An Interview with Daniel…A Carving Artist

Daniels path to chainsaw carvings…

You think you see just a chainsaw carver in this picture but I assure you, you don’t. Daniel was raised by a family of artists. He is a fourth generation artist. His sons also have the gift and join him in some of his projects. His mother has her masters in art and taught it for years. She taught Daniel everything she knew since he was little. His grandfather was a whittler and so on. He learned a little bit about creating art through all mediums as he went. He works out of his homemade studio he calls the Taj Mah Small. I had to ask him about any injuries he’s had with the chainsawing, he’s had a screw through the hand and some road rash from flying wood.

Oklahoma Chainsaw massacre….

Daniel has worked with many mediums. Sketching,sculpting and painting and even sketched out a few tattoos and now most of his time is spent chainsawing things such as Bigfoot and other wildlife.

His path to this was not what I expected. While working on his other art projects, someone said you should carve a Bigfoot. So he did. He carved a literal Bigfoot. And the rest is history as they say.

As other people requested Daniel create a carving for them, he was able to trade off for the tools of the trade he needed. He is currently working on creating his own line of carving tools.

It is also not just wood that he experiments with. He’s been known to carve a vegetables or fruit as well.

It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown…

When not carving a tree or a stump he can be seen carving the most amazing pumpkins and even a tater or two, even entering pumpkin carving contests. I’m sure his house is the place to be on Halloween night.

Not all of the chainsaw carvings were bigfoot and bears either, he also has made a variety of characters. He also accepts commissions and will come to your house and carve one out of one of your trees. It takes him usually two days work to complete. One of his clients include country singer Blake Shelton who fell in love with his “Old Red” hound dog inspired by the song of the same name and carved out of Redwood.

To have a way of showcasing his art, Daniel added author to his repertoire.

From a book a legend was born…

“Myth Hollow is a story about a group of Bigfoots who are followed by a Bigfoot hunter. They always find a way to escape from whatever trap he has set while somehow staying undiscovered by anyone…”

If you build it, they will come…

How does a mythical themed attraction sound to you? Well if you’re ever in Oklahoma you will be seeing one soon. Daniel is currently building an attraction based on his children’s book.

It’s a labor of love and family. It will be on family land with everyone pitching in to help. How refreshing is that? You almost never hear of this type of endeavor anymore.

Some of the things planned for the park will be a crop circle maze, there will be a crashed alien ship and alien there to point the way in.

Pumpkin carving displays lit up to walk through. I would love to be one of the first to check it out.

A few other goals he has is try to complete his carvings using just his chainsaw and not needing to switch to smaller tools for the details, and he also wants to experiment with hot wood burning and enter more chainsaw carving competitions. Looking forward to seeing him compete myself.

But just like what I mentioned above, what I really love is you think you see just a chainsaw carver, but you had no idea that he was an artist trained in all mediums, a writer, a carver, and soon to be owner of his own mythical themed park.

Keep supporting your local artists everyone because you don’t want to miss what else the have planned.

Link to Daniel’s book:

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