Wendigo…Movie Review

I was trolling through movies on Amazon Prime the other day when I came across one about the scariest cryptid out there. (well to me anyway), The Wendigo.

This movie simply titled Wendigo, came out in 2001(not sure how I missed it). It stars Patricia Clarkson (Shutter Island) and Jake Weber (Dawn of the Dead).

It was strange to see a cryptid movie not about Bigfoot on Amazon. Not that I’m knocking Bigfoot, it was just something different to see.

It starts off with the Family going to a friend’s vacation home, and on the way they hit a deer that a hunter was tracking. And naturally as it always goes In horror movies, they now have issues with their redneck neighbors (What would these movies be without a gun toting redneck around).

After settling into the house they head to the local store and meet the Native American store owner who tells their son all about the history of the Wendigo and then gives him a totem of one. Now this part of the movie I liked, they stuck to the actual lore of this cryptid, but after this scene the movie goes tits up. There’s a sledding and a simultaneous accidental shooting (By guess who). The father in this film is without a doubt having a bad day, (and I should mention, never go sledding with this idiot). After they have a sledding and shooting accident a Wendigo spirit shows up and screws up the whole movie, like a cop directing traffic. They should have stayed centered on the rednecks as the only antagonists in this film. The Wendigo ending left me with that “what the hell just happened here” moment. You all know what I mean, I call it the 2001: A Space Odyssey effect. You get all the way to the end and then boom an ending only Stanley Kubrick could understand, but If you do watch this movie and figure out the ending, let me know what it was about. Despite the confusing ending, if you like the Wendigo lore I recommend watching it at least once and of course email me with your thoughts on the ending…because right now I’m standing by my “what the hell” theory.

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