How to Stay Open When the Way is Shut…

It’s A very scary and uncertain time for all. And we are all bound to get cabin fever sooner or later, so how do we mentally and physically stay open when everything outside our doorstep is closed?
At first I thought,well I’m never home I’ll grab some much needed sleep and work on the great American novel all writers want to write. It lasted two seconds because the devil on my other shoulder wanted to get outdoors.
Okay, stay open attempt two; walk at the park surely it will be dead. Nope. Packed, so I drove away appeasing myself with I’ll take a little ride and get some air.
Stay open and cognitively aware attempt three. I did a crossword puzzle, colored, and committed trespassing while trying to walk where no one was around.
And on and on it’s gone. It’s really not easy trying to say plugged in and not stare into space looking depressed but we have to keep trying. Whatever we do we have to stay plugged in and open because if we don’t then when real life returns we will be so lost. Unable to work well because our brain is mush.
Your open and my open will not look the same but as long as we’re doing it is all that matters. So my recommendation is to take a walk around the neighborhood, stay current on your work changes, news, current affairs and  exercise a few minutes everyday. Play some fun cognitive memory stimulating games etc. whatever you do don’t become a couch potato.
This  will get worse before it gets better so don’t let it win. Stay open, stay plugged in and most of all stay safe.

Author: sasysquatchgirl

A Bigfoot and beyond blogger and Nature Photographer from New England. I spend a majority of my free time in the woods exploring for any signs the hairy man has been around and snapping some pics along the way. So if you’re following this blog, you’ll be the first to know if I see him...

4 thoughts on “How to Stay Open When the Way is Shut…”

  1. Greetings! I liked your post. In response, I share this: As a 12 year, completely tube fed 3x cancer survivor- the last one being what they call “salvage surgery”, having been written off twice- I watch how folks react to “quarantine” and “social distancing’ through a fairly unique lens. Welcome to my world! You see, for me, and folks like me- this whole thing is not unlike any other day. We’ve been living, and thriving, in social isolation for years. Some of us for decades. So this is just more of the same! The UPSIDE of that is….a message of perseverance, adaptation, and survival. We will get through this. We will survive! It won’t be pretty. There will be a heavy price. BUT we will persevere,be stronger, better, and have EVOLVED on the other side. Just ask your friend “Sasquatch”! Their species thrives in social isolation too! They’ve been doing it a whole lot longer than I have.
    Be well, be safe, stay plugged in…Live RELENTLESS! In The Day You Are In! PERSEVERE! Okay! Back in my Adirondack Outlaw Zenboat- rowing… relentless, in my search for that myth shrouded island called “Zen.”

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    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! I’m sorry that you are isolated not by choice. I’m a bit of a hermit by choice unless I’m in the forest. I like to lock myself in after dark, but I’m sure for many they don’t know what to do with themselves but we are used to entertaining ourselves so i thought I should write something to help them out…

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