Bigfoot on Mars Attacks…

Flashback on this Friday back to this TEENY LITTLE BIGFOOT ON MARS picture. This is a tiny piece from a panorama taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit on 2007 on it’s position on Home Plate.
Pareidolia is a killer when squatching, I definitely had a little trick of the eyes this past week it happens to the best of us!

So, when you’re out there squatching this weekend remember what Grover Krantz warned, “With enough imagination, almost any object of about the right size and shape can be seen as a sasquatch .” Exhaustion, nervousness, or even drugs can generate bigfoot sightings and Sasquatches,” Krantz cautioned, “often come out of whisky bottles.”
I’m not sure about the whiskey bottle part, but black stumps, dark holes in trees and branches moving in the breeze have definitely gotten me lol!
So have fun out there this weekend and don’t forget to bring your glasses!


Author: sasysquatchgirl

A Bigfoot and beyond blogger and Nature Photographer from New England. I spend a majority of my free time in the woods exploring for any signs the hairy man has been around and snapping some pics along the way. So if you’re following this blog, you’ll be the first to know if I see him...

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot on Mars Attacks…”

  1. “Bigfoot on Mars, Attacks?”

    Or is it.. “Bigfoot on Mars Attacks”

    I thought you were referencing the movie/comic book of “Mars Attacks”

    Maybe “Attacks on photo of Bigfoot on Mars..”

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