Witness Encounter…Maralyn

The encounter

My son was driving, my husband Bob was in the front seat, I was sitting in the back seat with my 2 year old in his car seat & my daughter-in-law. We were going from Grants Pass, Oregon, to Crescent City, Ca. on a dirt back road thru the timbers of north California. Bob & Shawn looked at each other in surprise & they both said “What the —- was that?” So I cranked my head around to see what shocked them, and I only saw what I thought was about a 4 year old boy with a huge sweatshirt on. It was dark in color like a hood on it’s head not showing his face. The sleeves were extra long covering the hands. The thing that struck me was the crest on top of it’s head. Neither Bob or Shawn saw this little guy. So I looked away. When I looked again it was just gone.

We were probably about a block away from what we saw. Shawn & Bob wouldn’t really say just what they saw. I wanted Shawn to slow down when he got to the place I saw the little one. That didn’t happen instead Shawn speeded up at we went by. I couldn’t see it the bushes had been stomped down by the little one or if the Big one picked it up over the bushes.

Another strange thing about this was a woman sitting in the drivers seat reading a book about 30 feet across the road. She didnt even look up when we went by her.

Years later we were camping with our grandsons & telling stories. I told about the little big foot I had seen. I described everything as I have here. When my son showed up with their camp trailer Caleb went over and put an oversized sweatshirt on and came around my camp Trailer sideways. It looked just like I’d seen except the crown was rounded not straight like I remembered. That is when I realized it was a toddler bigfoot I had seen. I remembered a video I had seen where a farmer had set up night cameras to see who was eating their apples after dark. It was a female bigfoot with a tot in her arms. That picture stuck in my head. It showed a definite crown or ridge going front to back on top of it’s head.

Amazing. Do you remember if you were feeling scared or curious? Did you ever go back afterward and look around?

I wanted to but there was no way Shawn would even slow down, let alone go back. Not after he saw what he & Bob both saw. That’s where the fear was. I figured there had to be foot prints or stomped down bushes, something. Now I can’t even find the right road we were on, on the map.

About 2 years ago Shawn and his hunting crew had an incident. They were hunting in a remote area of Lick Creek, Idaho. One person in his group was down trying to scare the deer up to the hunters. He had no weapon with him what so ever. Something Huge let out an echoing scream. It didn’t take Dave any time at all to find Shawn and the boys. He was scared to death. So was Shawn.

They stayed together and went up on the ridge. Shawn said there was a pile of animal bone up there. It must have been his feeding grounds. I’m going to keep trying to get Bob to take me up there & just go 4 wheeling where it feezable to go. This summer, but I won’t go by myself. Bob’s my defender. LOL We’ll see.

Author: sasysquatchgirl

A Bigfoot and beyond blogger and Nature Photographer from New England. I spend a majority of my free time in the woods exploring for any signs the hairy man has been around and snapping some pics along the way. So if you’re following this blog, you’ll be the first to know if I see him...

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