They’re Back…

On Main Street…a recap

A lot of you have read the story of my rather haunted beginnings in life. But here is a quickie recap if you are just tuning in.

No need to adjust the screen

I lived in a haunted house on Main Street in my hometown. Right from move in day something in that house made its presence known. That first day my mother laid down in my sisters bed a second when she started feeling a gentle back rub. She thanked my dad for rubbing her back but when she opened her eyes, he wasn’t there…no one was, and that was the beginning of 20 years in hell.

The neighborhood was built on an Indian burial ground…

Fast forward to 2020, and this family may have a reunion we didn’t ask for, and most certainly don’t want.

My sister, who apparently wasn’t thinking clearly, or like what they say about childbirth, she forgot the pain of living in a haunted home when the other residents are less than thrilled you’re there. She bought a home and actually moved back within the old neighborhood cursed lines again.

After years and chats with our former neighbors we learned we were all having ghostly visitations, and like our own house guests none of them were of the friendly variety. We sisters promised ourselves and each other we would never live in or buy a haunted house. How do we know if it’s haunted? Vibes. This may sound crazy but all three of us can sense it. When we aren’t sensing anything we always say this house is clean.

She walked through the house a few times and felt it out, and she said she sensed nothing. Thought it was clean, but it was still inside the danger zone, the territory where a haunted house was likely to be.

They’re here …

My brother in law and sister inherited a cat after his mother passed. A big cat. A very big pizza eating Garfield kind of a cat. His name is Cody and I’m pretty sure he may be the only animal in history that doesn’t seem to like me. But when they were leaving to go to my family’s home in Virginia I got the job of being the cat sitter. I thought maybe we could bond…(yeah no. Didn’t happen).

So I decided to sleep on the couch, in the creepy living room that resembles the one from our old creepy home. Around one am I’m hearing all kinds of commotion upstairs, all I could think about was the movie Line, “Miss? Get out of the house now! The call is coming from inside the house!” I went up to investigate the noise and couldn’t find anything.

I texted my sister about the extra activity happening upstairs and she told me that Cody makes a lot of noise using the cat box because of his size. Really? The cat? Nope. But I brushed it off and went to sleep. Second night though? That was not that darn cat!

No way Feng Shui…

The second night I’m also laying on the couch watching a horror movie and I hear what sounds like furniture moving again, huh? Seems like Cody wasn’t liking his new floor plan. (My family is cray, the Cat has his own room…I’m not allowed in) I mean it seriously sounds like the bureau is sliding across the floor. I yelled up laughing “Hey Cody, move the bed near the window” I grabbed my phone and headed up to film the furniture moving, because I knew something was there, I felt the air charge, this house is definitely not clean anymore.

Something else changed that night too, me,I changed. I was not terrified, I was tired and annoyed. I was more thinking, “bring it on” then running away. I did text my sister to tell her her house was now haunted too. She confessed she knew but was afraid I wouldn’t stay with Cody. But I did stay, I stayed with that darn cat glaring at me and with my new hosts. It was like a breakthrough happened. No more fear, I knew I needed to take charge of this haunting, not the other way around. I also needed to have a talk with a priest about a cat, but that’s for a different blog

Show no fear….

Living in a house with spirits takes a lot out of you mentally and physically. I Think the key is to own the haunting and show no fear, take charge of your house…

A picture of my sister’s new comforter, she laid it out on the bed, came back in the room and found a surprise…

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