Nature’s Guestbook…

Every now and again I run into these rock piles these cairns in the forest either at the beginning of the trail, or even way out in the forest. I’m always fascinated by them.
Cairns have been used throughout history. Turns out stacking rocks Is a very human thing to do. They have been used to mark graves, navigation or a way to mark where a special cache is buried.
In North America the Native Americans used them as burial markers. trail markers, marking streams, warning travelers of danger, etc.
Colonists came later and continued those practices for themselves. And leaving larger piles around as they removed big stones for agricultural reasons.
A picture I took this year on a trail.
In Scotland before battle the men would each stack a stone. And if they lived and returned they would each take a stone back. Leaving the rest as a memorial for the fallen. They had a sayingI’ll put a stone on your stone“.

When I see them at a beginning of a trail I always consider them a way to sign a guestbook in nature. It says we’re here hiking with you too. But out in the middle of the forest I never tamper with them. They could be a piece of history.
Some Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers believe when you find them way out in the forest that a Bigfoot could be erecting them perhaps also as a navigation marker or for communication. Most likely he leaves those piles around so he has them available to whack us in the head with. But it’s possible that If humans marked their treasure with these cairns he may too. What could his treasure be? I would think food or maybe some type of hunting tools.
Now that more people are taking to the outdoors for fitness, squatching or just for inner peace these piles are popping up all over. Some people create them for spiritual reasons. Stacking these rocks represents patience or achieving balance in your life.
The National Parks Department view is it would like everyone to stop building them. Some parks use the piles to mark out trails, especially in places like the southwest. They are the most readily available and durable enough to last. So when we go out there in these places and create these piles, we could be leaving behind false trail markers and could risk people’s lives getting lost out there. There are park rangers out there that have the act of knocking over these piles as an unofficial job duty. Some are being built in streams and rivers upsetting the natural flow of the water.
I would love to believe these could be created by bigfoot too, but in all reality it’s most likely humans. Just as it has always been. And with that, the wildlife experts wants us to consider nature’s delicate balance before we continue to build them.
The reason for this is its affecting the natural order of things out there, you could either be scaring away the wildlife or tampering with their natural habitat. Some insects and small animals live under these rocks so we are taking away or moving their home. They believe it can cause extinction of some small species.
So yes, they are fun to make and fun to find, I admit I included a pic of one of my finds. But if it’s us creating them and not a Squatch? We should probably consider all this before we create a new one.
What do you believe is creating them human, Squatch or both?
Let me know what you think…

P.S apologies for crazy font. WordPress wins this round…

Author: sasysquatchgirl

A Bigfoot and beyond blogger and Nature Photographer from New England. I spend a majority of my free time in the woods exploring for any signs the hairy man has been around and snapping some pics along the way. So if you’re following this blog, you’ll be the first to know if I see him...

One thought on “Nature’s Guestbook…”

  1. I am sure humans build a lot of them. I’m forever building stuff out of rocks. I don’t stack them, but I did build my own personal stone “Monroe Henge”, which did involved stacking them to create solstice windows. I am also Scottish (Munro-Scottish clan name), so that likely explains my penchant for rocks. I would bet Bigfoot builds stuff out of rocks too. Hey!
    Maybe He’s Scottish too! Anyways, I really liked this piece. It totally rocked!


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