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Along with the Ruby Creek Incident, this is one of the stories that convinced me there was actually something to the Bigfoot phenomenon.
William Roe’s encounter occurred in 1955 although it did not become public until he spoke of it in 1957. That was when the concept of Bigfoot first began to filter into the public’s imagination. William Roe had a story to tell and he told it well. His story has some elements in common with the Ruby Creek Incident but it also has one important element not in
common with that story. William Roe’s story is rich in detail. Like the Ruby Creek Incident, either William Roe encountered a creature as yet unknown to science or he is lying, there is little wiggle room in his account. Unlike what occurred at Ruby Creek however there is no corroborating evidence to back up his story. No other witnesses, no footprints, no damage to anything, no hair
samples to study…nothing. You either believe Roe or you don’t. Its really as simple as that.
If you’re a skeptic and you believe Roe is telling a tall tale I cannot really argue with you. I cannot cite anything other than his story itself to back up his claim he saw a Sasquatch on Mica Mt. in Alberta Canada in 1955. However, the shear detail in his account, the description of the creature he claims to have watched, is so compelling, so complete I tend to believe him. Keep in mind this was before the general description of what we now call Bigfoot was widely known.

Some people, especially those that were beginning to research the phenomenon, knew what they were suppose to look like in some detail . But the general public, unlike today where any school kid could draw you a picture of a Bigfoot, still only had mostly a vague notion of what a Sasquatch was supposed to be. Yet William Roe was able to describe in great detail the creature he claims to have encountered. The details in his story preclude any idea he mistook a bear or elk or moose or any other more common animal found in that part of the world for a female Sasquatch. This was also one of, if not thee, first time the now familiar, “I couldn’t shoot it, it just looked too human, elements was found in an encounter story.
Does that mean he’s absolutely telling the truth? Of
course not. Yet he did swear out an affidavit in Canada to the truthfulness of his story. John Green, who was one of the first journalists to research William Roe’s story was very impressed by this. As a Canadian himself Green believed this was no small matter. Not something taken lightly in
Canada especially at that time. Green was able to confirm through employment records that Roe had worked on the highway near Tete Juane Cache in Alberta near Mica Mt at the time he said he did
Green stated in his book, “Sasquatch The Apes Among Us” Roe’s family was aware of his story before he made it public so if he was lying, he was lying in private to his family before he went public. (The sketch of the creature Roe claimed to have seen in the collage above was drawn by Roe’s daughter based on his description to her)
Recent researchers have traveled to Mica Mt and founc the mine Roe claimed he was hiking to along with a patch of ground near it that conforms to Roe’s description of the meadow where he encountered the mysterious creature.

“Does any of this “prove” Roe’s account..? No, it does not. It simply proves he was where he said he was and was almost certainly doing what he said he was doing at the time of his encounter. It does not prove the encounter itself took place.
And that’s where his story stands today. Like I said , you either believe him or you don’t. It really is that simple..

Interview with William Roe

Will Stars video of Mica Mt today…

Exploring Bigfoot Country.

Credit to r/bigfoot Reddit as the source, here’s the link to keep up with the conversation…

Original Reddit post

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