The White Gorilla

I have watched my share of Bigfoot type movies, but other than King Kong, there are just a few decent Gorilla movies out there to see. Mighty Joe Young, and Congo are two other gorilla movies I can think of, that I enjoyed. But this one is without a doubt one of the worst and most hilarious at once. This one is perfect for MST3k if they haven’t already gotten to it.

The White Gorilla was released in 1945. It starred Ray Corrigan and Lorraine Miller. It was about a gorilla that was born white and was shunned by his tribe for being born different (and now according to the narrator hates everything that walks).

As the movie goes on, it’s all leading to an epically ridiculous battle between the black and white gorilla.

The movie was filmed in 1945. It was made by blending the scenes they shot with footage from the 1927 silent film titled, Perils of the Jungle.

The movie is narrated throughout and 10 or 15 minutes in I was praying that the scenes they used from the 20s would be silent in this movie as well. The narration was relentless and it was used to somehow make the blending of these two films come together somehow and make sense (It didn’t work).

The narrator was fixated on this white little (jungle) boy in his best jungle suit (much like Tarzan) coming into the camp and clearly being the leader of the tribe. But who the hell is this boy and why is he even in this film? Well I’ll tell you why, apparently they can blend a film but not edit one. So now it’s up to the narrator to make up some crazy shit to explain his presence, (which they didn’t).

While the narrator was babbling on from the safety of a treetop, everyone around him was getting killed while he sat there perched in the tree and did nothing but…well..narrate. I mean, what was the writer thinking there? Whoever he is I’m not going to the jungle or even Walmart for that matter with him.

The end of the film brings the epic battle of the black and white gorilla and it is, well epic. It’s the most ridiculous and awesome thing you’ll ever see, so hang in there so you won’t miss it. I’m going to recommend this film on the basis that one, it’s to insane to miss. Two, I need someone, anyone to explain the presence of that jungle boy and lastly, you will never see a battle with two gorillas quite like this one in your lifetime.

So go check it out and here is the trailer below…

Movie Trailer:

For further laughs, here is a behind the scenes peek of my blog, this is the text I got from my friend who edited this post…

Dear comma queen. You’ve really done it now. You’ve used up all the commas in the free world. Sadly, there are none left for the rest of us. Earth people. We need more commas! (Enter a little white boy selling black market commas).

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