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I’ve done many posts these past two years. I’ve featured witnesses, artists, women in the field, etc but I’ve only featured one podcaster and it’s definitely something I want to be doing more of. I listen to many great ones and they all deserve to be highlighted. It seemed like a great idea to continue this series with someone whom I also consider a friend and once fellow New Englander.

Ryan Tremblay just started his podcast and had his maiden debut, he also has written and researched for a few others, and also, and you will love this part, he has also has had a Dogman encounter he’s going to share with you.

Well no time like the present so I give you a Q and A with Ryan, a podcaster and witness

Q. What started your interest in the paranormal/cryptid world?

A. What sparked my interest in the Cryptids was a book I happened to stumble across when I was only 8 years of age. My elementary school library happened to have a book with a bright orange backing with a still from the Patterson film on the front cover. Though it was your typical kid’s book, It was full of stories of encounters. I remember checking the book out and reading it over and over again. I ended up liking the book so much that when the next round of Scholastic book orders came about (does anyone else remember those?) I begged my parents to purchase the book. Luckily both of my parents loved the fact that a young boy was so enthralled by a single book. The book wound up gracing my bookshelf where it still sits to this very day.

As I grew older, so did my curiousity. As a child of the 80’s and early 90’s, I was able to watch shows such as the legendary ‘Unsolved mysteries’, ‘Sightings’ and of course ‘The X-Files’. All of these shows made me wonder more and more if these Cryptids truly did roam our forests. Another influence oddly enough came from a selection of toys. During the 90’s, Matchbox released a line of small collectible figures known as ‘Monster in my pocket’. For those who don’t know what those are, they were small multi-colored rubber figures of monsters from mythology and literature. Each pack came in a varied number. Each monster was cast in single colored plastic ranging from red to yellow to neon colors. Each monster was given a point value to be used in a board game. Anyway, each one also came with a short synopsis of the mythology. Sasquatch, Yeti, and the Werewolf (Dog man) were amongst the selection. Hungry for knowledge about these mythological beings, I began to study myths from various cultures (Greek, Roman, Japanese and so on.).

When I entered high school, My English teacher happened to be a Cryptid fanatic. When he learned about my fascination, he recommended a long list of books. All of which I read completely and reread again and again. It wasn’t until I began watching YouTube where I found more like minded people. Among the crowd were people such as Bob Gymlan, Matt from MattSquatch Presents, Brian Duke Sullivan and Vic Cundiff. I listened to all of their videos religiously. Never missing a single new upload, Matt, Vic and Brian became my favorites. The narrated Dog Man encounters quickly caught my interest. Not long after, I began to utilize suggestions from the aforemention YouTube Crpytid researchers and started my own investigations here in Arizona. While it does more for fun than anything else, All that changed when I experienced my own Dog Man encounter.

Q. Who would you say your role models in the field are?

A. Without any hesitation, I can easily say Matt from MattSquatch Presents, Brian Duke Sullivan and of course, Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson.

Q. Is their one encounter that interests you the most?

A. I think almost every Cryptid researcher is obsessed with the Patterson-Gimlin film but one that’s always stood out for me, if not for the complex mystery surrounding it, is the Dylatov Pass and the Travis Walton story.

Q. What cryptid interests you the most?

A. I began with Sasquatch but after my own personal encounter with a Dog Man, I’ve found that my interest lies more with the Dog Man. I personally feel that these beings have been given a bad reputation when much like Sasquatch, we know so little about them that I honestly do not believe that we should label them as ‘evil’ until we know more about them.

Q. Do you do investigations as well as research?

A. Indeed I do. I’ve a few investigations planned here in the future where I will be visiting numerous mountain ranges throughout Arizona to search for clues.

Q. What area do you live in?

A. Southern Arizona. Benson to be precise.

Q. Is it near any known hot spots? And do you go to them?

A. Arizona is a hot spot for numerous types of Cryptids. Chupacabra, Sasquatch, Dog man, Thunderbirds and even the Rake have been seen in different areas of Arizona. The most notable is the Mogollon Rim–home to the Mogollon monster.

Q. Have you ever had an encounter? And can you tell us about it?

A. Oh, yes. I have indeed had my own personal encounter. It was an experience that was both unexpected and unforgettable. I still remember the event as though it happened only yesterday. I had been asked to watch a friend’s house while he and his girlfriend were on vacation. Though I had been to his home several times, there was a sense of unfamiliarity as is the case with anyone taking of another person’s home.

One night, I had arrived to do my final check before calling it a night. Little did I realize just how off things truly were. There was no signs of wildlife in his front yard. Typically, you would see a large number of cottontail rabbits, Quail, Prairie dogs and so on. On this night, there were none. The only sense of wildlife came from the anxious yipping and howls of the Coyotes. Weeks before, his neighbor had approached us to ask about her missing dog. I was a medium sized breed that had been taken from her backyard. Many within the neighborhood believed this to be the work of Mountain lions or even a pack of coyotes–missing pets are quite common in the area. Most are taken during nocturnal hunts sadly enough.

While making sure that all was well in his backyard, I noticed a dark figure moving about slowly within the treeline which consisted of tall Joshua trees and Palo Verdes. At first, I thought this was a possibly a wondering vagrant. Here in Arizona, homeless men tend to build camps within the valleys or riverways. Calling out to the figure, I expected to see it either flee or to hear a response. Instead, I recieved a deep groaning growl. Shocked, I was frozen in place. Again, I called out after convincing myself that I did not hear what I believed I had and again, another growl followed. The figure lumbered slowly forward. Hiding itself within view, I could see a snout, cropped ears and most notably, amber hued eyeshine. At this point, I knew this was not a Human. Struck with fear, I wanted to run but my body refused. At that moment, the security lights kicked in. The brightness allowed me to see the tresspasser a bit more clearly. Staring back at me was a lean figure that stood about six feet tall. Hunched over upon canine like legs, It’s ears rose and fell in an odd fluid motion. I could see the upper lips fold upward exposing long incisors. As it stretched up, There was an odd popping noise–a noise that I would later learn is common in such sightings. We exchanged stares. Neither of us moving for what felt like an eternity. Not daring to speak nor flee, the creature charged a few feet before stopping rapidly. Again, we met stares. Pulling my gaze away from it, I could hear it grunt and groan. So too could I hear it’s deep inhales and exhales as it wiffed the air. At this point, I could feel my heart beating like a drum. Dizziness followed as well as a sick feeling. Uncertain of what this thing wanted, I remained in place. Slowly, it moved back into the shadows. Seeing my chance to get to safety, I quickly moved into my friend’s home, locking the door behind me. Through the window, I could hear the branches snap as the creature moved away.

Q. Did you ever return to where your encounter was?

A. Yes. The following day, I examined the precise are where the creature was standing. Though no footprints could be found, there were numerous tree breaks ina clear path indicating where the creature had gone.

Q. Do you do this full time?

A. At the moment this is only a part time job but eventually I would love to make this my full time gig.

Q. Can you tell me about your new podcast? Any goals you have for it? What direction you want to take it in?

A. The podcast began as an idea suggested by a close friend. Casually he suggested that we should begin a podcast consisting of myself, Dakota Warren and Dillon Anderson. After a short conversation, We decided to move forward. Contacting Matt, We had our first guest and recorded our pilot episode. We hope to explore not only the woo commonly associated with Sasquatch, but to also explore the biology aspect of the Cryptids. A long term goal is to one day establish an outreach program for those who have had violent or traumatic encounters.

Q. Any particular subject you are looking forward to covering on it?

A. Personally I’m hoping to explore the possible nature of Dog Man. After my own encounter, I am convinced that this species is not wholly evil.

Q. What is your philosophy on Bigfoot man, ape etc?

A. I believe there are two types of Bigfoot. One being a Primate; Not simian. I think some get confused by the scientific definition. A Primate differs in terms from Simian.

The other type I believe has biblical ties. Are they Nephilim? Possibly. Could they be the children of? I think it’s highly likely.

Q. What’s your thoughts on the woo subject?

A. If they are of biblical origin, woo only follows. Nephilim were known to be of great strength thus is only follows suit that they too would possess abilties unlike human beings.

Q. Couple of fun facts for us…whats your favorite…

A. Book? Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This was the first serious novel that I had the pleasure to read in high school. I’ve been in love with the characters and the style of story telling ever since.

A. Movie? EXISTS has to be one of my all time favorites. Though it’s a newer film, the portrayal of an angry Sasquatch is very well played out and scripted. I do feel that all that we see in the film is spot on. Imagine angering a mother Sasquatch. What would she do to exact her revenge upon you?

Q. Documentary? hands down, the Legend of Boggy Creek. Another of my favorites would have to be Small town Monster’s documentary on the Beast of Bray Road. If you’ve not seen any of Small Town Monster’s works, I highly recommend them.

Q. Podcasts?

A. World Bigfoot Radio and You had me at Bigfoot.

Q. When can people expect next podcast episode?

A. I’m hoping the next episode will soon be recorded. Each of us has been dealing with life outside of the Crpytid world as often happens ple of fun facts for us…whats your favorite…

Q. Any other goals or plans you’d like to share?

A. Yes! We are planning an investigation that will take us to the LBL–The infamous Land between the lakes. We hope to return with footage of a Dog Man, Gugwe, Sasquatch or all of the above.

I can’t wait to see what Ryan does next, but for now, I put the link to his first podcast episode below. I hope to be able to sit down with another great Podcaster soon, if you have one you would like to recommend you can reach me at:

Link to Ryan’s podcast:

Link to mattsquatch presents:

Dogman Encounters

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