The Werewolf Girdle…

In Germany the transformation is believed to take place by means of a belt made of wolf-skin, and should this be unfastened or cut, the man-wolf immediately looses his wolf nature.

Mr.Kelley; in his” Curiosities of Indo-European Tradition and Folk Lore.” speaks of these girdles being once for sale.” A sale, says he,” was made by order of the authorities, of a heap ofold things that lay in a room in the Erichsburg. Among them were old implements of the chase which had been taken from poachers, and also some werewolf girdles.

TheAmtmann’s man, having a mind to try the effect of the girdle, buckled one of them on, was immediately turned into a wolf and started off for Hunnesruck.

The Amtmann rode after him, and cutting at his back with a sword, severed the girdle, whereupon the man resumed his proper shape.”

Honolulu Press, 1885