Women of the Woods…Starshine

When I started this series, I wanted to shine a light on all the great women of the woods. There are all different kinds of women that encompass that name. Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers, hikers, writers, artists, outdoorswomen, etc. So this time it brings me pleasure to share a well-rounded woman of the woods. She writes, plays guitar, she’s a lover of the outdoors, a Squatcher, an archer, a poet, and a bush-crafter. I don’t need to aim the light because I’m giving you a lady that comes with her own light. Today I’m chatting with Starshine…If you don’t already follow her on Twitter and YouTube you definitely will after you read about our chat. So here we go a Q and A with Starr ⭐️.

Q. Can you share a little bit about yourself?

A. I’m Starr, most in the Bigfoot world know me as Starshine. I’m an adventurer and explorer, you can always find me doing some kind of hiking, backpacking, visiting abandoned sites or places of interest. I love archery, astronomy, axe/knife throwing and playing music. I am fascinated by mysteries, which leads me to the research of Sasquatch.

Q. What area do you live in?

A. I live in Central Canada, in the Boreal Forest. Most of my adventures are across the west in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Q. How long have you been interested in the outdoors? Nature?

A. Since I was a kid! Catching bugs and snakes, even filled my entire kiddy pool full of frogs and toads when I was young. I think living in small towns mostly, had to go out and explore for fun.

Q. What does the feeling of being out in nature feel like to you?

A. It’s an escape for sure. It’s getting away from the craziness of life. Out there you’re free.

Q. Do you go out specifically to Squatch, or is it about being out in nature to you, and Squatching a bonus of being out there?

A. In the beginning, I used to go out just for research; But now it’s more for the escape and enjoyment of nature and squatching is a bonus.

Q. How long have you been interested in or believed in Sasquatch?

A. About 10 years. I mean, I’ve been a lover of mysteries since I was a kid, so when I got injured from work and had a lot of extra time for researching and digging into things, that’s when my fascination with Sasquatch really took off and my entry into the Bigfoot world began.
I started with just being an enthusiast, but I was very opinionated and had ideas of my own, my mentor (In sasquatch research) said in order to have a valid opinion, I have to be out there in the field too, doing the work. Since then, I never looked back. It’s what I do now.

Q. Have you ever had an encounter or weird vibes being out there?

A. Ya, of course. I won’t go into a lengthy story here, but in short. I heard of this small town, a hidden hot spot for Sasquatch. I was told that they seemed to migrate through the area every Fall.
I went in October to investigate, and it was the creepiest location I have ever been to! The Bush was super thick, you could hardly see in front of you, being forced to stay on the game trails.
The forest floor was littered with bones, everywhere, like a feeding ground. It had an eerie feel in general. But it was at this location where I heard loud bi-pedal steps of a large creature walking through the woods. I couldn’t see it through the thick bush, but I could hear walking. It took all the strength I had not to hightail it out of there! Your body just has a natural instinct when it knows it’s unsafe. So I sat there low and quiet, because it sounded like it was literally going to walk right in front of me on the trail, but some noises in the distance must have spooked it. The steps started trailing off. I did try to follow afterwards. But whatever it was, it was gone.

Q. I saw that great print you found, were you able to cast it? And what was the experience like?

A. Thanks! The track you’re referring to wasn’t my first suspected Sasquatch track, it was my fourth. It is always exciting to find for sure. Unfortunately that recent one wasn’t able to be cast. It was a boggy area and it rained from the moment I got there for a couple of days. But as long as I’m keeping my eyes open and stay prepared I’m confident I’ll run into more.

Q. Is there a favorite Squatch encounter you’ve heard that is particularly fascinating to you?

A. I’d seen a video once that blew my mind, and then it disappeared off the net. I’ve never been able to find it again, which is suspicious in itself. It was of a gray/white, very tall creature, in full bipedal run and then went down on all fours and continued moving at the same pace. I don’t know any animal that could do this! Nor a human because of the arm length. There was a cow it ran past, so you could get a very good idea how large it was. If anyone can find this video, please send it to me! I’ve been trying to hunt it down for years.

Q. What does your belief in Sasquatch lean towards him being? Ape, ape/man etc. and your thoughts on whether you think he could be paranormal or interdimensional at all?

A. I believe it is an undiscovered great ape, but that’s controversial, as well as all other theories. I guess we won’t know for sure until we find legitimate proof but that’s part of the mystery and it’s thrilling.

Q. Do you rely on intuition and experience out in the wilderness to let you know if you should leave an area?

A. I’ve never left an area yet, I would think so.

Q. What wildlife have you seen on your adventures?

A. Oh of course, bird, squirrels, I’ve had deer jump in front of me plenty of time. Rabbits, badgers, beavers, and bear. Lol, I could really go on and on. The woods up here are filled with wildlife.

Q. Do you enjoy the night hikes as well?

A. Yup sure do.

Q. What do you pack and carry while you are out hiking for the day?

A. For the most part, I’ll always have knife, fire starters, water or water filtration device, whistle, measuring tape, phone/camera, paracord, bug spray, pretty basic stuff.

Q. Do you travel mostly alone?
A. Sometimes, or there will be 2-4 of us on the team. Depends where we are.

Q What have been some of your favorite things you’ve seen out there?

A. Anything strange, like structures, random abandoned things, and of course every waterfall I find.

Q. Favorite places?

A. Rocky Mountains hands down. Although Harrison Hot Springs area is a close second.

Q. Do you have a favorite view?

A. Probably no surprise to most but waterfalls, for sure. But I love being out in nature in general, I really do appreciate it all.

Q. Can you describe what a perfect day out there is for you?

A. Spending the day hiking in nature, random finds, beautiful pictures, good stories overall. Then wind down with a warm bonfire and food. Perfect.

Q. I see your favorite animal is the snake. How long have you had yours? What do you like most about them?

A. Indeed, the snake! Yeah my girl Raiden is a cornsnake. I adopted her from a reptile rescue 4 years ago. She was just a little baby noodle back then, it’s been fun watching her grow so big since then!

Q. I love pictures of you with your bow. How long have you been using that? What is your favorite brand?

A. I’ve been doing archery a few years now. I love it. Currently I have Bear, but my favorite bows are Diamond.

Q. I’ve also seen you carry a knife? Do you have a favorite size/brand for them?

A. Yeah, my Ka-bar is my absolute favorite knife

Q. Do you hunt or fish at all?

A. I do fish, I have plans to take up hunting in the future.

Q. Third favorite animal after a snake and cute puppy?

A. Ha! Yeah snakes and dogs are definitely my thing. Not an animal but I also have a fascination with bugs and spiders. I spend a ridiculous amount of time researching them, just for fun. You can pretty much bet anything people have a phobia of I’m totally into lol.

Q. Favorite time of day inside or out?

A. I am not sure. Probably night.

Q. I see you play guitar and write as well. How long have you been doing both? Do you have a favorite musician, writer, and poet?

A. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12, I think? Music has always been apart of my life tho, since I was a little kid. My uncle is a musician, so playing and writing music was just something that happened in our family and eventually I picked it up too. My favorite musician or band is Coheed and Cambria, forever will be. As for poets, I’ve found I love poems themselves for the feelings it gives me, as oppose to entire bodies of work.

Q. I’ve read some of your poetry too , love it. Is there a favorite one you wouldn’t mind sharing here for everyone?

A. Aw thank you so much! Sure? I can share one. Sorry they are all sad though.

Last night I watched my world explode

I laughed the loudest, who would’ve known?

I’ll love you forever, never forget that

And we’ll burn in the fire

In the dead fall of the snow

Arouse the flames,

now watch them grow

And butterflies came out of my mouth that night

As shadows tucked me in, under sheet

“But we’ll show them won’t we?”

Wry and awake

As I said we would be

And I’ll keep you safe

So your heart won’t break

We watched the sun come up

As creatures hid in the darkness

“Won’t you come with me?” I said

” just like you promised?”

And ash fermented my mouth

Which to you still had to caress

As we dunk into sleep.

Q. How about some fun random questions for your followers to get to know you better…ready!

Favorite book? Currently it is the Red Rising Series.

Favorite movie? Alien, the original trilogy.

Favorite band? Coheed and Cambria and my favorite song of theirs is “Faint of Heart” (acoustic version)

Favorite activity? Archery, Urbex, hiking and exploring.

Favorite go to snack? Fruit, berries and hummus.

Q. Can you tell me a little bit about the Starry Dawn Adventures?

A. We started StarryDawn as a fun project so people could share in our adventures. We do hiking and backpacking in different locations across western Canada. We have plenty of footage recorded and excited to share, it’s just the long process of editing. So lots to come there.

Q. What is coming next for you?

A. The next big thing is heading to the US in the fall. Until then, just getting out into nature in my area. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by many lakes and forests.

Q. Any goals you have set, squatching, outdoors or otherwise?

A. I think my biggest goal is just learning as much as I can. Spend time with ones who’ve been researching in the field and have 20+ years of experience to share with me. As well as learning more outdoors and survival skills.

We will see where I go with the skills…

I’m looking forward to seeing where you go too…I’ll be following along.

Link to Starshine adventures on YouTube:


There are many wonderful woman of the woods. From outdoor and bush-crafters, all the way to researchers and everything in between. If you think you know of a great woman of the woods I should highlight, drop me an email at:


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