Bigfoot..The Conspiracy

I was able to carve out some time to catch another Bigfoot movie this month so I picked Bigfoot…The Conspiracy. I normally never look at descriptions or reviews before I watch and review, but I admit I did cheat this time and peak at others reviews on Amazon.

The reviews were as expected from hate to enjoy but I fall to enjoy here on their scale. One reviewer said they obviously didn’t do any research because they had Bigfoot’s behavior all wrong and another said they definitely did their homework because their behavior was portrayed straight on. I literally have no idea what to say other than one of those reviewers obviously doesn’t know anything about Bigfoot. Just saying. After you see it you can choose which one you agree with.

So I put on the movie waiting to see how well the big guy ways were portrayed. I found that they definitely did some research. I mean they filmed a sequence in a Bigfoot Museum with the lead trying to do some research, so you know they did some and that scene was letting the viewers know they did.

The synopsis of the movie was that a retired Border Patrol agent went to see his In Laws to visit with his wife and is told how animals are going missing and they are hearing weird howling at night etc. so he offers to go check it all out. Now that’s one of storylines happening here. There also appears to be a shadow government experiment conspiracy happening here as well. That’s were it gets a little confusing for me. I’m not a hundred percent sure I understood what was happening with that. But it didn’t ruin the movie for me, or the ending and I’m not going to spill all the beans and ruin the movie for you.

Overall I liked this movie. I’m a huge fan of indie, as most Bigfoot movies are these days. This was another good one for me. The Big Guys costume I was not able to get a full on look at because his appearances were more shadows and subtle but it worked. Was it the best acting in the world? No, but it worked. I recommend watching it if you’re a Bigfoot enthusiast and as I always say never just go by a review you read, you should always see it for yourself because we don’t all have the same taste in films. But if you like Bigfoot I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the movie.

Let me know some of your thought about it…

Trailer for Bigfoot…The Conspiracy

Movie Review, Monstrous…A Bigfoot Movie?

A couple of months back I stumbled on an article about a new indie Bigfoot movie coming out today on all VOD services and I was really looking forward to seeing it. It was being marketed as Bigfoot being the protagonist in the film and not being the kind forest dwelling being we may see him as. (Not me though. I definitely envision a very large,smelly and hairy kind of person…err primate…whichever….both)?

Anyway, my theories aren’t needed here, just the love for a good squatch movie. If you’re wondering at all as to whether I qualify as a reviewer for this film I can say without a doubt yes. I have seen just about every, if not all, Bigfoot movie ever made. So here is my take on this movie.

It starts out with a bang, seeing a Bigfoot right away. I’m not giving out spoilers here if I can help it so I’ll just say he is less than pleased after the first scene. And from there the film decides to go in a different direction.

I’m a big fan of Indie movies, quite frankly they are the only good movies being made right now. Most indie movies are made with passion and are a labor of love. Maybe you don’t like the film but you still have to respect it because they fought to make it. Having said that, this is an indie film. It has just the right amount of an indie vibe.

It starts off a little rough because the characters are not really clarified, are they friends? Relationship together? And what is the relationship to the person they are looking for? But eventually those pieces to fall together.

There has been a series of missing girls reported in the area of Whitehall, New York. (Yes the famed Whitehall which houses the real life Beast of Whitehall).  Friends of one of the missing girls hatch a plan to try to find her. Here’s where I have to stop discussing the plot so no spoilers are given away.

I don’t want to leave you hanging too much, so here are my thoughts on the movie. I loved the indie vibe. The stars, Ann Shield (also the film’s writer), Rachel Finninger, and Grant Schumacher did a solid job. This was more a character driven, rather than creature driven film. The Bigfoot, when you do see him, is a solid FX job. (Expect to see him about as much as you see Godzilla in all the American versions). Although he is not the main focus when he shows up he leaves an impression. He looks how I picture him. (See above description)

On a scale of 1 to 5 I’m giving it a 3. I would have liked more character background, definitely more appearances by the big guy himself. They have this amazing looking creature and a very beautiful and well-known squatch area in Whitehall, New York as a backdrop…I think they may have squandered a bit of an opportunity here. Having said that I still recommend giving it a shot. It is a good movie, it just could really have been great…

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