Name that Plant…Sightings Movie Review

I recently had a chance to catch a Bigfoot movie, (yes Bigfoot, don’t let the picture fool you) titled Sightings with a release date of 2017. I’m realizing lately that we could all be missing some good movies and documentaries in this genre because we aren’t seeing Bigfoot named in the title. In the 70s, movie titles were more direct, simply titled Bigfoot or Capture of Bigfoot etc. so I hope to do better catching the newer ones coming out. If you’re writing one now and reading this, please e-mail me and let me know it’s coming…

So back to Sightings, I popped some popcorn and settled in, intrigued that an alien is on the cover. I admit it started off reminding me of the movie Signs from M. Night Shyamalan (Some spoilers ahead, proceed with caution). There was an angry father played by Boo Arnold, who lost his wife, and his daughter whom I think is a hemophiliac (because they really don’t say) because she needed clotting injections and finally a brother in law in the ranch next door (instead of a brother). Sound familiar? But it wasn’t as annoying as you might have suspected it to be.

It starts out with a phone call that bodies of dead women have been found on said angry father’s property. He was the sheriff and is now waking up on his first day of being a civilian. The bodies show no signs of trauma, or a visible cause of death. When the brother in law hears this he shows up telling him it’s the same creature that took his sister, and that she didn’t just run away. He said they needed to keep his niece safe now.

Next he gets a visit from a cryptozoologist. She has a theory that the Bigfoot are actually aliens and they are taking women with a certain compatible blood type for breeding (cue my nightmares). The daughter does end up getting attacked but she manages to get away. Now dad is a believer. They are giving a certain plant that supposedly deters the Bigfoot, they are put all over the property like garlic for a vampire, only they never once name the plant (unless I missed it…twice). So now I briefly can’t concentrate and I’m rewinding thinking, “name the God forsaken plant!”

I did eventually get over the plant thing and despite it I did enjoy this movie. The inevitable showdown does come at the end but I don’t wait to spoil the whole movie for you. I will say I especially enjoyed the background music, it was a-lot like a 50s sci-fi B movie soundtrack. So if you are a Bigfoot and Alien enthusiast then I am recommending you give this movie a chance. Then after as always you can let me know what you thought…

I watched this streaming on the Amazon Prime platform, where you can find a lot of good Bigfoot movies, and below is the link to the trailer. Happy viewing…

Sightings Trailer:

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