than life legend guarding you and your favorite spot.

But realistically, even though I like to picture him this way, I am firmly grounded in reality. I do however believe that he has stalked all of these forests a lot longer than modern man has, and knows how to use his environment to keep him free of humanity. But unfortunately for them and for us, man has control of these lands now.

We are without a doubt the worst stewards this planet has ever seen, we encroach daily into his and all the other wild babies homes everyday. Right now Bigfoot needs us to be his spirit guide to protect him from ourselves.

I would love to adopt his techniques to blend in to the forest and live amongst the trees, but he hasn’t shared how he does it yet. And until one does I’ll do my best to guard and try to protect the forests in my little corner of the world. And be the best role model I can to the people in my life…

A Bigfoot Gathering…

In the age of Snapchat, Instagram Facebook etc. we are often sharing memes and pictures created from artists and never bother to learn who that artist is or why they create what they create. We are just clicking and sharing away.

I have no artistic talent to speak of, so for my blog and social media accounts I rely on the generosity of these wonderfully talented people. I an a fan of Scifi, Monster and Cryptid art. But I always go searching for the artist, hoping for permission to use their pieces whenever I can find them. And I want to But I always go searching for the artist, hoping for permission to use their pieces whenever I can find them. And I want to know what was in their mind when they created it. This morning I found this picture on Pinterest. I was totally intrigued by at had to search for the artists name. And when I found artist Micheal Lindenmeyer, he had a little blurb about why he created this Sasquatch Series. So here are his own words about it. And in the future, let’s all think about the artist next time we are retweeting and posting, try to credit that artist if you can find out who it is.

The Bigfoot concept had been simmering on the back burner for a decade. Of course when Bigfoot is on camera he is expected to be in character: au naturel, grunting and hooting, acting ape-like. But when he is on his own time, he can do anything he wants — drive a car, ride a motorcycle, go skiing. So this series is full of action and not only takes on a legendary Northwest icon but is also about the Great American Road Trip.

I used a variety of Rembrandt and other pastels along with Conte crayon. It was very satisfying to watch this series come to life after such a long genesis”

_Micheal Lindenmeyer

Baby it’s Cold Outside…

I really can’t stay…(baby it’s cold outside)

I gotta go away…(baby it’s cold outside)


I was planning on doing a fluff piece on everyone’s favorite Yeti, Bumble. But thinking about Rudolph made me think on how they want to ban the program from airing on any major channels and exposing America’s children to bullying. And I was immediately frustrated. I’m not saying that Rudolph may not have a few hinky gray areas in it, but in no way will it warp anyone’s mind. I’m okay, I’ve watched it every year for  forever and now I’m a Bumble enthusiast and blogger. See where it got me?

This evening has been… (been hoping that you’d drop in)

So  very nice (I’ll hold you hands they’re just like ice)

But Bumble has no part in the banning of Rudolph. It is being targeted only due to bullying. Because the other reindeers won’t let Rudolph join in any of the reindeer games. It’s true though, those reindeers are complete and utter bastards. And Rudolph should put his red nose..well never mind, I’ll end up getting banned too. 

My mother will start to worry (beautiful what’s your hurry)

My father will be pacing the floor (listen to the fireplace roar)

Suffice it to say, Rudolph does have bullying, but bullying happens all over the world everyday, having some exposure that it happens and that it’s not okay and that you aren’t alone when you’re young is a good thing. And also for the children to see Rudolph rise above it. And really who better to tell the reindeers they were wrong then Santa! Every child’s hero. And also, I watched it when I was young too, I knew then that the other reindeer were wrong and I defended people my whole life against bullies, ask my family and they will tell you…Who knows, maybe I got that fire from the show. It also has the land of misfit toys. Shunned toys that weren’t perfect so they were sent to the island never to have love. But it also showed that those different toys deserved love and acceptance too, and that we have all types of differences. Those are both good life lessons to learn, and If not from Rudolph and Santa then who? 

So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful please don’t hurry)

Well maybe just a half of drink more (I’ll put some records on while I pour)

I think it would be good if we all relaxed a bit and took some deep breaths. We need to take in account what era and climate something was written in. Yes, there is a bunch of potentially politically incorrect land mines all around Christmas Town. Writers like Rankin and Bass had their finger on the pulse of whatever was happening socially, politically etc. But we have to remember it is our past, it’s someone’s childhood and a sign of the times. Our history. We can’t wipe it all out because maybe we don’t like what we see. We need to learn from our past. 

The neighbors might think ( Baby it’s bad out there)

Say what’s in this drink (No cabs to be had out there)

As you can see, the lyrics to one of the most sung holiday songs has been interjected throughout this post. That is because this song is also on the chopping block. They are saying it practically screams date rape. Now, no doubt Deano loved the ladies, (and his drinks) but not by force. Again, I implore you to remember the era it was  written in. The expression “what’s in this drink?”  Was said in response to being served a strong drink, not because a drug was slipped into it. 

My father was a singer, and he sang this all the time and I loved hearing it. He’s gone now and I miss him awfully. What about my fond memories? What about my Christmas? I just want to have a white Christmas with my family and friends without a side of extreme politically correctness please. I’m more concerned about the mental harm the song “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is doing to the little ones of the world. I remember being mad at my Mom over this annual indiscretion of hers.

Please don’t take from this that I don’t care about America’s youth or that I’m insensitive to women’s issues. I am a woman and was a teacher for years, and I’m saying this for them, banning and hiding everything is not the answer. The bubble we are putting everyone in will burst eventually, and then what? They have been left with no exposure and coping skills for these issues. But this blog is just one girl’s opinion. My thoughts alone. And I thank you all for reading them even though you just wanted Bumble and Yukon Cornelius jokes minus the soap box…

Merry Christmas everyone…

Baby it’s Cold Outside:

Bully scene from Rudolph

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Sexual assault hotline:

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My dad singing..don’t worry dad I’ll keep singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside ” for you and Deano, and defend my crazy childhood..

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Interview with a Witness…Charlie’s Story

Its been 6 years or so now (just remembered today) I was on the National Wildlife Refuge that borders the Arkansas River, it was late pm toward dusk. I had been walking this long observation corridor (think river levy lined with trees on either side) for 1/2 mile or so headed back to truck. I started noticing I could hear what sounded like a bull bellowing, I assumed it was coming from across the river not quite 1/2 mile away. After a litle while of this, since I grew up with cattle I started calling back mimmicing what I was hearing but not with as much volume obviously, I didn’t think much about what was going on. As whatever it was and I kept calling back and forth to each other it SEEMED whatever it was was on same side of river as I was which finally dawned on me “there are no cattle in this wildlife refuge, its fenced!” The clock was ticking as it was close to dusk, the refuge has an automatic gate that would close in a few minutes and I did not have much time left to spend in here. The calling continued and whatever it was seemed to be moving the same direction as I was at a little faster pace. When I reached the truck we kept up the calling back and forth (about a minute apart), I waited around as long as I dared with gate closing time coming up. I kept looking around the bend of corridor where the calling was coming from, waiting on a bull or sasquatch to come into sight but it never did. Finally I had to leave to get out before the gate closed.

Thanks for letting me share this with you, I had not thought about that in 5 years or so.

Q. When did you become interested in all things Bigfoot?

A. I started getting interested 15 years ago when i found out we had Bigfoot here in Arkansas. Before that i thought the only ones were down at Fouke where ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ came from and in the Pacific Northwest. Then a freind turned me onto ‘The Reclusive Forest Ape Chronicles’ done by an senior man here who had been researching them all over the state for 30-40 years. He and i became friends and about 10 years ago i went into the field with him to observe. Prior to that i had spent years hiking, exploring camping in the wilderness with no idea there were great Apes out there watching me 😛

If you have an encounter you’d like to share, you can message me here or my email: or

Interview with a Witness…Bigfoot of Stevens County

The encounter…

Back in 2016 I was solo camping at Trout Lake, I had the whole lake to myself for the first day. I got out there early in the morning on a Friday and I was rushing to set up my camp because a storm was moving in.

I wasn’t there for more than 20 minutes when I heard a couple of knocks from the hillside followed by what sounded like a tree falling over. About 10 minutes later I heard something falling through the trees and then a thump.

I figured something was thrown at me. Then I heard something larger coming through the brush and I saw a large rock, a little bigger than a bowling ball, hit the hillside and bounced into the creek across from my camp.

That is when I saw a black figure moving fast through the brush. All I saw was a black body and what looked like an arm swinging behind as it moved.

This sighting happened super fast and then it was gone. The one thing that really stood out was that the figure looked shiny, like oily looking, as it moved. I only saw the figure for a few seconds but it never left my mind. So this is just a quick sketch of what I saw.

The interview…

Q. Have you always believed in Bigfoot?

A. I believed in Bigfoot as a kid. I grew up with stories from my dad. He himself had a sighting back in the 50s when he was a teenager in Northern California. But the older I got the more I became pretty critical. It was not until I found several tracks near our campsite in the early spring several years ago that I began asking more questions.

Q. Do you believe in other Cryptids as well?

A. Do I believe in other Cryptids? Well I think anything is possible, but for me, trying to find answers for one Cryptid is hard enough. I’m still very skeptical and probably will be until I have my own clear sighting of a creature.

Q. Do your friends and family believe in Bigfoot as well?

A. For my friends and family, some of them are believers and others are not, but they are all very supportive of what I do. Some of them have now been keeping an open mind to the possibility of something being out there.

Q. What was going through your mind during the encounter?

A. The only thing that first popped into my head when this all happened was, “why am I camping here by myself!” I was a little freaked out at first but I stayed a couple more days and everything was fine for the most part.

Q. Would you want to have another encounter with a Bigfoot after this?

A. Would I want to have another one? Hell yes! I am a researcher now. Although I prefer to call it more of a hobby than researching. I’ve been doing this about 7 or 8 years now.

Q. Where can everyone follow along with you?

A. I can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @bigfootofstevenscounty or on YouTube as grassman58

Video from his YouTube channel.

If you have an encounter you’d like to share with me, or one you’d like to have investigated, if you’re in the New England area you can reach me here or at the following email:

An interview with a Podcaster…Dogman Encounter

I’ve done many posts these past two years. I’ve featured witnesses, artists, women in the field, etc but I’ve only featured one podcaster and it’s definitely something I want to be doing more of. I listen to many great ones and they all deserve to be highlighted. It seemed like a great idea to continue this series with someone whom I also consider a friend and once fellow New Englander.

Ryan Tremblay just started his podcast and had his maiden debut, he also has written and researched for a few others, and also, and you will love this part, he has also has had a Dogman encounter he’s going to share with you.

Well no time like the present so I give you a Q and A with Ryan, a podcaster and witness

Q. What started your interest in the paranormal/cryptid world?

A. What sparked my interest in the Cryptids was a book I happened to stumble across when I was only 8 years of age. My elementary school library happened to have a book with a bright orange backing with a still from the Patterson film on the front cover. Though it was your typical kid’s book, It was full of stories of encounters. I remember checking the book out and reading it over and over again. I ended up liking the book so much that when the next round of Scholastic book orders came about (does anyone else remember those?) I begged my parents to purchase the book. Luckily both of my parents loved the fact that a young boy was so enthralled by a single book. The book wound up gracing my bookshelf where it still sits to this very day.

As I grew older, so did my curiousity. As a child of the 80’s and early 90’s, I was able to watch shows such as the legendary ‘Unsolved mysteries’, ‘Sightings’ and of course ‘The X-Files’. All of these shows made me wonder more and more if these Cryptids truly did roam our forests. Another influence oddly enough came from a selection of toys. During the 90’s, Matchbox released a line of small collectible figures known as ‘Monster in my pocket’. For those who don’t know what those are, they were small multi-colored rubber figures of monsters from mythology and literature. Each pack came in a varied number. Each monster was cast in single colored plastic ranging from red to yellow to neon colors. Each monster was given a point value to be used in a board game. Anyway, each one also came with a short synopsis of the mythology. Sasquatch, Yeti, and the Werewolf (Dog man) were amongst the selection. Hungry for knowledge about these mythological beings, I began to study myths from various cultures (Greek, Roman, Japanese and so on.).

When I entered high school, My English teacher happened to be a Cryptid fanatic. When he learned about my fascination, he recommended a long list of books. All of which I read completely and reread again and again. It wasn’t until I began watching YouTube where I found more like minded people. Among the crowd were people such as Bob Gymlan, Matt from MattSquatch Presents, Brian Duke Sullivan and Vic Cundiff. I listened to all of their videos religiously. Never missing a single new upload, Matt, Vic and Brian became my favorites. The narrated Dog Man encounters quickly caught my interest. Not long after, I began to utilize suggestions from the aforemention YouTube Crpytid researchers and started my own investigations here in Arizona. While it does more for fun than anything else, All that changed when I experienced my own Dog Man encounter.

Q. Who would you say your role models in the field are?

A. Without any hesitation, I can easily say Matt from MattSquatch Presents, Brian Duke Sullivan and of course, Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson.

Q. Is their one encounter that interests you the most?

A. I think almost every Cryptid researcher is obsessed with the Patterson-Gimlin film but one that’s always stood out for me, if not for the complex mystery surrounding it, is the Dylatov Pass and the Travis Walton story.

Q. What cryptid interests you the most?

A. I began with Sasquatch but after my own personal encounter with a Dog Man, I’ve found that my interest lies more with the Dog Man. I personally feel that these beings have been given a bad reputation when much like Sasquatch, we know so little about them that I honestly do not believe that we should label them as ‘evil’ until we know more about them.

Q. Do you do investigations as well as research?

A. Indeed I do. I’ve a few investigations planned here in the future where I will be visiting numerous mountain ranges throughout Arizona to search for clues.

Q. What area do you live in?

A. Southern Arizona. Benson to be precise.

Q. Is it near any known hot spots? And do you go to them?

A. Arizona is a hot spot for numerous types of Cryptids. Chupacabra, Sasquatch, Dog man, Thunderbirds and even the Rake have been seen in different areas of Arizona. The most notable is the Mogollon Rim–home to the Mogollon monster.

Q. Have you ever had an encounter? And can you tell us about it?

A. Oh, yes. I have indeed had my own personal encounter. It was an experience that was both unexpected and unforgettable. I still remember the event as though it happened only yesterday. I had been asked to watch a friend’s house while he and his girlfriend were on vacation. Though I had been to his home several times, there was a sense of unfamiliarity as is the case with anyone taking of another person’s home.

One night, I had arrived to do my final check before calling it a night. Little did I realize just how off things truly were. There was no signs of wildlife in his front yard. Typically, you would see a large number of cottontail rabbits, Quail, Prairie dogs and so on. On this night, there were none. The only sense of wildlife came from the anxious yipping and howls of the Coyotes. Weeks before, his neighbor had approached us to ask about her missing dog. I was a medium sized breed that had been taken from her backyard. Many within the neighborhood believed this to be the work of Mountain lions or even a pack of coyotes–missing pets are quite common in the area. Most are taken during nocturnal hunts sadly enough.

While making sure that all was well in his backyard, I noticed a dark figure moving about slowly within the treeline which consisted of tall Joshua trees and Palo Verdes. At first, I thought this was a possibly a wondering vagrant. Here in Arizona, homeless men tend to build camps within the valleys or riverways. Calling out to the figure, I expected to see it either flee or to hear a response. Instead, I recieved a deep groaning growl. Shocked, I was frozen in place. Again, I called out after convincing myself that I did not hear what I believed I had and again, another growl followed. The figure lumbered slowly forward. Hiding itself within view, I could see a snout, cropped ears and most notably, amber hued eyeshine. At this point, I knew this was not a Human. Struck with fear, I wanted to run but my body refused. At that moment, the security lights kicked in. The brightness allowed me to see the tresspasser a bit more clearly. Staring back at me was a lean figure that stood about six feet tall. Hunched over upon canine like legs, It’s ears rose and fell in an odd fluid motion. I could see the upper lips fold upward exposing long incisors. As it stretched up, There was an odd popping noise–a noise that I would later learn is common in such sightings. We exchanged stares. Neither of us moving for what felt like an eternity. Not daring to speak nor flee, the creature charged a few feet before stopping rapidly. Again, we met stares. Pulling my gaze away from it, I could hear it grunt and groan. So too could I hear it’s deep inhales and exhales as it wiffed the air. At this point, I could feel my heart beating like a drum. Dizziness followed as well as a sick feeling. Uncertain of what this thing wanted, I remained in place. Slowly, it moved back into the shadows. Seeing my chance to get to safety, I quickly moved into my friend’s home, locking the door behind me. Through the window, I could hear the branches snap as the creature moved away.

Q. Did you ever return to where your encounter was?

A. Yes. The following day, I examined the precise are where the creature was standing. Though no footprints could be found, there were numerous tree breaks ina clear path indicating where the creature had gone.

Q. Do you do this full time?

A. At the moment this is only a part time job but eventually I would love to make this my full time gig.

Q. Can you tell me about your new podcast? Any goals you have for it? What direction you want to take it in?

A. The podcast began as an idea suggested by a close friend. Casually he suggested that we should begin a podcast consisting of myself, Dakota Warren and Dillon Anderson. After a short conversation, We decided to move forward. Contacting Matt, We had our first guest and recorded our pilot episode. We hope to explore not only the woo commonly associated with Sasquatch, but to also explore the biology aspect of the Cryptids. A long term goal is to one day establish an outreach program for those who have had violent or traumatic encounters.

Q. Any particular subject you are looking forward to covering on it?

A. Personally I’m hoping to explore the possible nature of Dog Man. After my own encounter, I am convinced that this species is not wholly evil.

Q. What is your philosophy on Bigfoot man, ape etc?

A. I believe there are two types of Bigfoot. One being a Primate; Not simian. I think some get confused by the scientific definition. A Primate differs in terms from Simian.

The other type I believe has biblical ties. Are they Nephilim? Possibly. Could they be the children of? I think it’s highly likely.

Q. What’s your thoughts on the woo subject?

A. If they are of biblical origin, woo only follows. Nephilim were known to be of great strength thus is only follows suit that they too would possess abilties unlike human beings.

Q. Couple of fun facts for us…whats your favorite…

A. Book? Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This was the first serious novel that I had the pleasure to read in high school. I’ve been in love with the characters and the style of story telling ever since.

A. Movie? EXISTS has to be one of my all time favorites. Though it’s a newer film, the portrayal of an angry Sasquatch is very well played out and scripted. I do feel that all that we see in the film is spot on. Imagine angering a mother Sasquatch. What would she do to exact her revenge upon you?

Q. Documentary? hands down, the Legend of Boggy Creek. Another of my favorites would have to be Small town Monster’s documentary on the Beast of Bray Road. If you’ve not seen any of Small Town Monster’s works, I highly recommend them.

Q. Podcasts?

A. World Bigfoot Radio and You had me at Bigfoot.

Q. When can people expect next podcast episode?

A. I’m hoping the next episode will soon be recorded. Each of us has been dealing with life outside of the Crpytid world as often happens ple of fun facts for us…whats your favorite…

Q. Any other goals or plans you’d like to share?

A. Yes! We are planning an investigation that will take us to the LBL–The infamous Land between the lakes. We hope to return with footage of a Dog Man, Gugwe, Sasquatch or all of the above.

I can’t wait to see what Ryan does next, but for now, I put the link to his first podcast episode below. I hope to be able to sit down with another great Podcaster soon, if you have one you would like to recommend you can reach me at:

Link to Ryan’s podcast:

Link to mattsquatch presents:

Dogman Encounters

The Bear Necessities…

Look for the bare necessities…the simple bare necessities that lets a body rest at ease…forget about your worries and your strife…

Who doesn’t love bears? Beautiful little bear cubs to the magestic and beautiful Polar Bears. I’ve never heard one person say “I hate bears”. Well maybe you would if you were mauled by one. That would definitely change the perspective. To me they are all amazing. I went to Vancouver, last October and although Squatches were on my mind, I couldn’t wait to see a big bear. It took a while but I did and I was blown away by the sheer strength and size of one.

I know you are wondering why the hell is she writing about bears again right now? Well, I’ll tell you, I wrote this post . Originally because I watched the show Legend Hunter and it was putting forth the theory that the beloved Wisconsin resident terror and unofficial mascot, The Beast of Bray Road himself could be a bear. Granted an awful looking one with mange, but still, a bear.

When I watched it I immediately had a flashback to last winter when The Yeti mystery was supposedly solved by the science community through DNA as a Polar Bear. And now I’m updating it because I recently saw another bear and Bigfoot comparison. Matt Moneymaker posted this recent picture to his Facebook page.

And the debate began. Is it a bear or a bigfoot?

So I thought, this is ridiculous. What similarities could these two have that would make people believe that all the hominid and possibly one Dogman encounter out there all be a bear.

I mean the bare necessities…old Mother Nature’s recipes…that bring the bare necessities of life…”

First, I wanted to dig a bit into the past to learn about the evolution of bears . Where did they come from? What were their ancestors like? I had to dig back to about 20 million years ago, give or take, to find the very first ancestors.

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam…I couldn’t be fond of my big home…”

In their beginning, roughly twenty million years ago, the first bears appeared. They were called the Dawn Bears. They were not the large predators they are now. Because of this they adapted to live mostly up in the treetops. Over time the bears came down and spread out and adapted to wherever they migrated or were landlocked. Here in North America around 200,000 years ago, when the bear was landlocked due to ice between Russia and Alaska melting, they started to evolve into the largest predator here. They were known as the Giant Short Faced Bear. They weighed roughly two thousand pounds and were as tall as 15’ high on their hind legs. They had teeth made to crack bone and slice through skin. The ultimate predator. This bear, brown and standing on hind legs would fit certain Sasquatch encounters. If it were still around that is. To make a long story short, because explaining the bear’s entire evolution would take awhile, bears spread out and adapted to whatever environment they were in. Polar Bear adapted to cold climates, became proficient swimmers and fur became translucent to provide camouflage, North American Brown Bears will eat meat and vegetation. Their teeth adapted to also allow for grinding to be able to eat the vegetation. The Panda Bear grew a thumb to hold onto the bamboo, etc.

 And don’t spend your time looking around for something you want that can’t be found…”

If scientists really think all Sasquatch related encounters are bear encounters then this all could help explain the possibility of their theory. The bear looks different in all their different environments as does a Squatch. In the colder climates they are Yeti and white or translucent. Here they are mostly described as black or brown like our bears. Some people think they are descendants or a split from Gigantopithecus. But what if it’s a split from the Giant Short Faced Bear? Both were enormous creatures, both started in trees. Both evolved and adapted to their environments. What if scientists are right? What if they are on to something, some other evolutionary breakthrough. Maybe some are Sasquatch and some are these ancient Bears? Wouldn’t surprise me if this supposed extinct bears were still around.

” when you find out you can live without it and go along not thinking about it, I’ll tell you something true. The bare necessities of life will come to you…”

I’m definitely not saying I believe a Bigfoot is a bear, or a descendant.’. Or that all of you saw a bear in those woods. Or that the Patty video doesn’t say enough, or that the Dogman is a mangy bear. But with scientists putting forward that theory that everything is a bear right now, from the Dogman to the Yeti, along with the bear DNA put forth, we should think about what that possibility would look like, how it could be possible, how the evolution patterns adds up if for no other reason then to defend your claims against them all successfully.

When you look under the rocks and plants and take a glance at the fancy ant…then maybe try a few…”

We all say follow the truth no matter where it leads. And sometimes when we do it can be very disappointing because we had been hoping for a completely different outcome. But at least we have the answers. In the case of the picture above I believe it is definitely a bear. Thanks to a breakdown of the picture from Iknowsquatch, you can see it more clearly and know it’s a bear. But that may not always be the case.

So keep searching for those answers and keep your mind and your ears open. Consider every possibility, weigh every piece of evidence and just like in the song,

” The bare necessities of life will come to you…”

Bare necessities written by Terry Gilkyson for The Jungle Book motion picture.

BFRO Bear/Bigfoot breakdown picture from IKnowsquatch Big thank you for sharing it with me.

Bare Necessities video:

Photos from Google public photo stock

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Bigfoot’s Thoughts on Halloween…

As some of you might know, Halloween for me really is a treat. It’s the one night of the year I can walk right down Main Street and no one even bats an eye, if anything they think I’m real cool. I mean, I am cool, but this is the night everyone knows and shows it.

I must have passed at least 10 of me on my way here. I think one might have been a lady, I think.

(That one messed me up a bit, mixed signals and all…phew, is it hot in here or is it just me?)

Anyway, I sat on a bench with a few of my friends for a bit and just took in all the human rituals and man, it made me happy that Homo Sapiens went one way and we went another, because except for the candy part, you couldn’t bag enough deer to make me want a piece of this.

At first it was kind of cute, I could see the whole Cindy Loo Who effect happening on the Grinch, little ones were running to me, actually running to me! I grunted and growled a little for them and they ran off giggling away. Even the ladies were giving me the eye. No suit here baby! I worked hard for this physique and fur!

But as it got darker and the children got older, it all went down hill from there. There were screaming and crying children because they wanted more candy than one piece. A few parents yelling to the their children that trick or treat was over for them. I saw a few houses lit up with all the fake monsters everywhere. Seriously, the fake ones? I’m mean I’m right here people! And I’m taller than that fake Frankenstein’s Monster you’re admiring over there. (Did you see what I did there? Frankenstein’s Monster get it right everyone) The scariest monsters you’ll ever see are real and waiting for you in the forest…if you dare. Have you seen pictures of my best friend the Dogman? He’s pretty scary with those claws and teeth, and the Goatman? He scares me man, I mean like nightmares scares me, those eyes, I can’t even look at him.

You don’t need to spend money on a Haunted House, just grab a flashlight and come on in.

Later on the older children were running up to me, but now all I heard was, “what are you trying to be? Biiiiigfooot.” I’m not trying to be anything, and the next time those punks are in the woods we will see who’s real and who’s not and who screams and who doesn’t, record this butthead!

All in all it was interesting to observe your society and learn about your culture and traditions. It’s also good to get the hell out of here too. Don’t get me wrong Homo Sapiens have their place on this planet too, but if I had the opportunity to give you advice without risking becoming the next lab rat you swear you didn’t test that mascara on, I would tell you to slow down. Enjoy your life. Get more nature in your day, just don’t do in my woods, except those punks…I want to see them again.

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A UFO over Main Street

At some point in life if crazy things keep happening to you and your family, you literally just have to laugh. I mean come on, from birth I have known high strangeness exists and is here to stay. But for once this little tale is my families but it doesn’t include me…

March, 1982…

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Leaving a family event, my sisters, father and grandfather saw something in the sky above that they couldn’t explain and hadn’t seen before, and they all had the feeling that it was chasing them down the highway.

When they finally got back home they ran to the windows and saw it sort of hovering up there in the sky above the Saint Mary’s Church.

They said my grandfather wanted my sisters away from the windows and pulled down the shades.

Meanwhile my father and uncle took off in my fathers truck after it. At one point it just went poof, one minute it was there and the next it was gone.

They told this story to me often. And although my father never believed in ghosts, despite where we lived, or Bigfoot, etc. he most definitely believed in UFOS.

It’s amazing how a definite skeptic can have one experience that shakes their entire belief system. My sister had nightmares for months of a UFO hovering above the church, and my father would sit outside often on the patio and keep an eye on the night sky right up until he passed.

Told you I wasn’t crazy…

It’s very fortunate when you have seen something you can’t explain if another witness is around to coo-berate your insanity. In this case, the unidentified flying object was seen by many witnesses. In fact, it also made the local paper. And because this family is insane the original 1982 article still remains in the family.

The witness in the article below is not my family, which helped validate they weren’t all going mad.

The intersection that the witness is talking about, the corner of Main and Pleasant, is literally where St. Mary’s Church in Franklin is. Right next to our house.

I don’t know what it is about my family that makes us magnets for high strangeness but to us the paranormal is actually normal and I wouldn’t want it any other way…

The Life, Universe and Everything…Where Does the Soul Go?

When we are younger, our parents explain the whole meaning of life. (Monty Python version not withstanding). We learn the basics. You grow up, go to school, college, work, marriage, family, then finally death. And all the crazy things in between.

The church then educates us on a deeper level. We learn all about our souls and how to protect and nurture them. Our soul almost becomes top priority over all those things listed above. Let’s start with what a definition of a soul is.

A soul in most religions, is thought of as the incorporeal essence of a living being. It’s the mental abilities of a living being to reason, feel, think, etc. to protect your soul so it doesn’t hit the fiery pit, your religion, whatever it is, gives you a certain set of rules to follow. (Some are a little more forgivable than others so read that rule book carefully and read the fine print too). A soul, despite what we know scientifically to be as just parts of our brain at work, is often thought of as a separate part of us. Like your heart. We may say something like, “That came from the heart,” all the time. It’s just an expression, but the heart is different from the soul. To us, the soul is separate from our physical bodies. We need this sucker to ride into the next body so we can be reincarnated. 

In my house growing up, odd though I know we all were, we believed in reincarnation. Mostly when the bad things happened. We would smash a knee and say something like, “Come on god, really?” Was I Ted Bundy in my last life or something?” I always went right to Ted, I was young but I remember the day they flipped the switch. Horrible I know. But still true. I still say that all the time. I fall a lot, so you know, I get annoyed here and there.

So, Reincarnation, it is defined simply when you die your soul rides the white tunnel into new digs with a teeny tiny stop to swipe all your hard earned knowledge and memories. So when you think about it, who cares if you get reincarnated or not? I mean, we all aren’t Napoleon who was positive he was the reincarnation of Charlemagne. What fun is it if you don’t wake up in like Angelina Jolie’s body or something and be like, “Hells yeah!”

But if we aren’t reincarnated or shipped to the fiery pit, and it isn’t your soul sticking around, then what is it? My mother always thought ghosts were echos of life essence just doing whatever they would do if they were still corporeal. And every once in awhile we could see them. They passed through our plane. Sounds plausible to me, except for the fact some of those echoes stray from that routine and do crazy s**t like knock over dishes, shut off lights and maybe even reach out and touch someone. When that happens all bets are off and it’s time to call the priest.

And why do you call the priest? Because he knows and wholeheartedly believes that it’s a soul that’s trapped. We all for the most part want to believe that a loved one’s soul or essence that passed is still traveling around close to us. 

So we all have to decide for ourselves some of these more fantastical beliefs. Do I believe in ghosts or souls being able to hang around ? Are my parents watching over me or have they reincarnated into my neighbors new dogs? I prefer to think our soul is separate and it hangs close to its former loved ones or in a loved, safe familiar spot. I’ll gladly pass up on reincarnation if my family needs my soul around.  Besides, I’m pretty sure I was heading in to Peppermint Pattie’s body next time anyway.

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Life, the Universe and Everything is from my favorite book series: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Meaning of Life from Monty Python Flying Circus 
Peppermint Patty character from Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip