Are You Scared…

Are you safe in a yard
Where the scarecrow guards
If the crows stay away
With whom does he play?
He must scare something today
The corn conceals his crimes
He’s killed so many times
How does he do it filled with straw
People come to him
He doesn’t go far
Come fall they all want to see the “scarecrow”
Go through the corn maze
But some don’t make it out at the end of the day
A granny here, a spoiled child there
Come on in if you dare
Remember though, that the sun sets early in autumn
Stay with your family
You don’t want to be forgotten
Because he is waiting out there for you
And there will be now help coming
Because scarecrows aren’t real remember
And there’s nothing you can do…
That corn field also needs fertilizer too
Happy Halloween season!

Art by Steve Bossler