Down on Main Street…Part 3

It’s nothing new to most that animals are known to be able to sense and see what us mere humans can not . Of course some of their senses are stronger than ours. Their ability to smell and hear from a distance might give them an edge over us predators. Of course we have no concrete proof that these senses can see dead people, but enough unusual experience reports have us believing they can. And I’m telling you if you asked my beautiful family cat, affectionately named Puss, she would tell you they sure as shit do. Here’s the story of a spoiled cat surviving with dastardly ghosts hanging around.

Look what the cat got dragged into….

Puss was one of the most beautiful, spoiled, evil, awesome Maine Coon kitties you’d ever meet. She did not want to be petted and picked up. She just wanted to tear up every awesome rock poster you ever had on your wall and move on. Specifically my life size Vince Neil poster. My sister and I smuggled her into the house when her friend’s cat had a litter. We got briefly yelled at. My dad yelling, “Bring that cat back where it came from!…yada yada,” then once we weren’t looking he was all, “Here kitty, kitty,” and we knew it was a done deal. It was what we were banking on. But some days I wished we never had brought her there. It wasn’t easy in that house. And I knew that she knew we weren’t alone. Don’t ask me how I knew, it’s just a feeling and from watching her actions. Running out of rooms like her ass was on fire. Looking and tilting her head and staring at things that weren’t there. If you were there you would know she knew.

I think the first time or times maybe you could say, because this happened on more than one occasion, that we knew she wasn’t safe at home alone was when we had a late night out as a family. Which happened often. But on this particular night we all went to see a show and got back from Boston pretty late. As soon as we came in the door we looked for her everywhere, calling her and freaking out. I don’t know what made us check our buffet in our dining room that first time but we did and the bottom doors were magnetic and always stuck. I mean, I would have to brace a foot and pull hard to open it, but we did and there she was, jumping out and running away. Believe me when I tell you, she couldn’t possibly paw that open then lock herself in afterwards. I could just barely do it. But every time we went out there she was locked in there or a closet. My mother was refusing to leave her home alone after awhile.

This might sound horrible to hear and it was not pretty to see either but she went flying through the air a few times.

One night my sister and I were listening to music in her bedroom, the cat was lying in the window. Now her bed was up against that window. You could see her through the slots on the bedpost. She would jump on top of the bed post then jump down into the window. But this time she was literally shoved sideways through the slots. She would not be able to do what we saw. We thought she had to be injured but she took off running. Immediately afterwards my bedroom phone started ringing. And then it stopped and rang again and so on for a couple of minutes. So after I composed myself from what I just witnessed, I went to answer it. My girlfriend was yelling, “Who is the guy the keeps answering your phone, saying hello and then hanging up on me?” Now it took a minute to hit me but when it did, I unplugged and threw that phone across the room. Not seconds later my other sister who was passed out watching tv on the living room floor came in the room asking what the hell we were doing and why did we keep walking back and forth right next to her? We didn’t. But those are the kinds of things that kept happening to her and us.

She got locked in closets, cabinets, rooms, etc. all the time so I know she knew. It must have been hard for her to resign herself to that fate, but she did. So, for 19 years she stayed with us. And we spoiled her rotten. My dad always said if he asked my mother to choose between him and that cat he was a goner. But I’m really sorry Puss, we probably never would have brought you home If we understood then what we know to be true now…

Animals can sense things. You know it’s true. Watch and listen to the signals they are giving you. If they are telling you to run, then run damnit.

This post was actually one of my favorite to write. Although the content is a little stressful, it was nice to think about and look at pictures of my first baby again. Miss you Puss…meow

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