Paranormal Bigfoot Review

I finally had a chance last night to sit down and enjoy a documentary, I popped in Paranormal Bigfoot by Bill and Amy Lancaster. First, I want to say thank you to them for sending it out to me, and second I want to acknowledge that they are taking on a subject here that has caused some people to be shunned. People are kicked off of social media groups who first paint you with a red mark, then ban you from their page.

We are able to talk about a hairy monster dwelling in our nation’s forests but we can’t discuss any possibility that they could have paranormal energy or power. If we are looking for the truth of Bigfoot, then we have to at least discuss this subject before completely ruling it out.

This is what Bill and Amy did. They sought out therapists and scientists, as well as people from the cryptozoology field to take a good look at this. While they did put all this information out there, they did not push this belief on you which made it easy to watch and absorb.

They tackled some of the major questions we all have, whether we say them out loud or not. Although I believe sasquatch is flesh and bone I have experienced some moments out there in the forests I simply can’t explain.

Some of the subjects it tackled were the UFO connection and the interdimensional theory, etc. Bob Gimlin made an appearance in it as well. He referred to sasquatch as “people of the woods” He brought up something I’m always struggling with, who is making those stick structures, if in fact they are stick structures and not just nature made. He suggested that those structures we see out there are welcomes and a thank you for the gifts you leave. I’ve never heard anyone say they could be a welcome or thank you before. That isn’t my belief necessarily, but it’s definitely something to think on. The biggest point being, I do want to think on it now, not roll my eyes.

They discussed orbs and lights seen around the time they appear. About faulty batteries and animals reaction to them etc. This part touched a nerve in me. I’ve had a few unexplainable moments inside the Freetown Forest in the Bridgewater Triangle. In one day I experienced most of those occurrences. I had a weird and heavy feeling out there on a trail. My trusty dog who usually stays at my side took off running to my sister. And I stopped and took pictures of the area my vibes were coming from. While i did this my sister was taking pictures of me. Those pictures I took came out red. Solid red. And the picture my sister took of me had my whole body enveloped in white light. We still to this day can’t explain what happened. We even tried on several occasions to recreate those pictures. We couldn’t.

They touched all the hot button subjects that you would expect when paranormal or interdimensional Bigfoot is mentioned. And I don’t want to give away the whole plot, so I’ll leave you with this. I recommend watching it. And if you are going to, then do it with an opened mind. It probably won’t change your beliefs. Those are most likely set in stone. But you can at least understand there are other theories out there, and these possibilities are at the very least worth discussing. And definitely not worth shunning anyone.

You can catch this documentary streaming on Amazon Prime and the DVD also available for purchase from the website:

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