Many Sides of Me…

“There is more than one side to me

If you’re paying close attention you will see

There is the one that bleeds

The one that needs

There is the one that is free

And the one everyone wants me to be

There are expectations

That kill my aspirations

There is this loyal side

There is the one that tries to hide

And then there is the tough girl with all the pride

But with you it’s my passionate side

With you I feel safe to take that out for a ride

When all my sides come together

I’m all over the place

Shy, needful, strong

I’ll blow right through the moment

And not leave a trace

I wish I could be simple

And not have all these others me’s

But I think I would lose you

If I was just like everybody else too

So here I am showing you who I am

After all, the soul is right here under my skin

So Let me

Let me in …”

Poem titled Many Sides of Me

This poem I completely relate to. I am not just bigfoot…I am music, poetry, history, loyal to a fault, keeper of secrets, lover of art, musician, writer,

I could go on forever. All the things that make me me. Have you ever made a list of what makes you you ?

Author: sasysquatchgirl

A Bigfoot and beyond blogger and Nature Photographer from New England. I spend a majority of my free time in the woods exploring for any signs the hairy man has been around and snapping some pics along the way. So if you’re following this blog, you’ll be the first to know if I see him...

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